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ISLE Voyager Rigid Epoxy SUP is suitable for ocean SUPing

ISLE Voyager Rigid Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Board – A Review For 2023

The watersport of paddleboarding has evolved over the last couple of years. It has reached the point where long-distance paddling expeditions have become extremely popular among watersport enthusiasts.

But, due to this overwhelming popularity, the market is filled with several types, shapes, and brands of paddleboards. Thus, finding a touring SUP that best suits, your needs can be pretty challenging.

But some stand out from the rest, like the ISLE Voyager SUP, which is perfect for extended paddleboarding sessions. 

After all, this rigid epoxy board has an excellent design. It offers incredible performance in the hands of seasoned paddlers, but beginners might not be able to maneuver, paddle this board as efficiently.

Nevertheless, its excellent performance more than makes up for the flaw.

So, in this post, we’ll take an in-depth look to figure out what makes this board exceptional!

ISLE Voyager Rigid Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Board Blue color design

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ISLE Voyager Epoxy SUP Board Features

The ISLE Voyager boasts a combination of cutting-edge technology and premium-grade construction material.

In addition, it’s approximately 11 feet and 6 inches long, 31 inches wide, and 7 1/5 inches thick. These thicknesses, widths, and lengths make the board perfect for cutting through the water efficiently while maintaining balance.

Moreover, it sports a sharply pointed nose and a cutaway tail to perform well in most waters.

ISLE Voyager Rigid Epoxy SUP front storage area

It comes with a single central fin setup which ensures better overall tracking even in rough weather!

As a bonus, the SUP board package includes an adjustable two-piece hybrid carbon paddle that makes battling the waves much more manageable. 

With its premium wood finish and Gortex valve, this craft can survive most impacts with minor damage. 

Furthermore, the board has a brushed soft traction pad on the deck to ensure the rider has a comfortable paddling session.

ISLE Voyager Rigid Epoxy Paddle Board Lift SUP handle

In addition, the board has a liftsup handle and a leash plug for attaching the safety leash. The use of the SUP safety leash is highly recommended so you can quickly get back on the board if you fall off and hit the water. You’ll also be able to use the handle to help you get back on.

We can’t ignore the fact this board is pretty heavy and has larger dimensions. Thus, you may find it difficult to carry it around. Nonetheless, you can quickly solve this problem by picking up a SUP trolley or a carrying strap.

So, in essence, if you want to enjoy a challenge and go on a long-distance paddling trip, this SUP board will have you covered.

Main Advantages

  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Durable
  • Tracks better
  • Expert friendly
  • Rigid

Main Drawbacks

  • Low maneuverability
  • Difficult to carry around

The Specifications

Brand/Model: ISLE Voyager
Length: 11’6″
Width: 31″
Thickness: 7.5″
Type: Epoxy (Rigid)
Color Option: Blue, Green
Suitable For: Long-distance paddling, Extended paddleboarding expeditions

What is the ISLE Voyager SUP Best Suited For?

A sturdy and efficient design makes the ISLE Voyager one of the best touring boards, even for expert paddleboarders.

ISLE Voyager Rigid Epoxy SUP is suitable for ocean SUPing

After all, this board isn’t short, but it isn’t that long either, so maneuvering it around won’t be tiresome in narrower waterways. 

Despite being an epoxy-core, hard-shelled board, it also has decent carrying capacity.

Plus, it has two bungee cord storage areas that securely hold your paddling gear and supplies.

ISLE Voyager Rigid Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Board back storage area

So on long-distance paddling journeys, the ISLE Voyager SUP has plenty of storage room for food and water to combat fatigue and dehydration effectively!

However, this SUP is not the best for beginners. Since handling, maneuvering such a touring board takes a fair bit of skill. Also, it’s easy to injure yourself if you fall on the board, rails, or near the nose.

This SUP board is ideal for seasoned paddlers who wish to go on long-distance paddling sessions.

ISLE Voyager Paddle Board User Reviews

An overwhelming 88% of buyers who purchased the ISLE Voyager praised its fantastic tracking ability and speed on the water. Additionally, most paddleboarding enthusiasts are amazed at how well this board cuts through the water.

Besides, the board has a reputation of battling the big wakes and harsh winds yet still offering superb performance!

Moreover, its quality construction ensures a longer lifespan than the average hard-shelled epoxy board.

