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BIC Sport DURA-TEC Solid SUP Review

The Original series is anything but old and dated! In fact, its design is based off the versatile ACE-TEC SUP shape while maintaining an affordable price! If you want the cheapest solid board out there for twice the quality than those on the market, then don’t underestimate the BIC Original series!

But, what’s all this BIC Sport DURA-TEC Polyethylene construction about? Basically, it’s BIC’s blow-molded technology that incorporates molten polyethylene that’s blown against the inner walls of a SUP mold

The BIC Sport DURA-TEC paddle board we reviewed is no longer available –  check out possible alternatives below:

ISLE Cruiser 10'5" Stand Up Paddle Board

ISLE Cruiser 10’5″ Stand Up Paddle Board Bundle

  • Rigid Board with Lightweight Foam Core and Soft, Comfort-Top Deck Pad
  • 235 Pound Capacity, 10’5” Long x 32″ Wide x 4.5” Thick

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GLIDE Paddle Sports O2 Retro

GLIDE O2 Retro 10’6″ Inflatable Paddle Board Bundle

  • A rigid iSUP with a full length EVA deck pad and everything you need
  • 400 Pound Capacity, 10’6” Long x 33″ Wide x 6” Thick

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Unlike other air-blown boards where they’re left hollow, this is mounted to a steel shaper where it’s expansion-filled with high density polyurethane foam. What you’re left with is a floatable, ultra-durable, and balanced SUP board that’s more than cost-effective – it’s cheap!

The best thing about the DURA-TEC SUPs is the availability of many colors and sizes to suit your specific needs.

All of the boards come with a diamond-grooved deck pad, 10″ dolphin fin, integrated leash plug, and rigging anchors for on-deck storage.

It’s also decked out with an upgraded feature! It has a re-curved ergo-grip handle for no-hassle transporting and loading. It sounds like this SUP has everything you need for a smooth ride! What more could you ask for?


Main Advantages

  • Price
  • DURA-TEC Construction
  • Various sizes and colors

Main Drawbacks

  • No extra accessories included


Who Is The Bic DURA-TEC Best Suited For?

The BIC DURA-TEC Original Series is best for riders of all skill levels and ages! You can select the board you want based on the dimensions for your height and weight. However, veteran stand up paddle boarders who are taking a look at this board should only consider flat water cruising and light surf. It’s not fit for the rough and rush of wave-breaking surfing!


DURA-TEC Paddle Board Reviews

bic sport dura tec supBuyers and users of the BIC SUP love the durability and strength that the DURA-TEC construction offers! If kids are going to be riding the board, it’s going to stand up to accidental nicks and bangs that comes with learning to paddle.

Because the dimensions are a cross between a yoga and a touring board, its easy to find your balance and to paddle to your heart’s content! The kayak-like construction is a crowd pleaser as it’s extremely stable and user-friendly.

However, as a standard for BIC, they don’t throw in any extra accessories. This can be a deterrent since you’re already spending hundreds of dollars just for the board. The only accessory you do get in the mix is the 10″ dolphin fin. Everything else, you’ll have to pay extra for.



What are the Length Sizes of the DURA-TEC Boards?

The hard boards in this series come in lengths of 8’4″, 9’4″, 9’10”, 10’4″, 11’4″.


What Weight Limits are appropriate for each Length on a SUP?

The 8’4″ and the 9’4″ are definitely for smaller riders up to 135 pounds. The 9’10” is ideal for riders up to 190 pounds. Its unique dimensions actually lends a hand to maintaining heavier weights. The 10’4″ is for riders up to 180 pounds, and the 11’4″ board can hold up to 220 pounds.


What Colors are Available with the BIC SUPs?

The colors are designated to the length of the board you select. The 8’4″ comes in Orange, the 9’4″ comes in Green, and the 9’10” comes in Blue. The 10’4″ comes in Dark Blue, and the 11’4″ comes in Red.


How Many Fins come with the BIC DURA-TEC SUP?

The board has two fixed fins with one removable center fin. The center fin is included in the purchase of the SUP.


Does the Hard Board come with Carry Handles?

There is only one carry handle located in the center of the board to be carried with it tucked under your arm. There are no other carry handles located on the nose or tail of the board for two-man carrying.


What is the Weight of the SUP Board?

These hard boards are going to be heavier than iSUPs because of their construction. The weights will vary between 21 pounds for the 8’4″ board and 41 pounds for the 11’4″ board.


Is this an Entry-Level SUP?

Yes. The board itself is a great all-round and flat water SUP that can help kids and adult beginners build their paddling skills. Even with experience, it’s a great cruising board that will provide hours after hours of fun!


Does a Paddle come with the SUP?

A paddle does not come included with the SUP. People often get this confused because BIC recommends a matching adjustable paddle that they offer for an additional price.


Board Specifications

Brand/Model: BIC Sport DURA-TEC Originalbic sport dura-tec sup

Length: 8’4″, 9’4″, 9’10”, 10’4″, 11’4″

Thickness: 3.2″, 3.5″, 4.6″, 5.25″

Type: Solid (Blow-Molded)

Color Options: White/Orange, White/Green, White/Blue, White/Dark Blue, White/Red

Suitable For: All-Round, Flat Water, Light-Med Surf,

Guru Rating: 8.2/10


Comparable Boards to the Bic DURA-TEC SUP Board

If you’re willing to spend a few hundred more for BIC’s next step up, it’s the ACE-TEC Performer SUP. It’s pretty comparable to the DURA-TEC in performance except for its construction.

It’s made with a polystyrene core with fiberglass and epoxy resin layers and finishing for the iconic feel and build of a SUP. Its shape is more rockered and excellent for touring and all-round use!

We’ve actually already reviewed this awesome SUP, so if you want to read the full review and see what we have to say about it, click here!

When you’re looking in this price range, you’re going to come across an array of inflatable SUPs. For the money, it might be worth checking out the Ten Toes Weekender iSUP. It’s versatile, can hold up to 250 pounds, and is a standard 10′ long board. Plus, unlike BIC, it comes with everything you need to get paddling this instant!

Not only do we and the masses recommend the inflatable board, but we also thought it was worthy of a full review. For the latest on this iSUP, check out our review right here!

man and woman on stand up paddle boards on flat water


Noteworthy Features

  • Durable
  • Easy to transport
  • Suitable for everyone


Our Verdict on the DURA-TEC Paddle Board!

To sum it up, the BIC Sport DURA-TEC hard board SUP is an excellent buy for the money. It’s a great starter board if you’re not looking to spend a ton and especially if you want to share it with the entire family. Just don’t forget you’ll need to add the costs of a paddle to the purchase price!

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