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female rolling up bestway hydroforce isup

Bestway Hydro-Force Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

There’s no debate when discussing how grueling outdoor water sports can be on your finances. But, if the kids are adamant about having a good time this Summer, you don’t have to dash their hopes in forgoing all fun activities.

Enter here, the Bestway Hydro-Force SUP! It’s your budget-friendly iSUP with tons of value and is sure to provide tons of fun.

Hydro-Force Oceana Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  • DESIGNED FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS: Measuring in at 10′ X 33″ X 6, ” the wide base provides stability and balance for all kids, adults, beginners, and experts under 243lbs. The thicker material is more stable compared to a hard board.

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female rolling up bestway hydroforce isup

As an entry-level iSUP, it’s a great beginner paddle board for the kids or an adult that’s just starting their collection from scratch.

Bestway Hydro-Force Inflatable SUP Features

It’s 10 feet long and 2.25 feet wide with 4 inches of depth, so it’s not going to be your race-winning board.

What it is going to be, is your lake gliding, water-way exploring, and small surf trooper. Nothing too provocative but just right for recreational pleasure!

Besides, you don’t need the kids daring those rip-roaring rapids anyway!

The quality of Hydro-Force is still above par with its drop-stitch construction that we all know is a must-have for durability and stability. Speaking of stability, it comes with a detachable fin for the center if you do happen to lose some traction while on board.

For the affordable price tag it tows, the entire cost covers the board, hand pump, aluminum oar, pressure gauge, and even a bag! Now that’s tons of value – we told you so!


Main Advantages

  • Price
  • Drop-stitch construction
  • Entry-level

Main Drawbacks

  • Narrow for adults


Who is the Bestway Hydro Force Best Suited For?

This is an excellent and economical buy for your kids or if you’re a beginner adult that’s under 220 pounds. It’s a good entry-level paddle board, so you’re going to want to upgrade at some point if you dare to take on some challenging surfs. But, for recreational, flat water exploring, you don’t need to spend more or look anywhere else!


Bestway Hydroforce SUP Reviews

woman on bestway hydroforce paddle boardThis inflatable paddle board is still relatively new to the market. However, buyers that have purchased the Hydro-Force, being first informed of the specs, can’t be happier with their value buy.

It does exactly what they need it to do – supping!

But, some unhappy adults find the narrow width of the board uncomfortable.

Some have also complained about the two permanent fins attached to the board which inhibits a tighter roll for deflation and storage.

However, the attached fins are a pretty standard feature of iSUPs in general. This is the perfect board for smaller persons, not full-grown, maybe overweight (or buff?) critics. If you want a longer and wider board, look elsewhere. Otherwise, this will be your go-to board for many suns and moons to come.


Bestway Hydroforce Paddle Board FAQ’s

What is an iSUP?

No, the “i” isn’t there to mislead you in thinking it’s kin to the iPhone or iMac or any other Apple product. iSUP stands for Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. Yeah, it’s that obvious.


How do you Carry the Hydro-Force?

Though discrete and small, the carry handle in the middle of the board is an awesome and very convenient feature. Since the board itself is only 2.25 feet wide, it’s perfect for toting around and is as light as a button. Well, not that light, 24 pounds kinda light!


What is the Large, Grey Mat on the iSUP?

It’s an anti-slip traction pad that should keep you from slipping and sliding. It’s a nice touch for the kiddos and for clumsy adults too!


What is the PSI Level of the Hydro-Force Board?

As an iSUP, you’re looking at getting rigidity at or somewhere around 10-15 PSI. Many users of this particular board find the sweet spot at 12 PSI. It’s fairly easy to get it all the way up there, and it’s not going to lose any air or firmness if you decide you want to prep for your lake trip a few days ahead.


Is the Bestway Hydro-Force Stable Enough for Yoga?

Yes and no. It can get stiff and rigid enough for small persons or your kids to do yoga – we’re impressed if your kids do yoga! But, for most adults, it’s not long or wide enough.

However, if you’ve been in hot yoga classes all Winter and you’re ready to show off your stuff on the water, the small space shouldn’t be an issue right?


Does the Inflatable Paddle Board Dip in the Middle?

When inflated correctly at full PSI, you won’t have any issues with dipping in the middle. It’s very rigid and sturdy to maintain full form up to 220 pounds.


Is the Paddle Height Adjustable?

The included aluminum paddle is adjustable for short and tall heights. If you’re under 5’5″, it might be a little long on the shortest setting but it gets the job done.


Can the Paddle be Taken Apart?

Yes! You can carry your deflated board, accessories, and paddle all in one bag. The paddle can be broken down into three pieces for ease of stowing and toting.


Board Specifications

bestway hydroforceBrand/Model: Bestway Hydro-Force

Length: 10’1″

Thickness: 4″

Type: PVC (Inflatable)

Color Options: Grey, White

Suitable For: Flat Water, Light Surf, Recreational

Guru Rating: 7.2/10


Comparable Boards to the Bestway Hydro Force

If, like the critics, you don’t like the permanent fins on most iSUPs, then you’re going to pay a pretty penny for the Ten Toes Weekender Inflatable SUP. It’s like the Hydro-Force but on steroids! All three fins on the board are detachable. So, if you want to pay more, you’re in the wrong review!

The PathFinder Inflatable SUP is closer in price and stats as the Hydro-Force. It even comes with all the same accessories! The only notable difference is the extra inch in the thickness of the board. But, are you willing to pay a few extra bucks for it?

If you’re looking for something even cheaper than the Hydro-Force, we’re going to tell you now that you’d be hard-pressed to. But, there is another in the same price range that’s really an eye-catcher – if that’s your kinda thing. It’s the Sportstuff Adventure SUP that’s the closest comparison to this iSUP.

It’s super-duper new to the market too!


Noteworthy Features

  • Extra accessories
  • Carry handle
  • Anti-slip traction pad


Our Verdict on the Bestway Hydro Force iSUP!

To sum it up, the Hydro Force iSUP is a great choice for the paddler on a budget or somebody who wants all the accessories to go with the paddle board.

Check it out!

Hydro-Force Oceana Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  • DESIGNED FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS: Measuring in at 10′ X 33″ X 6, ” the wide base provides stability and balance for all kids, adults, beginners, and experts under 243lbs. The thicker material is more stable compared to a hard board.

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