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A man and womand paddling on an Isle AirTech Explorer iSUP.

ISLE Explorer 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

If you’re looking for more length to support your buff physique, the ISLE Airtech 11′ iSUP gives you that extra oomph!

Comparable in almost every aspect to its Airtech 10′ sibling, it’s conveniently a foot longer and can carry 35 pounds more! If you weigh in or around 275 pounds, you’ve found the board for you!

ISLE Explorer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

If you consider yourself a savvy stand up paddle boarder then you can easily push the weight limit to include a four-legged pal along for the cruise.


While speed might not be its major highlight, it does have great features worth boasting about. With 14 d-rings on-board that are purely for your convenience, you’ll have all the gear you need to truly spend a day out exploring.

This board is perfectly shaped for excellent tracking on flat water. It turns easily, it’s a breeze to paddle, and it even ploughs through choppy waves.

Convenience seems to be the theme with this iSUP as it even boasts a padded center carry handle. The padding allows for a more comfortable grip while it doubles for durability benefits.

Even with the extra dimensions over the 10′ Airtech, it still weighs in the same at a very lightweight 19 pounds! You can’t beat the storage and transportation benefits of an inflatable SUP!

The seductive price point of the iSUP belies its high quality construction. Military-grade PVC makes it ultra durable while the patented Airtech Construction lends to its lightweight benefits. This gives birth to a board that doesn’t know what a scratch or a dent is – it’s immortal!


Main Advantages

  • Airtech Construction
  • Lightweight 19 lbs
  • Includes iSUP Accessory Bundle

Main Drawbacks

  • Lacks speed


Who is the Isle Explorer 11 Best Suited For?

While the longer length and heftier volume can easily boost your confidence to take on larger than life waves, it’s best for recreational stand up paddle boarding use. It’s thicker and wider dimensions make it perfect for all-round use with light surf.

Taller and heftier beginners or families wanting to make the most use of it with multiple riders will never look anywhere else!


Isle Explorer 11 SUP Reviews

Isle Airtech Inflatable 11 foot explorer on sandSeriously, previous buyers of the 11′ Isle Airtech iSUP love the ease of use! Getting it to 15 PSI might be a little tough with the last 30 or so pumps, but what’s stand up paddle boarding without a little workout? It’s also compatible with an electric pump if you want to skip the pre-workout.

It’s super lightweight which means the kids can be responsible for hauling all the gear while you grab the six-pack – of water, right? Parents who have bought this iSUP have definitely put their kids to work!

Users of this specific board can’t rave enough about the board’s stability to cater to multiple riders. Stand up paddle boarding is a whole lot more fun when you can share the experience with others, and the Airtech does just that!


Isle Explorer 11 iSUP FAQ’s

Does the ISLE Airtech 11′ iSUP come with a Warranty?

Yes! It comes with a 1-year warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials. Also, it comes with a risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee, no questions asked!


Is it Comfortable to Lay Down on the iSUP?

The traction pad makes for a comfortable place to lay down and get a tan. Even with the bungee cords in place you shouldn’t feel any discomfort, especially if you bring a towel on board and lay on that.


Is there Enough On-Board Storage Space for a Cooler?

With plenty of d-rings and bungee strap space, you can definitely squeeze in a small cooler! But, remember that water sports and booze are not friends! So stick with your fishing gear, energy snacks, and bottled water for ultimate hydration!


Are all the Carry Handles Padded?

The center carry handle is the only padded handle. The front and back handles are bare but is a non-issue since most one-man toting requires use of the center handle.


What is the Traction Pad made out of?

It’s a foam based raised, diamond-groove pattern traction pad. It’s been designed to minimize foot fatigue, all for quick adjustments, and for maximum no-slip grip.


Where is the ISLE Airtech Made?

The Airtech iSUP is designed at ISLE Surf & SUP’s headquarters in San Diego. It’s then manufactured in China according to their specifications.


Can You Buy the iSUP without the Accessories?

Unfortunately, the iSUP is sold as an entire package. If you already have the accessories or are planning to upgrade, it’s never a bad idea to an extra set around. Otherwise you may be interested in the boards sold on their own, there are some of the best paddle boards listed here.


Is the Airtech truly Compatible with Electric Pumps?

If you’re talking about using a vehicle as a power source, ISLE does sell an electric pump with the correct fitting to hook up to a car battery. For a cigarette lighter in a vehicle as a power source, you’ll have to look for a fitting that works with Halkey Roberts valves for the right fit.

Even with electric pumping, the instruction manual suggests to finish the fill using manual pumping to prevent over-inflation.


Board Specifications

isle airtech inflatable 11 foot explorer supBrand/Model: ISLE Airtech

Length: 11’0″

Thickness: 6″

Type: Inflatable (PVC)

Color Options: Gray, Black, Neon Green

Suitable For: All-Round, Flat Water, SUP Yoga, Light Surf

Guru Rating: 9.2/10


Comparable Boards to the Isle Explorer 11

The Atoll 11′ Cruiser Deluxe is a worthy comparison to this ISLE Airtech! It even matches the number of d-rings on board! They feature the same dimensions, accessories, and stand up paddle boarding capabilities.

However, the Atoll will cost you slightly more for an extra year of warranty coverage and the higher-quality dual-action pump.

If you’re trying to save as much on your buy as possible, then you might want to consider something a little smaller if dimensions aren’t a priority. The 10’8″ Solstice Bali is another iSUP that’s sporting some great features for a much lower price.

While it’s slightly slimmer and shorter, it has excellent high-pressure drop-stitch construction and can cater to 250 pounds max! But, you’ll end up spending a tad more to cover the cost of an oar – Solstice doesn’t throw one in!


Noteworthy Features

  • 275 max weight
  • Price
  • Ultra durable


Our Verdict on the Isle Explorer 11 iSUP!

To sum it up, the ISLE 11′ Airtech is a great recreational paddle board for the entire family to enjoy! You can dare some chest surf with the tri-fin setup or relax and catch some rays while you tan afloat! It’s an excellent, high functioning iSUP in every way. The low price? It’s just a bonus!

ISLE Explorer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  • iSUP FOR ALL YOUR ADVENTURES: All types of water and conditions. Great for yoga, pets, fishing, and touring. All of your cargo will fit on this board. A 6-point front expandable bungee system paired…
  • ULTRA DURABLE DESIGN: Constructed with Military-Grade PVC that is 6″ thick when fully inflated. Forget about dings or blown seams thanks to our AIRTECH FUSION LITE manufacturing process that’s…

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