Liquid Shredder Soft 8’2″ Stand Up Paddle Board Review

liquid shredder softboardBrand/Model: Liquid Shredder Soft

Length: 8’2″

Thickness: 4″

Type: X-EPS (Solid – Soft Top)

Color Options: Red

Suitable For: All-Round, Flat Water, Light to Medium Surf

Guru Rating: 10/10

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Liquid Shredder SUP Review

A Young Boy Paddling a SUP on a LakeThe worst thing about shopping for a SUP is you can’t see what’s inside. You can only take for granted what the vendor says about it. But, Liquid Shredder goes above and beyond to be as transparent and informative as possible about how they made their Softboard SUP. That’s why this svelte, sharp board was found worthy for a full review!

First of all, this is a soft top SUP which means it’s going to have a foam core with a vinyl surface that’s comfortable for beginners to use. Some people don’t like the foam top, but the bottoms and rails have been outfitted with padding and reinforced materials to ensure ultimate durability.

The SUP is made out of an X-EPS foam core. What this means for you is a lightweight board with more buoyancy and flotation. However, its unique construction allows it to be more dense and rigid with solid, closed-cell foam. This means that it’s not going to absorb water!

For such a lightweight SUP, impressively it can hold up to 180 pounds of weight. That comes from its construction and patented dual aluminum stringers that they say is more resistant than any other reinforcement design.

When it comes to your kids, you’ll appreciate the cushioning from the extended Shred-Comfort EVA deck pad. Plus, the extra care taken into account to protect the board from inevitable damage will ensure that your investment is bound to last.

Main Advantages

  • X-EPS foam core
  • Lightweight 19 lbs
  • Aircraft vinyl skin

Main Drawbacks

  • Price

Best Suited For

This is actually a great board for small riders of any age. The kids will quickly get the hang of SUPping like a pro. Short adults can even push the weight limits on this SUP the make most of one board for the family. Its great design allows you to take it from flat water to braving some medium surf.

Customer Reviews

Teenage Boy Surfing on Liquid Shredder Paddle BoardThe Liquid Shredder Soft Top paddle board is a hit with kids, including their parents. It’s sturdy enough for a parent to climb on board, and it’s just the right size for kids to enjoy it alone. Since it’s so small, you can easy pack it into a large vehicle instead of strapping it to the roof.

Buyers have already praised its very light weight feature that makes it a breeze to tug to the ocean or lake. Its slim shape gives it an oomph in medium surf. The fin system is loved by its users, and its vinyl and rails never come apart.

However, for a kids SUP, it might be on the expensive end of the spectrum, more than you’re willing to pay. But, soft top SUPs are definitely cheaper than hard boards, and they’re easier to repair if damage occurs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Comparable Boards

Another great soft paddle board is the Isle Classic Soft Top SUP. It might be a little pricier, but it comes with an adjustable paddle and fin. Speaking of fins, it only has the single, center thruster. It doesn’t quite have the same cell-sealed construction, but it is made with an EPS core and triple wooden stringers. While the 9’6″ Classic SUP might be around the right length for your kids, it’s 33″ wide – a bit too wide. The kids could easily SUP with the 10’8″ Classic that’s only 31″ wide. It will definitely be a family SUP for everyone to use.

If you’re set on a kid-specific board that’s still a solid SUP, the Lifetime Hooligan Youth SUP is definitely worth a peek. We gave this paddle board a full review for its value and indestructible construction. It’s almost identical in size, but will it will provide identical benefits – lots of SUPpin’ fun!

Noteworthy Features

  • Removable thruster fins
  • Shred-comfort EVA deck pad
  • ST Vent Gore-Tex System

SUP it Up!

To SUP (sum) it up, the Liquid Shredder Soft SUP is a paddle board that everyone will get a ton of use from. While it may be lacking in extra accessories, the foundation is rock solid and unparalleled. You won’t regret this buy!