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Welcome to The SUP Guru

What’s the best thing about SUPping? It’s a great activity for everyone – from the beginner and recreational user to the hardcore gym rats who want the exhilarating burn!

The Sup Guru exists because we love to be out on the water. It’s therapeutic, exciting, and it provides an excellent whole-body workout. It even gets the kids off the gaming systems, adults out of the office, and the entire family enjoying nature like the good ol’ days.

With like-minded SUP gurus that make up our team, we explore the many available SUP boards and accessories to provide you with as much knowledge as we can before you buy. We aim to make every penny worth being spent!

We’ll cater to water lovers of all types too. If you’re into fishing, surfing, whitewater rafting, or even some meditative yoga, we’ve got the latest info on the best SUP boards that’ll maximize your pleasure out on the waves, lake, or the ocean.

Our guru team is here 24/7 to ensure you’re as up to date possible – if we’re not out on the water of course. Let’s face it, you can’t be a SUP guru if you don’t get some SUPping in! Be sure to check us out on the next wave!

It’s time for some SUPPin’ fun!

What do the SUP Reviews Entail?

Our SUP gurus have put together an informative, engaging, and concise review of each product that you may consider while you’re out SUPpin’ the unpredictable waves of stand up boards online. They’re designed to give you an in-depth look at the many aspects of the product to help you make a well-informed purchase, because every penny should be well spent.


We start off with providing you with important specs about the board or accessory. This short section will tell you right off the bat if this is the type of product that’s right for you!


Next, we go into vivid detail about the product itself. You can learn here how it was made, what it has to offer, and if it will suit your intended purposes and unique needs.

Main Advantages/Drawbacks

While there’s always advantages about a SUP board, we’ll lay out the drawbacks too. Transparency is key to a well-informed purchase!

Best Suited For

Here, we let you know straight up who the board is most appropriate for and what activities you can expect to perform with it. If you’re looking for something for the entire family to use or you’re lucky enough to purchase one for your own advanced skills, this is where you’ll find out if it’s right for you.

Customer Reviews

One of the most important aspects of researching a potential buy is to see what everyone else has said about it. Is it practical? Did they spend too much? Does it really have everything the sales pitch claims it does?

Unlike other sites, we lay out everything there is to know, including what the masses say, and we lay it out straight. There’s no room for sugar-coating and misleading information here!


Put bluntly, there’s not always enough word count to lay out everything you need to know about the SUP board you’re considering. To solve this, our guru team has accumulated the most popular questions about the product to get you that little bit of extra info so you’re not left stranded in a sea of confusion.

Comparable Boards

Just for your benefit, the SUP gurus will offer up a couple of other similar boards, either according to price range, performance, or build construction. It’s purely to provide you with an easy and fast way to filter out the options and get SUPping right away!

Noteworthy Features

To SUP things up, we’ll list the most remarkable features about the product here.

We’ve split our reviews into helpful categories for an easy to read experience. Each review of a board will have its own page to ensure content is unique to that specific product. If there’s a SUP board or product you’d like us to review, throw us a paddle and we’ll get our gurus out to give it a test drive. It’s as simple as that!

Where Can I Learn More About SUPping?

Being a SUP guru will take more than just knowing specifics about a particular stand up board. That’s why our expert team has put together helpful, descriptive, and instructional SUP Tip articles for you to go from amateur to pro. Our guides and tips are intended to…

And more! Being out on the water can be a risky and dangerous sport. With that said, it can also provide an enjoyable past-time that will have you sun-kissed and tan in no time, sweating calories in a fun and unique way, and into a hobby that will last you a lifetime. Don’t go without knowing how to maximize your SUPping experience without checking out what the gurus have said!

How do we Pick the SUPs for the Site?

Our reviews are far from a sales pitch for the company. We are fanatical about SUPping and we enjoy what Mother Nature has provided in all the many water activities you can possibly dive into. Because of our passion, we write about the best SUP boards and accessories to help share the love for water sports to make every SUPper a guru in their own way.

While we try to cover a plethora of products, we focus on the best SUP boards that cater to a myriad of needs that includes…

  • Price, cost-effectiveness, and budget restraints
  • Quality and construction
  • Practicality, functionality, and uses
  • Popularity, user feedback, buyer recommendations and criticism
  • Personal use of products and demos
  • Maximum advantages to suit the intended activities and uses

While we aim to make the reviews as informative as possible, you may feel as if we missed some vital info between the cracks during our vetting process. If so, drop us a line and we’ll do some serious interrogating to get you the info!

Spread the SUPping Word!

SUP gurus believe in a two-way SUPping experience, that is, we rely on your feedback to ensure we’re providing you with the most educational, helpful, and engaging information about the product you’re investigating. Drop us a line, share, and bookmark us to ensure you’re up to date and not left ashore.

Feel free to send a wave our way by throwing us a paddle or an email by contacting us here. We are committed to being transparent and revealing as possible as we aim to be your own personal SUPping instruction manual. As SUP gurus, we promise not leave you empty handed and stranded asea.

SUPping Disclosure

Our customers and readers aren’t the only ones with budget restraints. With the hefty costs of some awesome paddle boards, we’re unable to personally handle every single product and accessory available in the market. However, our expert researchers get right on board with extensive research into the products we can’t quite get our hands on.

This research includes vigorous analyzing of the product by reviewing the company website or calling them if details aren’t transparent enough to meet our standards. Our gurus also have access to delving into media resources, retailer advertising, and public opinions on the product. If there’s nothing worth surfing on the board, we’ll stay quiet on it. But, if it passes our vetting process and we can test it out on the lake, we’ll provide all the nitty-gritty details!

SUP Your Way Into a Water-Inspired Lifestyle!

Whether you’re looking to get a good burn, improve your health, let go of life’s stresses, or just simply relax on a sunny afternoon, SUPping will help you get it done! There’s something therapeutic and healing about water – the source of life, longevity, and youthfulness. So tap into your inner SUP guru and join on us on the next surf!

Thanks for visiting.

Meet the team

Steve Frankland

Steve Frankland, senior editor, The SUP Guru.

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Charlotte O’malia, content research specialist.

Rimon Franklin

Rimon Franklin, SUP product tester and writer.