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A female paddle boarder paddling on a Sportstuff 1030 iSUP.

Sportsstuff Adventure 1030 Paddleboard Review

You’re not going to find an inflatable paddle board that can beat the low price and all the accessories you get with this one.

The Sportsstuff paddle board is the ultimate package with the ultimate price for any stand up paddle boarder who wants it all without the hefty costs!


For only a few hundred dollars, you get a 10’6″ x 30″ x 4″ iSUP that can handle riders up to 250 pounds! Even though it’s only a few bucks, it has everything you need out of a paddle board.

It has a large anti-slip EVA deck for comfortable padding on your tootsies as well as a center carry handle, on-deck storage, and an awesome colored skin!

No, it’s not a kids toy, it’s a funky designed iSUP that’s gender neutral and ready for anyone who wants to ride in style!

As an iSUP, it comes with all the extra fixings including a paddle, pump, mesh back pack, and even a board leash! But wait, there’s more!women paddling on Sportstuff paddle board

This unique package even throws in a removable seat! If you’re into SUP fishing, leisurely cruising, and laid-back sightseeing while on the water, the seat is a nice touch! It’s really hard to believe that all this comes with the low price!

But, if you want to know what the masses say and if it’s really too good to be true, check out the rest of this review!

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Main Advantages

  • Price
  • Inflatable benefits
  • Includes paddle seat

Main Drawbacks

  • 4″ thick


Who is the Sportsstuff Adventure 1030 Best Suited For?

This board will give some trial and error experiences for beginners since the thickness is only 4 inches. Intermediate stand up paddle boarders will find it adequate, but beginners will enjoy the all-round use of the board especially when the seat is attached.

This board is best for use with flat water and all-round cruising. You won’t get a ton of speed, but if you’re looking for a leisurely day out on the lake, it’s the perfect iSUP at the perfect price! If you want something geared towards an expert then it would be worth taking a look here.


Sportsstuff Adventure 1030 Paddle Board Reviews

Sportstuff 1030 paddle boardSeriously, buyers can’t rave on enough about the super low price and all the accessories thrown in. Granted, the accessories aren’t the expensive, high quality ones you’d get with a $1000 board, but it’s better than nothing.

Users of the Adventurer love that you can balance out the low thickness of the iSUP with multiple riders. Even with the seat attached, you can take your kids out for a paddle while you get the workout paddling!

However, users have said that the pump is cheap and it does take a good 200-250 pumps to get this baby fired up and water ready.

When it comes to weight, a lot of people say it can only handle up to 180 pounds conservatively. However, there have been reports that it can handle up to 200 pounds nicely. But, the 250 pound mark is yet to be seen.


Adventure 1030 iSUP FAQ’s

Does the Sportsstuff Adventurer Flex when in the water?

Some buyers have said that it might flex a little the heavier and taller you are. However, getting it up to correct PSI will eliminate the flex issues.


How much does the iSUP weigh?

There’s not exactly clear-cut transparency when it comes to weight. It either weighs 27 pounds or 33.7 pounds. Either way, it’s heavier than other iSUPs on the market, but pretty standard for a SUP.


What is the Correct PSI to Inflate the Sportsstuff iSUP?

You need to pump the iSUP to 15 PSI for a rigid and rock-solid SUP. At the correct PSI, you won’t experience any flex issues.


Can the iSUP Ride Big Waves?

This iSUP is for flat water paddle boarding, however, users have said they’ve had great experiences with 2-3 feet waves in light surf. These results would also depend on your stand up paddle boarding experience. For heavier surf, this isn’t the board for you.

Is this Adventurer iSUP good for Yoga?

At only 30 inches wide and 4 inches thick, you might need some serious, already-acquired balancing skills to master SUP yoga on this board. However, the better you are, the easier it’s going to be. But, what’ a little SUP yoga without a workout right?

Besides, you’d get a refreshing splash in the water if you lose balance. That’s better than a face-plant into a hardwood floor!


Does the Paddle Float?

The included paddle does float! You won’t have to worry about sinking oars with this purchase. It’s also adjustable. Not bad, eh?

Does the iSUP come with a Warranty?

The manufacturer does offer a 1-year warranty on the board and the accessories. Pump issues and defective boards have occurred to buyers on first time use and the company replaced them without any hassles!


What is the iSUP made from?

The SUP is an inflatable vessel that’s made with standard materials for iSUPs. The materials used are hardened rubber material, heavy duty PVC, and layers of polymer and urethane.


Board Specifications

Brand/Model: Sportstuff Adventuresportstuff 1030 adventure stand up paddle board

Length: 10’6″

Thickness: 4″

Type: PVC (Inflatable)

Color Options: Green/Blue/Orange

Suitable For: All-Round, Flat Water, Light Surf, SUP Fishing

Guru Rating: 9/10


Comparable Boards to the Adventure 1030 iSUP

If you’re set to spend the minimum on an iSUP package, you might want to consider the Vilano Navigator iSUP. We actually already recommend this excellent inflatable vessel in our full Vilano Navigator review, and it deserves every praise!

It’s been beefed up versus the Sportstuff Adventurer in dimension specs, but it does lack the removable seat. It’s up to you whether the extra width and thickness is worth the loss of a back rest while paddling!

Believe it or not, there’s actually an iSUP that can outdo the Adventurer in price! The Aqua Marina Vapor iSUP is not only stylish and comes with full accessories, it also comes with a removable seat.

It doesn’t have a back rest, but the kayak seat is still full of cushioning for a laid-back paddle. It’s a 10’8″ board that’s lighter and is ripe for the buying!


Noteworthy Features

  • Full accessories package
  • Bargain deal
  • Fun, colorful design


Our Verdict on the Sportsstuff Adventure 1030 Paddle Board!

To sum it up this Sportsstuff 1030 Adventure review, this is your ultimate buy if you’re on a strict budget. Seriously, the dimensions are worth sacrificing if you want the best price plus a few extra accessories thrown into the mix.

Don’t forget that the warranty will have you covered for any hassles you stumble across. However, the only hassle that’s foreseen is you falling into the depths of the lake while learning to paddle!

Good luck!