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Driftsun Inflatable 10′ Stand Up Paddle Board Review

The main concern of buying an iSUP for a low cost is the lack of features. Well, when this baby is on sale, there’s no need to worry! There’s no lack of premium features on this SUP!

The Driftsun is the complete iSUP that’s outfitted with every stand up paddle boarders dream feature!

Seriously, it has just the right length, thickness, and width to cater to anyone of any age and skill level who wants to go for a ride.

The Driftsun Inflatable 10′ SUP that we reviewed is no longer available – check out a great alternative below:

Driftsun Cruiser Inflatable Standup Paddleboard – 10ft iSUP Package with Travel Strap, Adjustable Paddle, Coil Leash, 10 Feet Long x 32 Inches Wide (Teal)

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Driftsun Inflatable 10′ SUP Features

Furthermore, it has on-board d-rings, multiple carry handles, and a sleek, uncluttered skin. The nose is barely rockered for added performance in light surf, and the entire iSUP only weighs 23.5 pounds!

It’s lightweight, portable, and comes as a complete package. What more could you want? We’ll tell you!

Impressively, it comes with a completely removable tri fin system setup! It’s rare that you see this premium feature on an iSUP under $1000! When rolling up for storage and transportation, it’s going to be a tighter and smaller package than any on the market!

Additionally, the paddle is something of note. It can extend up to seven feet long! Don’t forget to invite the four-legged friend along as this baby can handle up to 350 pounds!

Everything about this iSUP and its accessories is top-notch. Hear, hear, to luxury!


Main Advantages

  • High quality
  • Rigid construction
  • Complete package

Main Drawbacks

  • Difficult to clean


Who is the Driftsun 10′ Sup Best Suited For?

This is an excellent board for both beginner and intermediate stand up paddle boarders! They’ll love the versatile ease of use in flat waters to light surf.

Its high quality construction allows it to be used and abused in many terrains without a scratch or a dent. If you see yourself as an expert then you may want to head back to the homepage to see the full range of paddle board reviews.


Driftsun 10′ Paddle Board Reviews

driftsun paddle board deflated and in carry bagBuyers and users of the Driftsun are extremely happy with their buy! The only complaints are from those who didn’t inflate the iSUP to full 15 PSI. Some only inflated to 12 PSI which does result in a little flex and instability. However, at full PSI, you’d be fooled into thinking it’s a hardboard but more comfortable!

Users also love that it’s relatively easy and fast to inflate the board. They also very much appreciate the detachable fin system that allows low level riders to experiment and build up stand up paddle boarding skills.

However, if you happen to run your car over the board, the worst that could happen is skid marks. The black scuff marks will require something strong like an engine degreaser to remove them. Hey! You can run your car over your board? That’s great, though not recommended!



Driftsun 10′ Inflatable SUP FAQ’s

How much does the Complete iSUP Package Weigh?

Loaded into the backpack and all the accessories, you’re looking at around 28 pounds of weight. It’s still lighter than toting a solid board without accessories to the lake or the beach front.


How Small can the iSUP be Rolled up?

When fully deflated, fins detached, and rolled up, you can get the entire board as small as 1′ x 35 inches. That’s at least one inch smaller than comparable iSUPs on the market.


What is the Purpose of the Rounded Hull?

The slightly rockered nose and rounded hull lends comfort and stability when hitting those choppy waters. It’s what enables you to stay afloat no matter what skill level you are.


What is the Inflatable Driftsun SUP made of?

The iSUP is akin to all other iSUPs made of military-grade PVC with a drop-stitch construction. It’s what allows you to run over your iSUP without it being worse for wear.


What is Included in the Complete Package?

The Driftsun package includes the iSUP, hand pump with pressure gauge, and an adjustable fiberglass paddle. It also comes with a removable fin set, backpack style carrying case, repair kit, and bungees for on-board storage.


How Long is the Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Driftsun offers a 1-year warranty against defects in workmanship, materials, and assembly when the iSUP is used in accordance with normal use. Their customer service is also seeming to make a positive impression with its buyers.


Does the Backpack fit all the Accessories?

Yes, the backpack is plenty roomy enough to fit everything that’s required to use and transport the iSUP. It’s also outfitted with comfort straps to make for a hike to the beach front or lake an enjoyable trek, not a burdensome one.


What is the Maximum Weight Limit of the Weekender iSUP?Does the iSUP really hold up to 350 Pounds?

According to the company it does, and according to the masses it can hold up to 320 pounds. No one has outright said they’ve weighed 350 pounds and have taken it for a test drive. But, many users have paddled with it no problem weighing up to 320 pounds.



Board Specifications

Brand/Model: Driftsun

driftsun isup 10 foot

Length: 10’0″

Thickness: 6″

Type: PVC (Inflatable)

Color Options: Blue

Suitable For: All-Round, Flat Water, SUP Yoga, Light Surf

Guru Rating: 9.2/10


Comparable Boards to the Driftsun 10′

There are very few boards that can match the premium features of this iSUP in this sale price range, but we found one. The Ten Toes Weekender iSUP is a paddle board to be reckoned with! It features the rarely seen removable tri fin setup, and it can even beat the Driftsun by an inch when it comes to rolling up smaller.

On sale, it pretty much matches the price of the Driftsun, but at full price, you’re looking at one heck of a chunk of savings! Oh so worth it though! What’s so tempting about it is that it’s available in a myriad of color options and we’ve run the tests on it too! Check out the latest stats on what we have to say on this iSUP!

While the Tower Adventurer 2 iSUP might not have three detachable fins, it can match the Driftsun in weight capacity and can outdo it in warranty coverage by an extra year. The Adventurer 2 is a step up from the original Adventurer that we did a full review on here. It now features d-rings and on-board bungees for deck storage and a new, redesigned race-inspired shape.

By the way, this can outlast a hit by a car tire too, and it doesn’t require degreaser to clean it off – just soap and water. We’re eager to get our sticky mitts on this one and you should be too!


driftsun isup pump

Noteworthy Features

  • Removable fins
  • Multiple carry handles
  • 350 lb max weight



Our Verdict on the 10′ Driftsun iSUP!

To sum it up, the Driftsun iSUP isn’t the only premium paddle board that can be run over by a car, but it is one of the few with premium features in this price range. If you’re ready to drift out into the water under the kissing rays of the sun, buy up now before the price goes up!

The Driftsun Inflatable 10′ SUP that we reviewed is no longer available – check out a great alternative below:

Driftsun Cruiser Inflatable Standup Paddleboard – 10ft iSUP Package with Travel Strap, Adjustable Paddle, Coil Leash, 10 Feet Long x 32 Inches Wide (Teal)

Check Price On Amazon