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ISLE meglodon multiperson 15ft inflatable stand up paddle board for friends and pets

ISLE Megalodon iSUP | 2022 Multi Person Paddle Board Review

ISLE is a household name that every paddler has heard of. It’s one of the biggest and most respected names out there for inflatable paddleboards. The quality, design, durability, and customer service are second to none.

ISLE’s Megalodon multiperson iSUP is no exception. It is aptly named and suited to a variety of multiperson paddling activities.

The founders of ISLE were surfers themselves and designed their boards to fit the demands of the water-based sport.

So let’s find out if the Megalodon will be suitable for your next group paddling session.

ISLE meglodon multi person 12ft inflatable sup with two paddles

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Features Of The ISLE Megalodon Multi Person Paddle Board

The Megalodon is huge and comes in 2 different sizes.

12 ft and 15 ft with a weight capacity of 650lbs and 1050 lbs, respectively.

ISLE meglodon multiperson iSUP is 8 inches thick

The 12 ft version is 45″ wide and can carry 2-3 people. While the 15ft version is 56″ wide and can carry 5 people. Clearly an excellent platform for friends and family fun or, alternatively, a spacious platform for a multiperson SUP yoga session. 

Both boards come with an EVA foam traction pad for better grip

ISLE meglodon multi person 15ft inflatable stand Up paddle board front storage area

10 Stainless steel D-rings. 6 D-rings support the bungee ropes. The other four D-rings: 2 at the front and 2 at the back, can be used for leash hooking and attaching other equipment.

Since the boards are bigger and wider than your standard solo SUP, they come with 5 fins. The larger fin is removable with a US Box fin setupwhile the rest of the smaller ones are fixed. 

ISLE meglodon multi person 12ft paddleboard five fin setup with removable US style center fin

For ease of transportation in and out of the water, there are 8 rail mount handles spaced evenly from front to back. Additionally, there is one center handle. These also serve as grip handles when getting on from the water.

ISLE meglodon multi person inflatable SUP carry handles

As a large SUP, the Megalodon has two high-pressure inflation valves rated up to 17 PSI, allowing easy and quick inflation and deflation.

Main Advantages

  • 2 size options. 
  • Neoprene padded carry handles
  • Large front storage area
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Accessories include 2 paddles

Main Drawbacks

  • Hard to inflate with hand pumps
  • Doesn’t come with a carry bag

The Specifications

  • Brand: ISLE
  • Length: 12ft/15ft
  • Width: 45″ /56″
  • Thicknes: 8″
  • Color: Blue
  • Construction: Military-grade PVC with Airtech fusion technology
  • Suitable for:  Calm water / SUP yoga

Who Is The Megalodon Inflatable Multi Person Board Best Suited For?

The ISLE Megalodon inflatable paddleboard is suitable for families and groups of friends for various paddling activities in flat water conditions. The stability and buoyancy make it perfect for yoga and light group paddling sessions. Due to its size, at least one group member should have some paddling experience. 

ISLE meglodon multiperson inflatable paddleboard being used for SUP Yoga

The Megalodon could be an ideal board to introduce your kids to paddleboarding on a stable platform. If you have pets, the larger size will allow them to move around without destabilizing the SUP.

ISLE Megalodon Customer Feedback

Stability  Is the one feature that many consumers rave about. The wider build of the board really adds to the buoyancy making it more stable than an average paddleboard. Many comment on its suitability for taking kids, pets, or both on paddling sessions.

Durability – Inflatables are bound to wear and tear with time. However, many customers are delighted with the durability of the Megalodon. Some have had issues, but ISLE takes great pride in customer service and quickly rectifies the problem.

Accessories – The board doesn’t come with many accessories. This does seem to be an issue for some. The lack of a storage bag is the main complaint, and some are concerned that no leash is included. Both can be purchased as an additional accessory.

General FAQ About The ISLE Megalodon iSUP

What is the weight of the Megalodon iSUP and the carrying capacity?

The Megalodon iSUP comes in two 2 different models. 

12ft version – Board weight 34 lbs, carrying capacity 650 lbs (2-3 people).

15ft version– Board weight 50lbs, carrying capacity 1050 lbs (5-7 people).

Please note: Due to its larger size, the 15 ft version does cost a few hundred dollars extra compared to the 12 ft version.

What additional accessories are included in the Megalodon package?

ISLE meglodon multi person inflatable stand Up paddle board 3 paddles fin and two stage iSUP pumpPaddles: Two paddles are included with a carbon shaft and nylon blade. 

Hand Pumps: At the time of writing, the package didn’t mention two hand pumps, but that appears to be what people are getting, so please check.

Fin: 1 US Box style removable fin is included. The other fins are fixed

Can the ISLE Megalodon paddleboard be inflated by one person?

This is a large board. It would be pretty strenuous for a single person to pump air into the board. If you are the only adult in the group, getting an electrical pump instead would be recommended, as it’ll save you a lot of time and effort. 

Our Verdict Of The ISLE Megalodon Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The ISLE Megalodon iSUP is the best solution for families, friends, and pets. Despite the gigantic size of the board, it performs its intended use. With plenty of storage space, room to move around, and a massive carrying capacity, there’s enough room for everyone to join in on a relaxing paddling session on the lake or river during calm water conditions. If you enjoy a SUP yoga session but want some extra stability and some room to move, then this board is right up your alley. 

It does lack some accessories that should be a standard inclusion in today’s iSUP packages, like a carry bag, but it makes up for it in build quality. 

For extra peace of mind and adding to all the great features are ISLEs two year warranty and proven excellent customer service. 

In our opinion, this board does everything it’s advertised to do.

Guru Rating: 8.5/10 

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