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Woman lake paddleboarding on the Boardworks Versa solid SUP

Boardworks Versa – Recreational Standup Paddle Board Detailed Review

Searching for a solid board for recreational paddleboarding trips with friends or family? 

Then you are at the right place! 

Let’s introduce you to the Boardworks Versa. It works well for all levels, from beginners to advanced paddlers, and offers a smooth glide compared to other boards of the same size. 

This article will review its features, pros/cons, specifications, and more. So let’s dive in! 

Boardworks Versa Recreational Stand Up Paddleboard Bombshell Epoxy Hardboard 10 6 Bamboo Blue

Table of Contents

Boardworks Versa SUP Features

The Boardworks Versa offers many of the latest features. With its front D-ring ties for storage, bombshell composition coupled with conveniently placed SUP lift handles that can serve the purpose of carriage and for securely locking your SUP when not in use.

Boardworks Versa Recreational Stand Up Paddleboard Fin

It is well polished with paint and stunning graphics that make it superior all around. It comes in compact and manageable packing that has a variety of accessories and instructions for easy installation.


Main Advantages

  • Bombshell Technology
  • Suitable for any level 
  • Stable & Durable
  • Nose Inserts with Bungee
  • Lockable Ergonomic Carry Handle
  • Single Fin
  • Deck Pad 
  • Wide Nose and Tail
  • Front D-ring 

Main Drawbacks

  • Not so good packaging
  • It might be too big to carry for some 

Activities The Versa SUP Is Best Suited For

It is best suited for paddling in calmer waters. However, you can use the Boardworks Versa for many activities, including SUP surfing. 

You can also use it for SUP fishing, paddleboard yoga, and touring. 

SUP Yoga – If you are someone, who is enthusiastic about yoga, this board might be a perfect fit. The non-slip surface and stability will provide you balance even in small waves.

Touring – Easily glide through the water to explore the coastlines, and cover great expanses of crystal water.

Boardworks Versa Recreational soild Stand Up Paddleboard is great for touring with loved onesPaddle Boarding with Loved Ones – If you’re a bit more experienced, this SUP has enough room to fit your child, dog, or partner. This allows you to spend quality time out on the water exploring the sights.

The Specifications

  • Model Name – Versa 10’6’’
  • Length – 10’6″
  • Width – 32″
  • Thickness – 5 3/16″
  • Volume – 234 L
  • Fin set – Single
  • Weight – 30 LBS
  • Construction – Bombshell-V
  • NOVICE – 235 LBS MAX

Summary of Customer Reviews

Most of the customers had a great experience while buying & paddling on this board, as it offers a stable ride along with some cool advanced features. The durability, overall structure of bombshell composite add more value to it. From the received reviews, nearly every single one was a five-star rating.

Customer comments include an appreciation of the board’s quality, satisfaction with the online purchase process. 

woman using the 10 6 Boardworks Versa Recreational Stand Up Paddleboard Bombshell Epoxy Hard board

Some customers praised the Versa’s perfect balance and how easy it was to carry in and out of the water. One customer even used this board in SUP racing.

All in all, most people who purchase this board are satisfied and pleased with their purchase

Boardworks Versa Paddle Board FAQ’s

What are the Boardworks SUP package included items

Unlike most inflatable paddleboard packages, which come with many accessories, this package only appears to include the board and detachable fin. 

There are options to purchase all other accessories like paddles, SUP leashes, and carry bags.

There may be deals around that include those items with the package, but you may not get the peace of mind that is offered from purchasing directly from Amazon or the manufacturer. If you are lucky enough to have a local dealer nearby, they may include those items to sweeten up the deal.

Is the Fin Easy To Install?

The FCS II toolless fin box system makes it easy to install for longboards and stand-up paddleboards. Which further ensures high performance.

Does the Versa have a storage area?

Four front D-ring ties provide you with storage for water bottles and gear. With the four-front D-ring tied with bungee cordage, you can easily carry your essentials.

What material is the Versa board made of?

The bombshell molded composite construction contains the core of the board layered with layers of fiberglass, Kevlar, wood veneer, and ABS/ Polycarbonate. 

Comparable Paddle Boards To The Boardworks Versa

The ISLE Cruiser Stand Up Paddle Board & SUP Bundle comes in at a similar price range, the cruiser is a rigid board made of a lightweight foam core with a 235 pound capacity and similar dimensions 10’5″ Long x 32″ Wide x 4.5″ thick. Its package does include a SUP paddle and leash. If you are a beginner, this SUP may be more suitable as it comes with the more included accessories. However, the Boardworks Versa does offer better construction materials and better speed for more intermediate paddleboarders.   

Our Verdict This SUP

The Boardworks Versa is one of the best functional boards that you can get. Its keeled nose cuts through the chop, and the flat area under the tail and standing area give the perfect ride. 

You can also use it for a number of activities like touring, yoga, recreation, and workouts. Constructed with Bombshell technology, the board is durable and long-lasting. 

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your summers with this board for a smooth ride, and let the water sink through! 

Guru Rating: 9.0/10