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Supzoom allround 10'6 iSUP Review

SUP ZOOM 10’6″ Inflatable All Round Paddle Board – A 2023 Review

If you’re searching for a cool-looking paddle board that won’t break the budget and will meet your needs, then the SUP ZOOM Shark 10’6″ may just be what you’re after.

With a cool design and a tri-fin setup, you’ll be on the water in style.

For extra peace of mind, this board comes with a 5-year warranty and SUP ZOOM ships its products worldwide.

So when the guys at SUP ZOOM asked us if we would like to try out this fantastic-looking board, we couldn’t resist.

Not a fan of Sharks? Well, we can’t blame you on that one.

Luckily, there are many other designs to choose from – check them out here.

Shark 10'6 all round inflatable paddle board at the beach

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Unboxing The SUP ZOOM 10'6" Shark Design Paddle Board

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Hot Tip: Inflate your SUP at home and attach all the accessories. So if any issues do arise you’ll find them out before you make plans to head out on the water.

SUP ZOOM 10’6″ iSUP Features

This all-around inflatable paddle board is 10 feet 6 inches long and 32 inches wide with a thickness of 6 inches and a carrying capacity of 275lbs (125kg).

It comes with 13 D- Rings:

  • 4 at the front that hold the bungee cord
  • 1 at the rear to attach the safety leash to
  • 8 along the side where you can attach the paddle holder straps and the optional seat to turn it into a SUP-YAK

SUP-Zoom designed this particular board with an upturned nose to aid in maneuverability and better speed.

Supzoom all round inflatable paddleboard tracking test

This SUP comes with 3 removable fins that slide into the slots and are secured with a plastic clip, so no tools are required.

The 10’6″ Inflatable has One carry handle and an additional clip-on carry strap for ease of carrying when out of the water.

For comfort and safety while on the water, it has an anti-slip deck pad which I found comfortable for sitting and standing. It’s worth noting that the deck pad doesn’t cover the whole SUP and only extends from the air inlet to the bungee cord storage area. Hence, if you’re carrying a dog on board, make sure they don’t have sharp nails. 

Main Advantages

  • Good tracking
  • Lightweight
  • Cool Design

Main Drawbacks

  • Only one storage area

The Specifications

  • Brand/Model: SUP ZOOM Shark 10’6″
  • Length: 10’6″
  • Width: 32”
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Type: PVC (Inflatable)
  • Color Option: Multiple print design options
  • Suitable For: All-round, Flat Water, Light Surf, SUP Yoga

SUP ZOOM 10’6″ iSUP Overview Of Accessories

Adjustable Paddle: 

The included paddle is sturdy, comfortable to use in the water, and easy to put together. The paddle also includes a marked height gauge.  

Supzoom adjustable paddle clip designThe latch on the paddle did not keep the paddle secure at the desired length. However, this was rectified by turning the latch to tighten the screw. 

If you have to do this, be very gentle and do not over-tighten. Turn the latch half a turn and test, repeat only as much as needed.

SUP ZOOM includes paddle holders that clip onto the D-Rings. This is an excellent idea as it prevents the velcro strap from getting lost and gives you a place to store your paddle


The 3 fins are easy to install. All you have to do is slide them in. You then use the provided plastic clip to secure them in place. Ensure the knot is in the recess so the clip can slip into position easily.

Supzoom center fin for paddle board

Supzoom plastic fin and clip

Hot Tip: after removing the fins, place the plastic clip back into the fin. that way it won’t get lost if the knot in the string comes loose.

SUP Leash: 

The leash was comfortable to wear, and with a length of 10 feet,  caused no restrictions when getting back on after falling into the water.

Kayak Seat (optional): 

This is not included in the package, but I used one from a different SUP, and it seemed to fit very nicely. You can attach the seat to several D-Rings, so if you already have a seat as I did, it will probably fit on this SUP as most are generic and not SUP specific. 

