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Best Places To Buy A Secondhand Paddle Board In The UK For 2024

Paddle boarding has become a famous water sport all over the world. The UK is no exception. Although recantly with the 2020 round of lockdowns, a lot of us decided to opt for newer hobbies that took us away from our indoor Spaces. Paddle boarding was one of those. You get fresh air, and paddling a SUP is great for your health.

these two people found second hand paddle boards for sale

A lot of you may be just dipping your toes in the waters to see if paddle boarding is really your cup of tea. So, buying a brand new SUP may not be the most ideal choice since paddle boards are not really cheap. 

So, getting your hands on a secondhand or used paddle board could be the way to go. 

For people who have never bought paddle boards or haven’t bought “used” paddle boards before, this guide is for you. 

We will cover the features to look for as well as the pros and cons of used boards along with some local shops where you can find one. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 

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3 Things To Ask Before Purchasing A Used SUP In The UK

It is always advised to never go in the store completely blank. Always do your research prior. 

“Surf” online to see what boards you like, how much a brand new one costs, and which paddleboard will best suit your interest. You can start your online journey right here by navigating to the required sections through The SUP Guru home page.


It is best to have a range in mind when it comes to pricing. Prior research will help you know how much the price of the board is lessened and if the price works given the condition of the board. Being knowledgeable about these things will make bargaining easier. Armed with knowledge, you’re also less likely to become a rip-off target. 


Another important factor is the actual condition of the board. 

Now, when buying online, it can be hard to truly depict the board’s condition. So, it is advised to ask for more photos, from different angles, especially of the fin. 

Fins are most likely to get damaged or get worn out. 

Do ask if the fin has been replaced or repaired before.

It is best to inspect second hand sup boards in person for faults

When buying in person, you can inspect the board as it is. 

Make sure the fin is in good enough condition for a few rounds. Fins can be replaced, so it’s no big deal. 

A lot of stores offer repair services as well. 


Boards come in all shapes and sizes. Mostly based upon the use and the level of expertise of the paddler. Wider and thicker boards are ideal for beginners. The thick base and width allow you to stay stable in the water. 

A lot of SUP experts recommend getting a board that is closer to the paddler’s weight range.

ie. don’t get a much larger SUP than what is actually needed. 

This will allow you to have maximum stability and easily manoeuvre when paddleboarding.   

Local Stores Around The UK Where You Can Buy A Secondhand SUP


SUPBristol is the home of standup paddling in all of the United Kingdom. It offers a wide range of courses, sessions, adventures, training, holidays, and memberships. SUPBristol also has a shop where you can buy all of the related goods. These goods obviously include secondhand boards as well. 

Not only do they have an online store for easy and hassle-free shopping, but they also have physical stores that you can walk in and roam around. The store is located on Underfall Yard, Bristol, right by the Underfall Yard visiting centre. To buy online, just visit:

The SUP store

The Sup store is one of the leading stores in the UK when it comes to water sports. They have one of the largest collections of equipment and carry a variety of leading brands. Here, you’ll get the biggest variety of secondhand boards with a reasonable price range. 

This store is located on LITTLE AVON MARINA, Stony Ln S, Christchurch, near the Two Riversmeet skate park. Since it is right beside the river Avon, demo boards are also available. Each used board has a description regarding its previous use so, you know what to expect. 

Here’s their website if you want to check them out before you go:

Triocean surf

Trioceon surf, located in South Devon, is one of the area’s largest and infamous water-based sports stores. The store is located by the Bantham river, one of the hottest spots for paddleboarding. 

From Kayaks to all sorts of boards, you’ll find everything here. Tricoeon surf also has an online store with just as much collection. Just visit their website at:

To check out their range of secondhand Paddleboards. 

Used paddleboards may be harder to find here due to the store’s location and the immense boom in the sport’s popularity in recent years. Nevertheless, boards are there and also available for demo.

Pors & Cons Of Buying A Pre Owned Paddle Board

Are there questions you should ask before asking is there a second hand paddle boards for sale near me


  • Used paddleboards are cheaper. They are more affordable and ideal when starting in the sport or looking for a board for the time being only.
  • There are also chances that you may be able to get a good bargain at a lesser price. Paddleboards are usually not worn out that much. The exception is their fin. But fins are replaceable.


  • A new SUP, of course, offers more recourse for action as it usually comes with a warranty. Unlike new boards, used ones don’t come with a warranty.
  • Sometimes wears and tear is usually seen after a few uses. If the board was not taken care of by the previous owners or used too harshly, then it might not be the best choice to go for.
  • Not only are used boards high in demand due to lesser prices, but they also usually do not come with the whole package. Most do not come with paddles. Higher demand usually translates to not having a lot of options available. 
  • Used paddleboards sometimes are not as cheap as you might think. Sometimes, the prices are off only by a few tens or hundreds. 


Sharing may be caring, but you should make sure you are making the best possible decision. It is essential to be informed about the boards and conditions. Having a clear image in your mind will most definitely help you find the board that most resembles your ideal choice. 

Hopefully, this guide helped you get a little more equipped with the basic knowledge of secondhand boards and what might work for you.

All the best of luck finding one, and remember, the aim of the game is to have fun. So get on the water and have a great time regardless of your skill level.

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