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Places To SUP Near Salt Lake City | Our Top 5 Picks

Being the capital and the most populous city of Utah, Salt Lake City, doesn’t fall short for entertainment. It’s surrounded by many lakes and water reservoirs, ideal for paddleboarding and many more water-based sports. 

Utah has many freshwater reservoirs and has set a bunch of rules to preserve them. The upkeep and the maintenance of those water bodies bring tourists back each year. 

Salt Lake City is open for and bustling with visitors all year round. Both summers and winters are a great time to SUP and enjoy the many lakes. With the overwhelming choices, we’ve compiled five great places to SUP within about an hour’s drive from Salt Lake City. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

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#1 Deer Creek State Park

Deer creek is a beautiful medium-sized water reservoir situated in the Herber valley. It’s a pretty short drive from Salt Lake City (around 55 minutes), making it a perfect summer evening visit. Being closer to the Wasatch front brings about a good flux of paddlers and visitors. 

Providing one of the most mesmerizing and beautiful scenes in the whole of Utah. The hills, lakes, and valleys also provide ideal campsites

Being one of the popular spots for paddleboarding, deer creek has many SUP rental stores. So if you can’t bring your board, you can easily find one to hire for the day. 

The reservoir is also very close to the Provo canyon, only a 20-minute drive. This makes it an easy commute. The ideal time to stop by is in the morning. The full-day charges are only $10 per person.

#2 Jordanelle Reservoir

Just 40 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City, Jordanelle reservoir is one of the infamous water bodies in the whole of Utah. The water management laws of Utah help keep these reservoirs clean. Jordanelle reservoir hoards the water of both the Provo river and the Jordanville dam, making it an extensive facility for all types of water sports. 

With 5 square miles of chilly water and well-kept scenery plus SUP rental stores, Jodanelle reservoirs is an adventurer hotspot. 

The water here offers both small and larger waves for both beginners and veterans. The courtesy docks available there, along with the perfect proximity to nearby cities, also make it a good spot for newcomers

One of the best features of the reservoir, along with the mesmerizing view and the scenic waters, are the public facilities there. Reservoirs are made accessible with public restrooms and shower rooms. There are good parking spaces, park offices, and boat ramps. 

Another tip here would be to go early, on weekdays. Weekdays are cheaper than weekends. 

#3 East Canyon Reservoir

East canyon reservoir is a 60’s classic hotspot for both locals and visitors. Found in the ’60s, this historic lake has rendered more fans than ever. East canyon reservoir has a lot of regulars. Several stores and rental shops have opened here, making the spot attractive to visitors. 

East canyon has historical value as well, namely the Mormon pioneer trail. The historical importance translates to a higher than usual influx of tourists. Other than that, the diversity of sports available here holds massive importance in the popularity of this reservoir.    

From fishing camping to paddling of all sorts, there is something available for every watersports enthusiast. The close proximity of this lake to Salt Lake City makes it an ideal evening detour. The view, the wildlife, the beautiful water, and the hilly surroundings make it just perfect for a calming paddleboarding experience

Good parking spots, restrooms and shower rooms, entrance station, and boat ramps are some of the side features that play a vital role in the overall appeal of this place. Here, you’ll find everything for a good paddling and camping session.

Like most spots around here, it gets pretty crowded pretty quick. So make sure to arrive early and reserve yourself a good spot. 

#4 Utah Lake State Park

Utah has a mesmerizing variety of lakes. One of the many lakes is Utah grand lake. Being the largest freshwater lake in the whole of Utah, this lake attracts a variety of watersport fanatics. From boating, paddleboarding, and kayakers.

This lake is closer to the Provo airport. Making the commute comfortable. Although the water is cold, the slow waves of the lake pose as an ideal environment for paddleboarding. The scenic view that surrounds the Utah lake provides perfect settings for cookouts, picnics, and camping sites.

The water here is ideal for both beginners and experts. The waves here are slow and the water, in general, is very calm. Making it a hotspot for families who enjoy the campsites and for kids to learn how to paddleboard.

Utah lake State park also has full-blown electric power services, which means holidays get very crowded here. The ideal time to visit this park would be when the water is refreshing in the summers.

#5 Causey Reservoir

Our underrated pick is Causey River. This beautiful lake is hidden near Huntsville in Utah. Covering around 6 square miles and is surrounded by greenery. 

Hills surrounding the river encapsulate the beauty of the valley. Making it a secluded and quiet spot for a relaxing session. 

The rules of camping and sports here are slightly dictated. Motorized boats are not allowed here, contributing to the serene atmosphere of the river.

This reservoir doesn’t have any day fee or parking fee. The area is rarely crowded. The trails allow for more than just water activities. 

Some additional amnesties include car camping, trails, and restrooms


Utah is unarguably the best hub of scenic valleys and water bodies. 

Paddleboarding is not just about the sport itself. It’s also about the calmness and strength it instills within you. 

Several lakes and state-preserved reservoirs are infamous for their beautiful views and still waters. Some as listed above are only a short drive away from Salt Lake City. This combination of beauty and geographic location makes a welcoming environment for paddlers of any experience level.

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