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Map of the best places to SUP in WA

Stand-Up Paddleboarding In Western Australia: Discover The Ultimate SUP Paradise!

The following article was written by Rachael Taylor from Surf Hungry

Hey there, what’SUP buddy! If you’re looking for the ultimate SUP experience in Australia, then Western Australia (WA) should be at the top of your list.
As a local you could call me a bit biased, but hey, I love this place.
Its got an epic coastline, diverse marine life, and stunning scenery. There’s no better place to grab your board and hit the water.
Let’s dive into everything you need to know about paddleboarding in WA!

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Why Is WA The Best Place In Australia To SUP?

With more than 12,000 kilometers of coastline, Western Australia boasts some of the country’s most diverse and pristine waters. Its unique blend of crystal-clear bays, challenging surf breaks, and incredible marine life make it a paddler’s paradise. Plus, the friendly locals and laid-back vibe only add to the experience. 

Where To SUP In Western Australia

Whether you’re starting out, a pro, or have your own SUP style, there’s a spot in WA that’s perfect for you. 

3 must check easy access locations to get your paddle on:

1. Cottesloe Beach: With its calm waters and stunning views of Rottnest Island, Cottesloe is an ideal spot for beginners and families.

Cottesloe Beach WA. A paddelboarding hot spot

2. Swan River: This winding river offers a variety of SUP experiences, from tranquil paddles in the upper reaches to challenging downwinders near the river mouth.

Paddle board on the sawn river in Perth WA

3. Margaret River: A popular surf destination, the breaks around Margaret River also cater to SUP surfers looking for an adrenaline rush.

A Beach In Margaret River WA that is good for SUP surfing

The Best Beach For Paddleboarding in Southwest Western Australia

Hands down, the best beach for SUP in the Southwest is Yallingup Beach. Nestled in the heart of the Margaret River region, Yallingup offers something for everyone. The protected lagoon is perfect for beginners and families, while the nearby reef breaks will keep experienced SUP surfers entertained for hours. Plus, the surrounding wineries and breweries make for a great post-paddle treat!

Most Scenic Location For A SUP In Western Australia

For the most jaw-droppingly beautiful SUP experience in WA, you can’t go past the Ningaloo Reef. This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to the world’s largest fringing coral reef, which means you’ll be paddling alongside vibrant corals, turtles, and even whale sharks!

whale shark seen in a WA reef during a paddle board and diving session

Trust me, this is one SUP adventure you’ll always remember.

SUP Downwinders And Their Fame In Western Australia

A “downwinder” is a SUP session where you ride the wind and waves from one point to another, typically with the assistance of a support boat or vehicle. Western Australia is famous for its epic downwinders, thanks to the reliable afternoon sea breeze, known as the “Fremantle Doctor.” This consistent wind makes for exciting and challenging downwind SUP sessions along the coast, particularly on the Swan River and the Indian Ocean.

A Pro Activity – “The Doctor” SUP Race From Perth To Rottnest Island

The SUP surfing community in Western Australia has many talented individuals. The Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) race from Perth to Rottnest Island, also known as “The Doctor,” is a thrilling annual event that sees paddlers race the 27-kilometer stretch of open ocean.

Rottnest island a great place to SUP in WA

This challenging race attracts both local and international participants and tests their endurance, skill, and strategy. If you’re up for a serious SUP challenge, this iconic race is not to be missed!

WA Paddle Boarding FAQ 

Q: Is Western Australia suitable for SUP beginners?

A: Absolutely! Western Australia offers plenty of calm, protected spots that are perfect for beginners to learn and build their confidence.

Q: What should I bring on a SUP trip in Western Australia?

  1. Bring your usual SUP gear, sunscreen, plenty of water, and a hat. 
  2. If you plan on exploring remote areas, consider taking a personal flotation device, a leash, and a communication device for safety. 

Q: What sort of SUP board is ideal for hitting the bigger waves in Western Australia?

For big wave SUP surfing in Western Australia, you’ll want a board that’s designed for performance in challenging conditions. Opt for a smaller and narrower board than you would for flatwater paddling. A smaller board will be more maneuverable and responsive in big waves. 

Experienced SUP surfers might choose a board length between 8 and 10 feet, depending on their size and skill level.

Q: Can I hire a SUP in Western Australia?

Yes, you can easily hire a SUP in Western Australia. There are numerous rental shops, surf schools, and tour operators that offer stand-up paddleboard rentals throughout the region. 

Popular coastal destinations, such as Perth, Fremantle, Margaret River, and other beach towns, typically have rental options available for visitors.

Before renting a SUP, it’s a good idea to research the rental companies in the area you plan to visit, as well as their pricing, available equipment, and any additional services they may offer, such as lessons or guided tours. 

Top tip: Remember to book in advance during peak seasons to ensure availability.

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