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paddle boarding in florida is amazing especially the southern part

Paddle Board In South Florida – Top 7 Spots For 2023

Florida has been named one of the best states in the U.S. for paddleboarding. The warm weather, the clear sun, the flowing waterways, and the many scenic spots all come together to make South Florida one of the best spots for Paddleboarding.
The hot climate and the diverse ecosystem make dazzling tropical waters much more inviting. With its increased popularity, many areas  have introduced tailored paddleboarding activities.
With that in mind, we have listed our top 7 spots in South Florida to  check out while on your SUP Vacation. Before you head off don’t for get to check our top to bottom guide of what to wear when paddle boarding.

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1. Islamorada

Islamorada holds 6 islands located in the south of mainland Florida. It is one of the most popular paddleboarding spots for travelers. 

Beautiful waters, many coral reefs, and diverse marine life produce a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Or many if you choose to come back :).

This island is great for beginners and veterans alike. Islamorada has something for everyone. 

The islands’ waters are filled with dolphins, sharks, and trunkfishes. If you go paddleboarding here, there is a good chance you’ll see all of these and many more.

However, if you prefer a more relaxed experience, the waters around the snake creek would be better. 

Islamorada is also only 1.5 hours south of Miami, making it ideal if you’ve come in by air from interstate or overseas. 

While on the island, don’t forget to check out the Indian Key Historical Park, located on a tiny island in Islamorada, where you can go and see ancient ruins. 

2. Ten Thousand Islands

One of the many waterways perfect for paddleboarding is the water surrounding Ten Thousand Islands. These islands are actually a collection of many smaller mangrove islands, called islets.
The still waters of the mangrove are perfect for SUP yoga, SUP tours, SUP fishing, and light-stroll paddle boarding. These waters are usually not as crowded, making them irresistible for anyone looking for a serene experience.
Being the largest mangrove in the world, Ten Thousand islands are already a monument in itself. On top of that, the islands are also rich in history, seafood, and amazing camping sites.

3. Estero Island

Located on the southwest coast of Florida, Estero Islands is one of the underrated islands in Florida. Offering just as much for paddleboarders as other islands and waterways and is located near Fort Myers, a famous tourists spot known for its beaches, fishing, and shopping. 

This island offers an open view and access to the oceanic beach and the bay. The bay is an underdeveloped reserve, but paddleboarding and a few other water sports are allowed. The aquatic life there is also pretty diverse. There is a good chance you may see dolphins, manatees, snapper, and cobia. 

The islands do have a lot of historic sites and monuments, so add those to the list of things to see once you visit. There are also theme parks on the Estero islands.    

4. Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park is actually on the southern end of Ten Thousand Islands. Still, the Everglades have a different ecosystem than the other waters surrounding the Ten Thousand Islands. Everglades National Park is one of the largest tropical wilderness in the whole of the US. The majestic beauty of the view and the still waters make them ideal for paddleboarding.
The island does come with several camping sites. But be warned, this island gets as raw and organic as it gets. There are no network services, no shopping marts for water or food. In other words, this will be the most authentic experience of wilderness as there’ll be with numerous birds protected animals of both land and water. Paddleboarders have a few routes to choose from, including marshes, mangroves, still waterways.

5. Loxahatchee River

Now, these waters are where it’s at. At a length of about 7.6 miles, the Loxahatchee River is one of the unique treasures of the state of Florida. Providing a total of 6-hour of scenic paddling, going from the freshwater creeks through the brackish estuary and falling right into the Atlantic Ocean.
The water at the Loxahatchee River is very calm and slightly windy. The atmosphere is also very serene and relaxing. Making it ideal for beginners. This river also connects to the Jonathan Dixon state Park, w6.hich can be another location to visit on your paddle boarding journey.

6. Naples Beach

Naples beach is one of the most popular beaches among both locals and tourists. The calm and still waters are perfect for kids and beginners as well as veterans. Naples beach is as commercialized as it gets. There are food and beverage stores, along with kayak and paddleboard rentals. You’ll find everything you’ll need here, either for a relaxing evening or an active day. 

Even though the area is almost always bustling with people, parking space is always available. The people in this part of town are also very hospitable and welcoming. Summers is usually the busiest time when at Naples beach. 

7. Anne Maria Islands

The Anne Maria islands, particularly the resort ends, are the epitome of old Florida. The soft white sand, the warm water, the sunny weather all of these features come together to make Anne Maria beaches the perfect beach site. Anne Maria has a lot to offer, historical sites, water sports, scenic views. On top of that, Anne Maria is also neighbors with some of the tourists’ favorite cities like Tampa.
Paddleboarding is well-known and usually opted for water sports here, owing to the long beach stretches. Locals from all over the state visit Anne Maria Islands for their paddling adventures. With calm and beautiful waters, who can blame them. There are several other attractions to see, making them ideal for a complete day activity. With a few rental spots around, you may not even have to bring your own board.

Summing It Up

South Florida has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to paddleboarding waters. While we have given you some suggestions with the above 7 spots, there are many more to explore.

So what are you waiting for? Get out on the water and have yourself a wonderful time paddle boarding in this beautiful state!

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