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Red Paddle Co Sanpper 9-4

Red Paddle Co 9’4″ Snapper Kids SUP Board Package 2023 Review

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Paddleboarding has become increasingly popular among adults looking for an alternative to traditional surfing. It is not, however, an adult-only sport. It’s also an excellent activity for kids, and with the right gear, it’s safe and fun for the whole family.
However, kids will need a suitable board for their age and size due to their growing bodies.
With this in mind, Red Paddle Co has designed the Snapper SUP to be the perfect paddleboard for young paddlers!
So let’s figure out what makes it so exceptional.

Red Paddle Co SNAPPER-9-4 SUP FRONT view

Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Snapper Features

Red Paddle Co’s Inflatable SUP Snapper offers a balance of durability and maneuverability. It’s about 9 feet and 4 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 3.9 inches thick. These measurements make the SUP lightweight and easy for kids to handle.

Red Paddle Co Child inflating Paddle board

Even though it’s a junior SUP, the Snapper’s construction boasts uncompromising materials and advanced technology. Thanks to its TEC-AIR design, the board performs outstandingly.

In addition, twin fins emphasize the streamlined shape and timelessness of the design. Due to the fins’ secure placement, you won’t have to worry about fin set up any time soon.

Red Paddle Co SNAPPER-9-4 Kids Paddle board SIDE view of fins

Plus, the fins are sturdy to the point where they are nearly indestructible!

There is also the high-quality deck pad extending up to the tail end of the board. With it, paddling becomes much more comfortable and safe.

Red Paddle Co Child Snapper SUP

However, these powerful features come at a price. The board is less versatile than the other kid’s SUPs, and it’s relatively more expensive.

In a nutshell, this board is not only durable, but it’s also pretty stylish and vibrant. Therefore, it’s no wonder the kids enjoy paddling it so much!

Main Advantages

  • Sturdy
  • High-maneuverability
  • Easy to paddle
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight

Main Drawbacks

  • Less versatile
  • Expensive

The Specifications

  • Brand/Model: Red Paddle Co Inflatable Snapper
  • Length: 9’4″
  • Width: 27″
  • Thickness: 3.9″
  • Type: PVC (Inflatable)
  • Color Option: Blue, White, Red
  • Suitable For: All-around, Ocean, Flat Water

What Is the Red Paddle Co Inflatable Snapper SUP Best Suited For?

This inflatable SUP is suitable for little rippers of all ages and heights. However, it performs best when the rider weighs less than 123 lbs or 56 kg.

It’s also an excellent board for beginner paddleboarders to practice the basics. The kid-friendly build and innovative technology make it pretty easy to paddle.

Red Paddle Co Youth Paddleboard

Moreover, it’s durable enough to withstand rough water and accidental impacts. You’ll never have to look out for your little ones damaging the board too quickly.

There is also an impressive carrying capacity that makes the board ideal for extended paddleboarding tours. Thus, the next generation of paddleboarders will be able to bring enough safety gear and supplies for their next adventure.

In addition, it comes with a fantastic SUP package. This package has nearly everything the young SUPer may need to get in the water.

Red Paddle Co Infalting the Snapper 9'4

Specifically, the all-terrain backpack and the Titan II pump enhance the paddling experience to the next level!

What Does The Snapper 9’4″ SUP Package Include?

The SUP package includes,Red Paddle Co Sanpper 9-4 SUP package

  • The Red Paddle Co Inflatable Snapper Paddle Board
  • A dual-cylinder high-efficiency Titan II pump
  • Reliable coiled safety leash
  • Repair kit with MSL materials
  • Innovative all-terrain backpack

In this package, the Titan II pump and the backpack are of high quality. It’s hard to find such top-grade accessories in a standard Sup package.

Obviously it doesn’t include fins as the two fins are integrated with the board.

What Is The Recommended PSI Level For The Snapper 9’4″ iSUP?

It’s best to inflate this board to 20 PSI. It can, however, support even 25 PSI if you need to paddle In rough water.

The 20 PSI level may seem challenging to reach, but fortunately, you will get there with minimal effort with the Titan II pump.