Supzoom 10'6 all round inflatable paddle board with optional seat

Repair Kit: 

The repair kit includes several patches and a deflation handle. No glue is included in this kit.

The storage container for the repair kit is also handy for storing the paddle holder clips.

SUP Inflation Pump: 

The included pump was easy to use. 

Supzoom two stage iSUP pump with outlet pipeThe SUP inflated quickly, and I could easily reach 10 PSI within the advertised time of 5-7 minutes. However, I couldn’t get the SUP to fill past 10 PSI as the air was starting to escape out of the inlet faster than it could be pumped in.

At 10 PSI, the SUP was rigid, and with the pump hose removed, no air escaped out of the inlet.

The included pump is a two-stage pump, and you unscrew the plug when it gets too hard to pump the air with the double pump action.

I personally did not need to use the single pump action for the reasons mentioned above.

Included Backpack: 

The Backpack fits everything that comes with the SUP and is comfortable to carry. This iSUP bag has no wheels and doesn’t have as much extra room as other included storage bags, but there’s still enough room for a life jacket, water bottle, and a snack. Due to the SUPs lightweight and the size of the bag, it’s also lighter to carry than other storage bags.

Supzoom SUP backpack air holes

The backpack has two small vent holes. This allows air circulation in the bag.

Something to keep in mind when traveling.

What Was The Shark 10’6″ Inflatable Paddle Board Like On The Water


On the day I tested it, the wind speed was around 12 knots, and the water was relatively flat to start off with, but it did turn into light surfThe paddle board tracked well and was easy to maneuver. 

Supzoom light surf allround inflatable board

The upturned nose helped with paddling directly into the waves.


Due to its lightweight and width, this SUP is better suited to flatwater conditions if you are a beginner, as it moves around a bit more in the waves. 

Supzoom 10'6 all round inflatable paddleboard water test

Having said that, it’s worth noting that even if you don’t feel comfortable standing up. While sitting on my knees, even when the waves started picking up, the SUP Zoom 10’6″ Inflatable was very stable, and I didn’t feel like I would fall off.  

So if you are starting out and your balance is not the best, you’ll still be able to have plenty of fun even if you are only on your knees in light surf conditions.

Carrying Capacity: 

I thought I would chuck my young kids onboard to see how it fared for the test run. It actually did pretty well when I only took one at a time. 

Supzoom 10'6 adult paddle board with child

I did chuck all four of them on at one point plus myself, and I was surprised to find that it remained buoyant, but obviously, there was not much space, and it was hard to paddle. 

Clearly, with a max carrying capacity of 275lbs (125kg), a length of 10’6″ and width of 32″ it’s not designed for that purpose.

But it did hold itself up under the weight. By doing so, it served its purpose of providing a fun-filled water experience for the whole family.

Getting back on after falling: 

Although easy enough for me to get back on after falling, there is only one handle to assist in the process.

You can also use the D-rings for a bit of extra grip.

Please be sure to practice this skill before heading out to a water area that is too deep for you to stand in. 

My Verdict On The SUP ZOOM 10’6″

SUP ZOOM designed the 10’6″ All Round Paddle Board for a fun day out on the water, and it certainly delivered on that front.

Granted, it’s not the most robust SUP out there in the market and some of the components could be of better quality. But, you get a fair bit for your money at this particular price point, and everything you need to get on the water is included in the package. 

It’s backed by a 5-year warranty, and as mentioned earlier, SUP ZOOM does ship worldwide.

Because really! At the end of the day, it’s about getting out on the water and having fun, regardless of your skill level.

So if you want to paddle in style and have the flexibility of multiple design optionsthat will keep the whole family happy at a decent price point, I certainly recommend that you grab yours today!

Guru Rating: 8.9/10

Rimon Franklin

Rimon Franklin

Rimon is a father of four kids and a work-at-home dad, he's also part of the team at The SUP Guru. He loves getting out on the water whenever he can and will look for any excuse to be outdoors.