Lifetime Hooligan Youth Paddle Board Review: Great for Kids

lifetime hooligan youth supBrand/Model: Lifetime Hooligan

Length: 8’0″

Thickness: 5″

Type: HDPE (Solid)

Color Options: White Granite, Lime, Orange, Lavender

Suitable For: All-Round, Flat Water, Light Surf

Guru Rating: 9/10

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Lifetime Hooligan Youth SUP Review

The Lifetime Hooligan SUP is exactly what you need if you want it to last. Kids will be kids when it comes to their toys and that means being rough and tough on ’em. The Hooligan can stand up to any antic the kids can dish out.

Its durability is 100 percent attributed to its ultra-durable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction. Not sure what that is? The short run of it, it’s plastic. It’s the same material that kayaks are built out of. With a hard and solid body, there’ll be no chipping, fading, peeling, and cracking! It’s naturally UV protected.

Taking a look at some of its features, it definitely proves to be unique when it comes to the fin system. While the single, center fin is far from a rare detail, its exclusive design is the retractable, folding fin. Instead of removing it for easy storage, it just retracts into the board.

The 8 foot length is excellent for small riders from ages five and up. This is a great advantage to let your young children get involved in water sports and have fun with the entire family.

The generous 30 inches of width gives them plenty of room to feel comfortable and stable. While it’s not always necessary to have extra thickness on a SUP that’s made specifically for kids, the 5 inches actually helps balancing when you have multiple young ones on board.

This is a tenacious SUP for tenacious kids!

Main Advantages

  • Retractable Fin
  • HDPE construction
  • Compact design

Main Drawbacks

  • Heavy

Best Suited For

This kid-specific paddle board is ideal for riders between 5-10 years old. Because of its plastic construction and weight capacity, it can hold multiple small riders or a petite adult and child. Its performance is best seen on flat water, but it will be a maneuverable on light surf.

child paddling on sup

Customer Reviews

As you’ve likely already guessed, the retractable fin is a genius move by Lifetime. Parents appreciate that there’s no tools required, no taking apart of any accessories, and it’s easy to store. The folding fin relieves any worries of losing or having to replace it.

Unlike most solid SUPs that don’t come with paddles, this one does. When it comes to making the most of your investment and saving a few bucks, parents love the included freebie.

However, the paddle board does weigh 28 pounds. Technically, this is still considered light-weight, but when it’s designed for kids at such a young age, it’s going to be a tough haul for them to carry it alone.

SUPping is a family sport, so if it means being proactive and helping your kids get on the water, towing it is your job. Kapeesh?

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Comparable Boards

We’re not afraid to say that the Hooligan Youth SUP is a one-of-a-kind. While there are other HDPE kayak/SUP hybrids out there, it’s difficult to find a SUP like this specific for kids. However, the Sun Dolphin Seaquest is a family-friendly hybrid that’s made out of the same stuff. While it’s longer than the 8 foot Hooligan, it does feature the same 30 inch width, suitable for youth and kids. We already thought the Dolphin a worthy SUP to feature. Check out our full review on the Sun Dolphin Seaquest SUP here.

However, if you’re open to options, the Lucky Bums iSUP gives you just that. You can choose between three sizes, it’s loaded with features, and it’s heck of a lot lighter than the Hooligan. The Lucky Bums inflatable SUP did catch our attention with its debut in 2017, so keep your eyes peeled for our Lucky Bums iSUP review.

Noteworthy Features

  • 130 lb max weight
  • Various colors
  • UV-protected

SUP it Up!

To SUP (sum) it up, the Lifetime Hooligan SUP is a breed of its own that’s kid-specific. The Youth SUP is indestructible, but your kids aren’t. Be sure to load up with any extra accessories you’ll need to enhance safety measures. The savings you’ll pocket on this board will be plenty enough to splurge on some nice features!