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aqua marina inflatable sup review

Aqua Marina SPK-1 Inflatable SUP Review

You don’t need to fork out for a $1000 hard SUP board if you’re just starting out!

First, get your foundation covered and your budget in balance with an iSUP that’s perfect for all beginners who are going to be hitting the water this Summer.

The Aqua Marina SPK-1 has everything that a hard board lacks – toting convenience, portability, and space saving benefits.


Aqua Marina SPK-1 iSUP Aqua Marine SPK-1 Paddleboard

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Aqua Marina SPK-1 iSUP Features

While it’s not a hard board, at the right PSI, it has the rigidity and stiffness that you need to get out on the water as it belies its inflatable construction.

It can be pumped all the aqua marina inflatable sup reviewway to 15 PSI, but at 10 PSI, it’s a beast ready to be boarded! Getting to max PSI is made easier with the included starter air pump that’s thrown in with the SPK-1 board.

Fully inflated, you’re looking at a 9’9″ long, 30″ wide, and 4″ thick board for coasting and floating under the kissing rays of the sun.

Even though it’s on the shorter end for smaller persons, it’s very durable and made out of commercial grade PVC with drop-stitch construction for maximum sturdiness. Better yet, its construction can hold a maximum of 250 pounds.

It’s time to shed yourself of being self-conscious this Summer since this board is all the support you need!

If you lack flair, don’t fret. The iSUP board is flashy enough for the both of you as it sports a swanky white and green design with tattoo-like prints! With convenience, style, and maximum functionality on your side, you’ll be paddle boarding all Summer long!

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Main Advantages

  • Complete package
  • On-board storage
  • 250 lbs max capacity

Main Drawbacks

  • Small
  • Anti-slip pad peels


Who is the SPK-1 Paddle Board Best Suited For?

The Aqua Marina SPK-1 is the perfect iSUP for a beginner or a smaller adult. While it can hold 250 pounds, it functions best with weights in the 100-150 pound range. With this in mind, it’s a top SUP board for your kids and teenagers who can’t wait for a leisurely SUP session on the lake!


SPK-1 iSUP Reviews

Aqua marina spk1 and gearPractically every buyer of the SPK-1 says it’s exactly what they were looking for! The complete package has excellent value, and it’s loved by the kids and teens.

The best part about this iSUP is that it’s easy to inflate – honestly. Reviewers can’t rave enough about how easy and fast it is to get it up to PSI and get out on the water!

Although the durable construction of the board itself continues to impress paddle boarders, the anti-slip pad does seem to peel easily after a while. But, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a little glue if it becomes an issue for you.

For persons over 160 pounds, the small board dimensions doesn’t always work out so well for them. So, this is definitely a keeper if you’ve got a body that everyone else envies!



Aqua Marina SPK-1 Paddle Board FAQ’s

What comes in the Aqua Marina SPK-1 Complete Package?

You get the SPK-1 board, starter air pump, and 3 fins. You’ll also receive a 3-piece adjustable paddle and a matching carry bag to tote it everywhere and anywhere!


How Long is the Paddle that comes with the SPK-1 SUP?

The aluminum paddle can be broken down into three pieces. At full length, it’s approximately 5’10”. It can be adjusted down to 5′ for shorter users.


What are all the Components On-Deck?

On the surface of the board, it features two anti-slip pads, elastic bungee cord for on-deck storage, and 7 d-rings. There are 4 d-rings in the front and 3 on the rear end.


Does a Separate or Better Pump Need to be Purchased Separately?

The complete SPK-1 package includes an air pump for the iSUP. Many buyers haven’t replaced the air pump that was supplied because it does the job very well, even for small or elderly users.


Is the Aqua Marina a Multi-Chamber iSUP Board?

No. The SPK-1, and all of Aqua Marina’s iSUPs, have a single valve making it a single-chamber board. You might need to check with your state’s SUP regulations to ensure your iSUP complies with their single/multi-chamber policies.


How much does the iSUP Weigh?

One of the most advantageous benefits of this iSUP is its weight. It weighs approximately 21 pounds – light enough for anyone to carry!


Is the SPK-1 Suitable for Light Surf?

While this particular board is recommended for flat water paddle boarding, it can accommodate for light surf if you’re an intermediate or experienced paddle boarder. Beginners might find it too unstable in light surf to maintain balance and optimal functionality.


What are the Deflated Dimensions of the SPK-1 Board?

When fully deflated and rolled up for maximum storage saving benefits, the board can be as small as 1 x 1 x 2.5 feet.


Board Specifications

aqua marina spk-1Brand/Model: Aqua Marina SPK-1

Length: 9’9″

Thickness: 4″

Type: PVC (Inflatable)

Color Options: White/Green

Suitable For: Flat Water

Guru Rating: 7.6/10


Comparable Boards to the SPK-1 iSUP

If you’re considering other options, another affordable choice is the PathFinder Inflatable SUP that’s excellent for all-round paddle boarding. It has the same length and width as the SPK-1 but it’s an extra inch thicker.

This makes it just a tad more stable and durable in light surf areas. However, it can only handle 240 pounds, but when weighing it against the functional weight limits of the SPK-1, it’s not an issue.

If you wanted to spend just a tad more, you could always opt for the Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer SUP that can hold up to 350 pounds! The extra price also includes a 2 year warranty, an extra inch in length, and an extra two inches in thickness!

Basically, the Adventurer is one step up from the Aqua Marina, but you’ll have to pay for the upgrades.


Noteworthy Features

  • Value
  • Beginner board
  • Easy to inflate


Our Verdict on the Aqua Marina SPK-1 iSUP!

To sum it up, the Aqua Marina SPK-1 is a pocket-friendly purchase for a leisurely day out on the lake. Let the kids and teenagers go crazy with it in flat water to get all the wiggles out! It’s what it’s made for!

Aqua Marina SPK-1 iSUP Aqua Marine SPK-1 Paddleboard

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