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Sun Dolphin Seaquest 10 Stand Up Paddle Board Review

The Sun Dolphin Seaquest is absolutely a breed of its own, but it’s not a bad thing. At first, we couldn’t believe that this SUP-and-kayak-breed paddle board actually had 10 inches of thickness! Surely it had to be a typo! We were wrong!


Upon bag opening of the SUP, you’ll discover the 10 inch thickness is there for a very good reason other than not getting your feet wet. The awesome SUP features on-board storage like no other paddle board has!

It has a recessed area for a small cooler that’s secured down with a strap. Even more, it features a cup holder!

Even with all these storage components, it still features six plugs for shock cord deck rigging that hides a hidden compartment for even more on-deck storage. Wow, were we blown away!

This SUP is no ordinary SUP. It has five cushioned carry handles! No matter how you lift and tote this thing, you’re going to have a handle in every direction. Overboard? Nah, it’s brilliant!

The non-slip deck pads are perfectly tailored for correct foot positioning to support balance even though it already has a nice width of 30 inches.

The rockered nose will keep you afloat in choppy waters and light surf. However, all the neat features does come at a price – weight. This thing is heavy, like 50 pounds heavy! That might be why it has so many handles for multiple persons to carry it!

women paddling on Sun Dolphin Seaquest paddle board

However, at the tag price, the many features, and the versatility, so what if it takes two people to get it to the water? Ditch the other person and get dibs being the first rider! Check out our full list of the best paddle boards we have reviewed.


Main Advantages

  • Multiple storage options
  • Versatile SUP
  • 5 carrying handles

Main Drawbacks

  • 50 lb weight
  • Shipping bag


Who is the Seaquest 10 Paddle Board Best Suited For?

This is a great all-round SUP that both newbies and veteran stand up paddle boarders can both appreciate. Its large dimensions allow for it to be used by everyone with ease, it’s also a drawback for any terrain rougher than light surf.

However, it’s the perfect breed of SUP for multitasking and enjoying a leisurely cruise.


Sun Dolphin Seaquest 10 Reviews

Sun Dolphin Seaquest 10 paddle board in green colorBuyers love the SUP when they finally get their hands on it. Shipping is a bit of another story. It doesn’t come in a box, it comes in a giant plastic bag with no insulation protection.

While this is a bit of a concern, the kayak plastic can handle the beating while being transported in shipping trucks.

Of course its weight is going to be a little concerning since it’s 50 pounds! But, it’s 50 pounds of awesomeness! If you’re willing to give your arms a workout for the trek to the water, it’s worth it.

With all that being said, buyers absolutely love the SUP for all its handles, storage benefits, and durability. They also like that it has a drain plug to release any water that gets into the kayak-like SUP.

What’s one of the best features that makes this SUP complete? The paddle! But, you have to read on to get the scoop on that!


Seaquest 10 SUP FAQ’s

Does the Seaquest come with a Paddle?

It sure does! The paddle can be used in two ways. First off, it’s a 3-piece adjustable paddle that can be used as a typical SUP paddle. Secondly, it can be converted into a double blade paddle for kayak-style use. Way too cool!


How does the Paddle Adjust?

Instead of twist-type paddles, this paddle has notches to lock the adjusted height into place.


How is the Fin Attached?

The fin arrives detached from the board, you then have to screw it into place.


Is the Sun Dolphin SUP really 10 inches Thick?

The total thickness is 10 inches from the very bottom of the SUP to the rockered nose tip. The actual thickness of the board itself is approximately 4-6 inches.


Is there a Price Difference between the Colors?

The lime SUP is the cheapest of the colored line at the moment. The other colors will be more expensive to purchase.


What is the Sun Dolphin Seaquest made of?

It’s made of durable, dent-resistant, high density polyethylene to ensure it lasts you a long time to come with plenty of vigorous use!


Where is the Seaquest SUP made?

This is an American made SUP that’s designed and manufactured in the USA.


What are the Size Dimensions of the Paddle Board?

The Seaquest is 10 feet long, 30 inches wide, and 10 inches thick.


Board Specifications

sun dolphin seaquest 10 foot supBrand/Model: Sun Dolphin Seaquest

Length: 10’0″

Thickness: 10″

Type: Polyethylene (Solid)

Color Options: Lime, Ocean, Red, Tangerine

Suitable For: All-Round, Flat Water, Light Surf

Guru Rating: 7.8/10


Comparable Boards to the Sun Dolphin Seaquest 10

Here, we’ve reached a unique stump. How do you compare such a SUP with a regular SUP? It’s like comparing apples and oranges. The answer? We don’t. Instead, we’ve lined up two kayak SUP combos that best compare to the Seaquest.

The Ocean Kayak Nalu Hybrid is an 11 foot stand up and sit down paddle board. Available in a brilliant Sunrise orange, it certainly catches your eyes as a unique SUP. It’s lighter in weight than the Seaquest, and it can also carry up to 275 pounds.

The Scott Burke YAK SUP is closer kin to a conventional SUP, yet it’s still kayak-like. It has the recognizable EPS core with wood stringers that’s similar to a hard board SUP.

It also comes complete with an accessories package that includes a leash, ankle strap, paddle, camera mount, fin, and instant padded roof racks! That’s a whole heck of value in this purchase!


Noteworthy Features

  • Affordable
  • Double paddle use
  • Made in the USA


Our Verdict on the Sun Dolphin Seaquest Paddle Board!

To SUP (sum) it up, the Sun Dolphin Seaquest isn’t your conventional paddle board. But, if you’re looking for the best of both worlds in a kayak and a SUP, this is your best combo with the best price! Rest easy and play hard!