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Lucky Bums 7-Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

When you’re out to surf up the best SUP buy for your kids, you can’t deny that the advantages of owning an iSUP doesn’t have its attractions. Lucky for you, the Lucky Bums iSUP has all the right kind of perks!

The owners of Lucky Bums has made it their mission to provide safe and extremely functional equipment for your little explorers. Speaking of functional, the main concern with iSUPs is how easy or difficult they are to inflate. Lucky Bums went all out and have provided a dual action pump to get things done in a jiffy with every pumping stroke.

While it will be a little heavy at 28 pounds for a kid to haul to the waterfront, it will be a breeze for mom or dad to get it there. With 180 pounds to boot on the 9 foot board, mom or dad can hop on board as well.


This iSUP comes in three sizes, a 7, 9 and 11 foot length. While the 7 foot iSUP will work just fine for your little explorers, the 9 foot one will also double as a great board for the other kiddos, teens, and even adults in the family.

lucky bums sup size chart

It’s made from 500-denier 3-ply PVC reinforced fabric that’s strong enough to get rock solid and rigid at 15 PSI. Once deflated, throw it into the trunk and you’re set to go. Easy as pie and fun as hell!

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Main Advantages

  • Durable construction
  • Complete accessories package
  • Price

Main Drawbacks

  • Sinking paddle


Who is the Lucky Bums Paddle Board Best Suited For?

Really, the Lucky Bums iSUP is great for everyone of all skill levels. It’s great to relax on flat water, but it will provide a great workout on light surf. The little explorers will have tons of fun paddling for adventure.


Lucky Bums iSUP Reviews

Every buyer loves the obvious benefits of this inflatable SUP. They’re sold on the convenience of deflation for storage advantages, and it’s not as difficult to inflate as you would believe. The dual action high pressure pump is a nice touch to the package.

The on-deck bungee for storage and the plethora of d-rings is a welcome feature while most hard boards lack this feature. As is typical of an iSUP, it also comes as a complete package that parents truly appreciate. You don’t need to purchase anything extra to get paddling as a family today.

However, the adjustable paddle is aluminum, and it’s not designed to float. This can be a downside since there’s nothing fun about possibly losing your oar. But, all in all, you really can’t complain when there’s so much value in such a large but compact package!

man paddling lucky bums inflatable sup


Lucky Bums iSUP FAQ’s

Is this iSUP New to 2017?

Confession – it came out in 2016. However, the kid-specific SUP market has really kicked off in 2017. The Lucky Bums SUP is still reigning over its competition.


Can a Kayak Seat be Attached to the Lucky Bums SUP?

A kayak seat isn’t included in the package. If you buy one separately, there are multiple d-rings on board to attach a seat.


How Wide is the 7′ iSUP?

The 7 foot Lucky Bums iSUP is 28 inches wide. This is perfect for small children to be able to paddle on either side without hitting the rails constantly.


What are the Recommendations to Make the Paddle Float?

The paddle isn’t designed to float, but Lucky Bums recommend using a pool noodle to wrap around the paddle. You can always purchase a fiberglass, carbon, or wood paddle.


What kind of Valve does the iSUP have?

It has an H3 valve. Why would you need to know this? If you plan on using an electric pump, you’ll have to ensure it’s compatible with the H3 valve.


What is the iSUP’s Dimensions fully Deflated?

When rolled up, the 9 foot iSUP is 32 x 13 inches. The 7 foot iSUP will be slightly smaller than this.


What are the Included Accessories in the Package?

The entire package includes the iSUP, dual action high pressure pump with gauge, and 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle. It also comes with the carry bag, removable fin, repair kit, and valve wrench. The storage backpack fits everything.


Can the iSUP be Purchased without the Accessories Package?

Typically, no. When you purchase the board, you still have to pay the same price as the complete package. However, you can contact their customer service department and request assistance regarding purchasing the board only.



Board Specifications

Brand/Model: Lucky Bums

Length: 7’0″, 9’0″, 11’0″

Thickness: 4″

Type: PVC (Inflatable)

Color Options: Blue

Suitable For: All-Round, Flat Water, Light Surf

Guru Rating: 9.2/10


Comparable Boards to the Lucky Bums 7′ iSUP

The Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9’10” SUP is a great place to start comparing your value. It’s not kid-specific, but it does feature similar dimensions and is great for adults and teens alike.

The kiddos might have to be a little more experienced to get the hang of paddling it, but they’ll enjoy having you on board doing all the paddling work. With a 350 pound weight capacity, you can load up your kids, dog, and all! You can read our full review on it here.

If you’re only shopping for the kids, the Bimini H2O iSUP should mark the end of your search. It has on-board storage, the complete accessories package, and they even include an ankle leash.

The pump is just as awesome as the one Lucky Bums offers. Besides, no kid will be able to peel their eyes off this board, let alone their grippy, little fingers at the end of the day. Be prepared for a little separation anxiety. Stay tuned for our full review on this cute iSUP.


Noteworthy Features

  • D-rings
  • Two kid-friendly sizes
  • Removable fin


Our Verdict of the Lucky Bums Paddle Board!

To sum it up, the kids will feel lucky they have a SUP of their own, and you’ll feel even luckier that you got it for a steal! Was it luck or good shopping?

The Lucky Bums Paddle Board is no longer available, you can check out a great alternative below:

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