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young girl paddling on bimini h2o sup

Bimini H2O Inflatable Kids Stand Up Paddle Board Review

bimini h2o inflatable kids supBrand/Model: Bimini H2O

Length: 9’0″

Thickness: 4″

Type: PVC (Inflatable)

Color Options: Green

Suitable For: All-Round, Flat Water, Light Surf

Guru Rating: 8/10

Not Available – See Alternatives

Bimini H20 Kids iSUP Review

What do all small children like? Cute things, and this iSUP couldn’t get any cuter! The skin is attractive to both boys and girls alike. The rainbow design adds a splash of color that any kid will appreciate.

Apart from its dazzling design, the board itself is priced way too attractively to pass up. Are you thinking it’s too good to be true? Maybe this is just the price of only the board? Don’t be fooled, the entire accessories package is included in this cheap paddle board kit. This is way too rad to look anywhere else.

While the thickness is only 4 inches, it’s not a big deal. Kids are lighter than adults and they don’t need the extra stability that larger persons would need out of a 6 inch thick SUP.

All the balance and rigidity will come from the military grade reinforced 1100d pvc tarpaulin construction. The pump is easy to use to get it up to full PSI since it’s a dual action pump. No pump will go wasted so make the kids do it.

No physical energy will be wasted hauling this thing to the water either. It weighs only 15 pounds! With such a light weight under its belt, make the kids haul it to the lake themselves. That’s right, make them work hard to play hard.

When the kids have pooped themselves out, deflate the iSUP, roll it up, and take it home. It really can’t get any easier than that!

If you are looking for adults paddle boards, you can see our full paddle board review page here.

young girl paddling on bimini h2o sup

Main Advantages

  • PVC tarpaulin construction
  • Price
  • Complete accessories package

Main Drawbacks

  • No instruction manual

Best Suited For

This is an iSUP for riders up to 130 pounds. With a limited weight capacity and slim size, it’s best for flat water and all-round, recreational use. You could brave some light surf with it and ride down a small swell. But, it really doesn’t matter if you’re at the beach or on the lake, the kids are going to have an awesome SUPpin’ time.

Customer Reviews

The Bimini H2O iSUP is so new to the market. In fact, it’s still debuting its online presence. However, just from the look of the SUP, you know it’s going to cause an online rave in a heartbeat. It’s already impressed its current owners and buyers. So what do they say about it?

They’re enchanted by the colorful skin – we are too! Besides its aesthetically-pleasing presence, it has all the right dimensions and accessories to lure the kids off the Wii and out into the real world.

The accessories are complete and top-notch. Perhaps the paddle could be made to float, but that’s usually not a feature in iSUP kits. It also seems that you might be a customer that misses out on receiving an instruction manual – it happens.

User error is common when it comes to valve issues, but with proper know-how and if you happen to have iSUP experience, it’ll pose no issues for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Bonus Accessories Included?

Other than the typical accessories included in an iSUP package, the Bimini H2O also has a couple, extra bonus accessories. An ankle leash is included, and a rash guard will be sent to you for free when you register your SUP.

Is it Slippery to Stand on the iSUP?

The Bimini kids iSUP is outfitted with a heavy-duty, over-sized EVA anti-slip traction pad. Kids will be able to move safely and freely on the iSUP.

Does the H2O iSUP Require Tools to Attach the Fin?

The durable composite plastic fin is easy to attach and remove without the use of tools.

How Large is the Paddle Blade?

The aluminum paddle is a 2-piece oar with a composite blade that’s 8.5″ wide.

Is the Carry Bag a Back-Pack?

The large carry bag does have shoulder straps that’s ergonomically designed to balance out the weight with all the equipment. The bag has mesh sides to encourage air flow for ventilation when gear is wet.

Can a Cooler or Dry Bag fit On-Board?

The Bimini iSUP does feature a bungee on board for on-deck storage. It’s expandable and large enough to hold dry bags and small coolers.

How long does it take to Pump the Bimini H2O to full PSI?

It takes only five minutes to get it to full PSI to be ready to paddle without flex and sagging in the middle.

Where can the Ankle Leash or Dock Line be Attached to the SUP?

The H2O iSUP features an additional d-ring on the tail of the board for connections to these hook-ups.

Comparable Boards

For a worthy comparison, we present the 7 and 9 foot Lucky Bums iSUP. It practically has everything the Bimini has except the splashy, bright skin. However, the 9 foot Lucky Bums iSUP can carry up to 50 pounds more than the cutesy H2O paddle board, but you’ll have to pay for the extra cost. You’ll also lose out on the free rash guard and the included ankle leash. But, if the Lucky Bums sounds too lucky to not check it out, we have given this iSUP a full once-over where you can read all the nitty-gritty details about it here.

For something that’s smaller, extra stable, and still colorful and bright, the Airhead Popsicle iSUP is a delicious competitor. It might only be 7 feet long, but it’s wide, thick, and it has a few extra kickers to boot. It features a tail kicker and four thruster fins – awesome! Our full review on it is right here.

Noteworthy Features

  • Lightweight 15 lbs
  • On-board storage
  • Oversized traction pad

SUP it Up!

To SUP (sum) it up, this paddle board has such a cute name, it could be your pet. Teaching the kids to treat their new iSUP like it is their pet will extend the life of the board. You won’t ever need to use the warranty on this cute, itsy SUP. You’ll just want to nuzzle it and take it home, oh yeah, and paddle!