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Aqua Marina - VIBRANT 8’ Kids SUP

2022 Detailed Review Of Aqua Marina VIBRANT 8’ Child SUP

The world of paddleboarding is expanding rapidly! If you’re into any outdoor water activity, your child will most likely start noticing this.

It may be a good idea to get ahead of the game and find possible paddleboards that may be suitable for your child to experiment with.

A possible candidate for your child’s newfound interest is the Aqua Marina VIBRANT 8′ KIDS SUP.

If you’re looking for a board that’s easy to carry and glides smoothly across the water, then this paddleboard might be your perfect match.

So, let’s take an in-depth look to see what makes this iSUP so extraordinary!

Aqua Marina VIBRANT 8’ Child SUP

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Aqua Marina VIBRANT 8′ SUP Main Features

The Aqua Marina VIBRANT 8′ SUPis extremely lightweight, efficient. It’s 8 feet long, 28 inches wide, and 4 inches thick. These dimensions make the board a perfect fit for young paddleboarders.

Aqua Marina applies innovative technologies to construct the VIBRANT board. Furthermore, the board features high-quality materials that keep it light and ensure excellent performance.

Aqua Marina - VIBRANT 8’ SUP FinThis SUP comes with a single fin setup. With this design, even small children can easily install the slide-in fin.

The 8′ vibrant SUP also has an adjustable bungee cord storage that gives you a great deal of flexibility while storing your supplies.

Plus, it includes a lightweight ACE paddle with which your child will start paddling like a pro!

The SUP package is not too large, but it contains everything your child will need to get in the water. It has a pump and safety leash that is essential for paddle boarding.

However, it is not as good as other high-end youth boards regarding weight capacity and stability. But, it is also more affordable than those SUPs.

It’s an excellent budget board for youths that offers the best performance in its price range. In a nutshell, if you want a quality SUP that won’t break your bank, then the VIBRANT 8′ Kids SUP is for you.

Main Advantages

  • Lightweight
  • Efficient
  • Affordable
  • Easy to handle
  • Portable

Main Drawbacks

  • Low carrying capacity
  • Less stable

Who Is The Aqua Marina VIBRANT 8′ SUP Best Suited For?

This iSUP is suitable for lightweight youths and kids. It will perform better if the rider is smaller and weighs less than 110 lbs or 50 kg.

It is also one of the best boards to start with since you can use it for surfing and SUPing. With it, beginner mistakes will be less costly as the board itself is inexpensive.

Aqua Marina - VIBRANT 8’ Kids SUPMoreover, this budget-friendly board still has a drop-stitch core making it rigid and portable enough for kids.

The VIBRANT 8′ also prioritizes your kid’s safety and comfort. It comes with a safety leash with a padded ankle cuff that is sturdy yet comfy!

In addition, this board has an attractive look with vibrant colors. This combination will keep your child happy and relaxed while they paddle out in the water.

The SUP package is also complete without much complexity. It has a lightweight adjustable paddle and easy to install single central fin that kids can handle easily. In brief, Aqua Marina has kept it simple enough for kids to prepare and take care of their paddleboard by themselves.


This SUP is pretty lightweight, affordable, and has plenty of specific features perfect for young paddleboarders.

The Specifications

  • Brand/Model: Aqua Marina VIBRANT
  • Length: 8′
  • Width: 28”
  • Thickness: 4″
  • Type: PVC (Inflatable)
  • Color Option: Yellow
  • Suitable For: Recreational paddling, surfing

Aqua Marina VIBRANT 8′ SUP Paddle Board Buyer Reviews

About 86% of buyers are pleased with the price and performance of this SUP. The lightweight board is popular among youths and kids alike.

The majority of the reviews generally speak about how fun it is to paddle this board and how catchy the design is.

There are, however, some glaring flaws in this SUP. In the case of a heavy paddler, the board becomes a little unstable, and the rider usually ends up hitting the water.

Fortunately, the SUP remains a decent option for budget-conscious buyers.


Reviewers tend to give positive feedback for this SUP. Therefore, it won’t let you down!

Have more questions? Let’s look at the 6 most common ones for the Aqua Marina VIBRANT Paddle Board

#1 What does the iSUP Package Include?

This iSUP package includes,

  • The Aqua Marina VIBRANT 8′ Paddle Board
  • An adjustable, lightweight kids’ SUP paddle
  • Dual-action, single chamber pump with pressure gauge
  • An attachable slide-in central fin
  • Safety leash
  • Magic folding backpack for ease of carrying

This board does not have much versatility. Due to the simplicity of the design, there is only one fin setup and no kayak conversion kit. As a result, the entire package is lightweight and compact.

#2 What is the Maximum Weight Limit for this child iSUP?

This SUP can carry up to 132 lbs or 60 kg. But, for optimum performance, the board should not carry more than 50 kg while in the water.

A big plus is that the board itself weighs just 12.6 lbs or 5.7 kg. Moreover, it comes with a short, lightweight paddle to ease the burden on the board.

#3 Is the Vibrant 8′ iSUP safe for kids to use?

It is relatively safe for kids. The board has an EVA traction pad with an excellent grip on the surface to prevent accidental slips. Furthermore, a sturdy safety leash will ensure that the child stays close to the board.

Nevertheless, before your child goes SUPing, you should make sure that they have access to enough drinking water and that they wear a Coast Guard-approved PFD.

#4 What is the Recommended PSI Level for this board?

It can support up to 15 PSI. However, anything above 12 PSI will make the board float and perform well enough in the water.

Aqua Marina - VIBRANT 8’ SUP pumpInflating it to 15 PSI can be tiresome. Fortunately, it has a dual-action pump to make the process easier. 

Even if it takes a bit of effort and time, it would be best to inflate this board to its limit for better rigidity and stability.

#5 is the fin removable?

Yes, it has a single removable central fin. Kids will have an easier time preparing their board with its simple slide-in system.

It’s also easier to carry the SUP as you will need to remove only one fin and deflate the board, and the SUP will be ready for packing!

#6 Will the board be stable in the water?

Unfortunately, this SUP is not best when it comes to stability. Its slim and more petite build makes it light but unstable.

Still, it will offer decent stability as long as a shorter paddler rides it. In this way, it maintains its status as a junior SUP.

Comparable Boards to the Aqua Marina VIBRANT 8′ SUP

The Aqua Marina VIBRANT 8′ SUP is pretty similar to the Retrospec Weekender Nano when it comes to max weight capacity and performance.

Both of these are kid-friendly compact iSUP with complete packages. Moreover, these are also lightweight and easy to handle.

But, the Nano board is more stable than the Vibrant, and it is also a bit more expensive.

On the other hand, the Thursosurf PRODIGY Junior SUP is easy to use and carry but does not come with a pump, while Aqua Marina’s Vibrant SUP comes with a powerful pump.

Our Verdict For The Aqua Marina VIBRANT SUP!

The Aqua Marina VIBRANT 8′ SUP is a surprisingly affordable, quality board for kids. Its lightweight, colorful and has some great features suitable for junior paddleboarders.

In addition, the combination of a PFD and this board’s safety measures will give you peace of mind knowing your child is safe out in the water and they’re having fun.

To sum it up, the Aqua Marina VIBRANT SUP is ideal for kids!

Guru Rating: 8.1/10

Aqua Marina VIBRANT 8’ Child SUP