ISLE Airtech Inflatable 10’4″ Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board Review

isle airtech inflatable 10'4 supBrand/Model: ISLE Airtech Yoga

Length: 10’4″

Thickness: 6″

Type: Inflatable (PVC)

Color Options: Aqua, Magenta

Suitable For: SUP Yoga, Flat Water, All-Round

Guru Rating: 8.6/10

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Isle Airtech 10 ft 4 Yoga iSUP Review

One quick look at this gorgeous and chic paddle board and you be sold on it faster than you can perform a downward dog! ISLE has done what they do best – cater to the unique needs of every type of SUPper enthusiast!

With the Airtech Yoga iSUP, you can pose, meditate, or sun bathe your way to your relaxation. With a plentiful 31 inches, you have above the par width to keep you steady throughout your ohms, uhms, tree poses, and salutations.woman doing yoga on Isle Airtech paddle board

With 6 inch thickness beneath your body, you won’t have to worry about any flex and dipping when you put all your weight on one side or center your gravity! Plus, the wide nose and tail offers even more support for any move you dare to strut while on water!

Furthermore, there’s on-board deck storage for your yoga blocks, water bottles, and a towel! Conveniently, there’s a side rail bar for securely attaching your paddle without it floating off while in a meditative state.

Just like its other Airtech siblings, it features the ultra durable and military-grade PVC that’s been further reinforced with industrial drop stitch construction! The diamond-groove traction pad allows for maximum no-slip grip that’s kind on your feet and your booty for sitting poses.

This YSUP is tailored especially for women. What gives it away? Maybe the chic Indian-inspired mandala skin! If your other half has no shame in sporting a woman’s iSUP, you might never get it back. It might be time to get his own!

Main Advantages

  • Super lightweight 18.2 lbs
  • Price
  • Shape designed for yoga

Main Drawbacks

  • Paddle sinks

Best Suited For

You guessed it – yoga! The generous room and shape of the board is specifically designed for those who wish to do some SUP Yoga, light workouts, meditation, and tanning. If you want all-round SUPping benefits with yoga as a perk, then you might want to go with a longer board.

Customer Reviews

Woman on Isle Airtech 10 4 Yoga PaddleboardWhat do the masses say? The ISLE Airtech Yoga iSUP has brought a newfound pyaar to their fitness life and passion for water sports, and what is there that’s more important to a yogi other than pyaar – love?

Since this is a women’s board, it’s important to the targeted demographic that the iSUP is lightweight, easy to transport, and effortless to store. The yoga SUP does it all to a tee! Weighing only 18.2 pounds, it doesn’t require any strenuous upper body strength to get this thing on the water.

Pumping the board takes women about 10 minutes to get to full PSI. Not a big deal if you consider it a warm-up to your yoga-sweating routine. Women especially appreciate the beautiful skin of the iSUP! What can we say? Pretty things are important to girls, and they don’t have to make an excuse for it!

Beware though, the paddle sinks like a rock! You might want to upgrade!

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Comparable Boards

If you’re a guy, consider the Lotus YSUP Inflatable SUP Board with its light colors of browns and greens to neutralize gender associations with the iSUP. It does have a longer on-board traction pad with very similar dimension specs, however, it costs significantly more and lacks any additional accessories! The good news? It does cost quite a bit less than other men’s yoga SUPs!

Brand new to the market, is ISLE’s Lotus Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board Package. Keep your eyes peeled for the best prices on the most popular, trusted, worldwide, online retailers!

If you’re trying to find the loophole to a shorter or longer board and a friendlier price tag, we’ve got it for you! The ISLE Classic Soft Top SUP has an even wider frame at 33 inches and you can skip the pump since this is a solid SUP! The polyurethane foam deck lends a hand to ultimate comfort and cushioning! But, you will have to compromise on deck quality as it can be prone to scratches and dings if you’re thinking about rough surf! Read our full review on it here!

Noteworthy Features

  • Complete accessories package
  • Upgraded 2016 design
  • 1-year Warranty

SUP it Up!

To SUP (sum) it up, a yoga iSUP is the only purchase for a true yogi! There’s nothing like spicing up your routine than completing a full, lean-body yoga sequence during sunset on the water. Namaste!