Red paddle co Snapper iSUP pump

Nevertheless, take care not to overinflate the board as it will decrease the overall lifespan of the watercraft.

What Is The Red Paddle Co Snapper’s Maximum Weight Limit?

This SUP can carry about 132 lbs or 60 kg.

The board itself weighs only 16.95 lbs or 7.7 kg. Therefore, if the rider is skilled, they can carry more on the SUP board.

In contrast, a beginner-level paddler will find it harder to balance and paddle if the board carries more cargo.

Is The Snapper 9’4″ Paddleboard Safe For Kids?

Red Paddle Co pays a lot of attention to the details, and safety is a high priority on the kid’s board. In essence, it’s one of the safest SUP’s you can get for the kids.

There is a sturdy and conveniently coiled safety leash that comes with the package. It’s sturdy enough to be called a touring leash.

Red Paddle Co Child SUP leash

As a bonus, the deck pad reaches the tail of the SUP. This way, even if the kid somehow falls on the board, they won’t get injured quickly.

How Does The Fin System Work On The Snapper SUP?

It comes with two non-removable fins for the sake of efficiency. Though, this does somewhat limit the flexibility of the board.

These fins are in strategic positions making the SUP incredibly agile. Besides, with the two-fin setup, the board glides faster, smoother than a tri-fin SUP.  

Red paddle co snapper youth SUP backpack and fins

Plus, you will not need any tools for fin installation, which will save you some weight and work. This way, the little rider will spend more time paddling and less time maintaining their inflatable board.

How many D-rings Does The 9’4″ Snapper Board Have?

The Snapper paddleboard has 7 D-rings.Red paddle Co SNAPPER youth paddle board D-rings

  • Six are at the front – those D-rings hold 3 flat bungee cargo straps. As opposed to one bungee cord running through all D-rings. This is a unique design to Red Paddle Co.
  • One is on the back – You can attach the collided safety leash to this ring.

Customer Opinions Of The Red Paddle Co Snapper Inflatable Paddle Board

An overwhelming 88% of buyers who chose the Red Paddle Co Inflatable Snapper appreciate its sturdiness and outstanding performance on the waves. It seems that beneath the child SUP’s exterior lies a top-notch board.

Red paddle co snapper child paddle board backpack

Kid’s find it easy to maneuver and paddle this SUP while keeping up with even larger boards in the water.

The buyers describe how their little ones were cutting waves and paddling like a pro in no time at all!

Red Paddle Co SNAPPER-9-4 Child SUP SIDE viewMoreover, the fins are highly resilient. Kids are less likely to damage or lose these fins while they prepare the board for paddling.

In addition, the package includes a powerful pump that allows riders to inflate it quickly and easily.

But, there are some complaints about the lack of versatility due to the fin setup. Fortunately, it’s still an all-arounder, so it more than makes up for the flaw.

All in all, buyers want a board that’s durable and maneuverable. This board fits the bill quite nicely! 

Comparable Boards to the Red Paddle Co Snapper Inflatable SUP

The Red Paddle Co Inflatable Snapper is pretty similar to the Bluefin Cruise Junior in durability. Both boards feature strong construction materials and cutting-edge technology.

But, the Bluefin board is way more versatile than the Red Paddle Co’s SUP. On the other hand, the Snapper is faster than the Bluefin Cruise junior.

The Starboard SUPkids has smooth gliding speed like the Snapper board. They also share a permanent fin system.

Nevertheless, the SUPkids can’t turn as fast as the Snapper, and it’s not as maneuverable. Yet, the Snapper is a bit less compact than the SUPkids board.

The Red Paddle Co Inflatable Snapper is relatively more expensive than the other two.

Our Verdict on the Red Paddle Co Snapper 9’4″ iSUP

Red Paddle Co’s Inflatable SUP Snapper is elegant, sturdy, and efficient. Also, it’s lightweight and robust enough to survive any abuse your children may dish out.

While it’s not the most budget-friendly board out there, it’s reasonable for the high level of performance it provides.

To sum it up, the Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Snapper is an excellent option for young paddleboarders!

Guru Rating: 8.8/10