Also, the users often mention how efficient it was to paddle this board over long distances. So, in short, this board will help you save up stamina and reach further than ever before!

ISLE Voyager Rigid Epoxy Paddle Board Is greats for SUP touring

But, there are some complaints about its lack of maneuverability. Since the board has a decent length, pointed nose, and a single central fin setup, it can be harder to make quick turns in the rapids with it.

Nevertheless, in the hands of an expert, this board will avoid the obstacles with minimal effort.

The feedback is primarily positive. So as an expert, you’ll probably do OK with this SUP board.

ISLE Voyager Paddle Board FAQ’s

What does the SUP Package include?

The SUP package includes,ISLE Voyager Rigid Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Board included items

  • An ISLE Voyager Rigid Epoxy Paddleboard
  • An adjustable 2-piece carbon hybrid SUP paddle
  • Coiled SUP safety leash
  • Nylon Central Fin

Pretty much everything you need to get on the water straight out of the box. But you may want to pick up a coast guard approved life jacket before heading into deep waters.

What is the Voyager’s Max Weight Limit?

It can safely support up to 285 lbs or 129 kg. So, in essence, it has a decent carrying capacity for a rigid board.

In addition, it sports bungee cord storage areas at both the front and the back of the craft. Thus, you’ll face little hassle when storing the essential gear and supplies onboard for your long paddleboarding trips.

There is no denying that its carrying capacity is smaller than the top-quality inflatable touring SUP’s. So, you may not have enough room for extended fishing trips.

How Durable Is the Voyager Board?

This SUP is sturdy enough to withstand most accidental paddle strikes, minor falls, and impacts with minimal damage.

But, its premium-grade wood finish is prone to get scratched if you’re not careful. Also, the rails can get damaged if it runs into rocks or complex obstacles. This point needs to be remembered as you can achieve reasonable speeds on the water.

Nevertheless, you can quickly solve this problem by picking up a set of quality paddleboard rail tapes.

Is This ISLE SUP Safe?

ISLE pays a lot of attention to safety on the Voyager SUP board. They include a non-abrasive grooved traction pad that offers comfort and a secure footing for the paddler.

Furthermore, the board also has a leash plug near the tail, and the package contains a sturdy eight-inch coiled SUP safety leash. This way, you won’t have to chase after the board when you accidentally fall off of it.

How Does The ISLE fin System Work On The Voyager?

This watercraft comes with a single US fin box setup. In a nut shell this means the single central fin is removable for more accessible transport and assembly, plus it can be easily interchanged.

ISLE Voyager Rigid Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Board US fin box

In addition, the nylon fin is suitable for both flatwater cruising and battling the whitecaps. Plus, this fin system makes the board track straighter while picking up speed.

On the other hand, the lack of side bite fins causes the board to lose some stability in rough waters and have lower maneuverability in the rapids. Still, in the hands of an expert paddler, the ISLE Voyager offers fantastic performance.

ISLE Voyager SUP Comparable Boards

The Boardworks Navigator (Check Price)  is pretty similar to the ISLE Voyager SUP board for tracking and design. Plus, both boards have a single central fin setup and perform similarly on the water.

However, the Navigator is thicker than the ISLE board and weighs more. But, this board is also more affordable than the ISLE Voyager.

On the other hand, the Starboard Waterline Carbon is another touring board with a pointy nose and a cutaway tail. This board also comes with a removable single fin system.

But, the Waterline Carbon is a fair bit longer and narrower than the ISLE Voyager. Thus, it’s more lightweight and offers better tracking and speed. 

Nevertheless, the Waterline Carbon has lower stability than the Voyager. So, it’s more suitable for racing, and it does not handle choppy waters as well as the ISLE.

Our Verdict On The ISLE Voyager Rigid Epoxy Paddleboard!

If you’ve already caught the paddle boarding bug and want to take your experience to the next level, the ISLE Voyager SUP will offer you just what you need.

After all, this SUP requires you to balance yourself skillfully when paddling the waves, thus improving your paddling skills while cutting through the whitecaps.

But, once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be free to explore the waterways to your heart’s content. Furthermore, you’ll have to spend far less energy to reach long distances with this board.

So, pick up your new ISLE Voyager SUP today and enjoy your next paddleboarding expedition!

Guru Rating: 8.8/10

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