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iRocker SUP Review – 10′ Long Inflatable Paddle Board

When you want to stretch every dollar without compromising on quality, turn to iRocker! Not only do you get to experience one of the best inflatable paddle boards there are, you also buy their excellent customer service.

Please note:

The iRocker 10′ paddle board we reviewed has been updated to a new version.

These are the specs for the new one:

Length: 10′

Width : 32″

Thickness : 6″

Tail Width : 16″

SUP Weight: 24 lbs / Carrying Capacity: 370 lbs

You’ll get the same great customer service and a quality product plus the new SUPs come with a dual chamber triple action hand pump plus a whole heap of accessories.


iRocker SUP Features

iRocker believes in keeping their buyers happy and that’s exactly what you will be with the 10 foot long, 30 inch wide, and 6 inch thick SUP board!

Only the highest quality military-grade PVC has been used to put this inflatable board together with 6 inch deep triple layer drop-stitch construction.

This means that you will be stand up paddle boarding for a long time to come before you start to see any signs of wear and tear. Forget the harfemale paddling irocker sup on laked board that can get easily scratched up and chipped!

It’s been designed to mimic a surf long-board but with extra thickness for buoyancy and balance support for the beginner. Feel free to run around on this board like it’s an ocean barge or somersault to add some spunk to your SUP yoga!

Inflating to 15 PSI couldn’t be easier with the included iRocker dual action hand pump! Though you may not receive any instructions on this in the package, they can send you an electronic manual to help you get started, or we’ll get into more detail below to save you some time!

Also included in the extremely low package price is the 3-piece, floating paddle, an iRocker backpack carry bag, and a 2-year warranty! There’s nothing that iRocker has left out!

Happy stand up paddle boarding!


Main Advantages

  • Military-grade PVC
  • Internal 6″ triple drop-stitch
  • Complete package

Main Drawbacks

  • Unstable and choppy

Who is the iRocker SUP Best Suited For?

The surf-inspired iRocker iSUP is the ideal paddle board for riders of all skill levels. Be it SUP yoga, calm waters, or light to medium surfing, you’ll have the option of versatility no matter where you are.

But, if you’re looking primarily for surfing (without a paddle) and speed, you’ll need to look else where for a slim and thinner body.


iRocker Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews

man folding up irocker isupBuyers of the iRocker iSUP are absolutely ecstatic about their inflatable paddle board buy! It’s been toted around on airplanes from country to country, tested and surfed in multiple water conditions, and inflated and deflated countless times with ease.

It’s definitely one of our favorite SUPs for the price! In fact, the price is way too low for the excellent workmanship and high quality accessories!

There are literally only a handful of complaints about the iRocker iSUP and most of them are due to user error.

The complaints about it being choppy and difficult to balance on water may also lend to the user’s inexperience or lack of the board being inflated at full PSI.

From a neutral standpoint, it’s hard to validate the very few complaints when it can be corrected with proper setup and when there are 20 times more positive reviews for every one complaint – true and accurate statistic, we did the math!

iRocker 10′ iSUP FAQ’s

What is the Maximum Weight Capacity of the iRocker iSUP?

This iSUP can be loaded up and boarded by as many as you’re willing to have on board! Maxing out at 350 pounds, you’re free to take your furry, four-legged pal with you too!


How much does the iSUP weigh?

While specs may say that the iSUP weighs 20 pounds, confirmation from iRocker reveals that the board weighs 28 pounds. Together with the backpack, pump, repair kit, center fin, and paddle, it weighs a total of 38.1 pounds.


How long does it take to Inflate the iRocker iSUP?

It does depend on your endurance levels and strength. But, it will take about 200 pumps to get it to full 15 PSI.


Does the Pressure Gauge Work?

Some new inflatable paddle boarders aren’t quite sure how pressure gauges work when inflating an iSUP. This particular one won’t register any air until you reach 7 PSI. Inflate the board using dual action by ensuring the cap is screwed in.

When it starts to get difficult as you reach full PSI, unscrew the cap and use the pump in single action.


Does the Included Paddle Float?

While most aluminum paddles tend to sink, this one floats! The paddle stick is made with aluminum and the blade and handle are made with plastic. Voila – a floating paddle!


Is the On-Board Bungee Storage Large Enough to Hold the Pump and the Backpack?

Yes! You will be able to fit these two items on deck. You could always use the on-deck storage for a cooler and sunscreen if some wining and dining is more your thing.


Does the iRocker iSUP come with a Repair Kit?

A repair kit is included in the purchase. You also get the iSUP, paddle, backpack carry bag, pump, bungee cords, and three fins.


Are the Fins Removable?

The smaller two side fins are fixed to the board. However, the center fin is 9 inches long and is the only fin that’s removable.


Board Specifications

irocker isupBrand/Model: iRocker 10′

Length: 10′

Thickness: 6″

Type: PVC (Inflatable)

Color Options: White

Suitable For: Flat Water, SUP Yoga, Light-Medium Surf

Guru Rating: 9.2/10

Comparable Boards to the iRocker 10′ Paddle Board

There are very few iSUPs that come with everything this one has with such quality. You might find a few but you’ll find many complaints about the cheap pump or the sinking paddle.

But, the Tower Paddle Adventurer iSUP is pretty comparable in performance to the iRocker. It’s more expensive, a tad shorter but it’s wider, and it rivals the 350 pound weight capacity. However, you won’t get the backpack or the on-board storage like you do with the iRocker – boo!

Another great comparison is the Isle Surf and SUP Peak iSUP! It is 6″ inches longer but they even throw in a coil leash for free too! At sale cost, it’s the same price as the iRocker. It only weighs 23 pounds and can hold up to 300 pounds of weight.

More experienced riders can exceed this weight limit if they think they have the skills. It’s worth checking out if you’re still researching the right iSUP for you!


Noteworthy Features

  • Excellent value
  • High quality pump
  • Floating paddle


Our Verdict on the iRocker SUP!

To sum it up, the iRocker is one of our favorite iSUPs, but most importantly, it’s a favorite of the masses! It’s extremely durable for all types of stand up paddle boarding activities and plenty attractive enough to look good while you’re on it!

Please note:

The iRocker 10′ paddle board we reviewed has been updated to a new version.

You’ll get the same great customer service and a quality product plus the new SUPs come with a dual chamber triple action hand pump plus a whole heap of accessories.