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6 Reasons Why Renting A SUP Is A Good Idea Before You Buy

The world of paddleboards is evolving with each passing day. So, no matter how much time you spend researching the right SUP for your needs, there are still pros and cons to each board that you are bound to miss.

With that in mind, you may want to rent and try out a few paddleboards. 

After all, it’s an easy way to test out what kind of style suits your needs best before committing to purchasing one. Plus, you can rent these with SUP accessories to further enhance your understanding of the sport and the watercraft.

So, in this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the rental process to figure out why renting a SUP is a good idea before you buy!

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A Little About SUP Rentals

Paddleboard rentals in the USA offer an efficient way to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you are looking for a relaxing, adventurous, or fun-filled day on the water, there is something for everyone!  

learn where to stand on paddle board from experts

After all, the best thing about paddleboard rentals is that they offer boards of all shapes and sizes, so no matter your skill level, there will be an option for you. 

Moreover, there are many different locations and delivery spots to choose from, including beaches, bays, and lakes. As such, you’ll never run out of new places to explore, thanks to these rentals!  

In addition, these paddleboards come with various accessories such as life jackets, leashes, and paddles. 

This way, even if you’re a beginner, it can be less intimidating knowing that the paddleboarding experts have thoughtfully provided everything you may need!

Where do you usually rent a SUP?

The majority of paddleboard brands and watercraft construction teams have their dedicated rental services. Moreover, there are dozens of places on the coasts and Great lakes of America where people can rent a solid or inflatable SUP to enjoy some time out at the water.

paddle board hire

Therefore, plenty of establishments are willing to help you have an enjoyable paddling experience depending on your location. 

From La Jolla Cove paddleboard rentals to Northshore Watersport Rentals, it is possible that no matter what your interests are, someplace nearby has just what you’re looking for, and you may even find expert instructors. 

These seasoned paddleboarders will happily help you out throughout your first paddleboarding adventure!

In a nutshell, you will quickly find several small and large establishments that will offer different types of paddleboard rental services for all your paddling needs.

Here Are 6 Reasons For Renting A SUP Before You Buy

Paddleboarding is excellent for exercise and recreation. So, if you wish to participate in this watersport but don’t know which SUP board is ideal for you, renting one before buying can help you decide.

Moreover, in this section, we will go over the core advantages of renting a SUP to help you understand the process better.

Thus, without further ado, let’s take a look,

1. You get to know your local supplier

The watersport of paddleboarding is pretty popular nowadays. Thus, new and improved paddleboarding accessories and SUP board designs are coming up every year. So, if you want the best of what’s available, you’ll need to be familiar with your local supplier.

sup board rentals

With that in mind, a single purchase of a paddleboard will hardly offer you a chance to get acquainted. 

But, if you are a recurring client who rents the best boards or different SUP’s, you’ll likely get the priority when your ideal craft does show up!

Besides, the suppliers can often offer you little bits of information, like what adhesive holds the board together or the construction technologies and materials. These will further improve your chance of picking a suitable board when the time comes.

2. You can get lessons through the rental shop

If you’re interested in paddleboarding but don’t know where to start, you won’t need to worry. 

After all, the majority of SUP rental shops, establishments have some options for you. 

  • Firstly, they offer lessons for both beginners and more advanced paddlers. Plus, there are many different courses, so you can pick the one you need the most. SUP rental shops can offer basic safety instructions and teach you how to set up the craft.
  • Secondly, even if you are a seasoned paddler, brushing up on the SUPing basics never hurts. This way, you will have more confidence and enjoy your paddling journey smoothly. 
  • Last but not least, there are some specialized watercraft like the fishing SUP or the E-SUP that requires specific skills to handle. Fortunately, most rental shops that are advanced enough to offer these boards also include short practical lessons for your convenience!

3. Invaluable advice

Any paddleboarder who has spent some time in the water will know how great it is to find a local SUPer or an experienced guide before planning the paddling route. These are the people who can quickly point you towards the best locations to lunch your board.

what to wear paddle boarding

If you are renting a SUP, chances are the employees or the owner can offer you invaluable advice.

This way, you won’t have to look for a local to understand the area you wish to paddle. 

Furthermore, the rental shops often have maps and weather forecasts for you to plan your paddleboarding adventure. 

All in all, with advice from the rental shops, you are less likely to get injured. So, you’ll spend less time planning and more time paddling!

4. Figure out what SUP size you need

Not all SUP boards are equal. Therefore, you will need to choose a watercraft that suits your height, weight. 

A quality SUP board can be pretty expensive. As such, you will quickly burn through your bank balance if you plan to purchase multiple boards and try them out. 

In contrast, you can rent the boards and go on short paddling sessions.

why stand up paddle board? be use you might meet your friend

 These sessions will let you get a general idea of what suits you the best. Moreover, it’s way more affordable than buying those race or touring boards and finding out that they can’t carry all your accessories!

In essence, renting different boards will let you figure out what length, width, and thickness you want to look for in your ideal paddleboard.

5. Supporting local business

Renting a SUP board is an excellent way to support local businesses. So, if you’re looking for an incredible experience in the water, SUP rentals are your best bet.  

After all, rental rates for these boards are often cheaper than buying one, making it great for those who want to try before they buy. 

Thus, if you’re looking for an easy way to get into paddleboarding, renting is the way to go. 

Plus, the money you spend on these businesses often goes to purchasing better boards and paddling equipment. 

Ultimately, it assists the local economy to grow further and allows local businesses to offer you better services!

6. Introduces you to a new community of like-minded people 

Paddleboarding is more fun when you have a group of like-minded paddlers. In addition, it can make extended paddling tours or SUP fishing trips more exciting.

stand up rowing board community

It’s not always easy to find such a community. Fortunately, most rental shops work towards creating these close-knit groups. As such, if you are often renting from an established SUP rental, you may get a chance to meet these paddlers and join up.

Moreover, you can create teams of your own when you know enough people. This way, you can compete in SUP races, or you can go for a relaxing paddling session and let go of your stress.

Plus, it’s safer to paddle in groups. For instance, if you accidentally fall off your board, you will have experts nearby who can quickly help you out!

In short, you will have an overall better SUPing experience if you manage to rent a SUP and get acquainted with the other local paddleboarders.

Bottom Line

Whether you are a seasoned paddleboarder or a beginner learning the ropes, picking the ideal SUP can be pretty challenging. 

However, as long as you are willing to be patient and put in some effort with your rented boards, you will be able to pick the best watercraft when the time comes. Furthermore, with all of the benefits of SUP rentals, it’s no wonder they are a popular choice for many people. 

Therefore, if you want to try one out before buying or need some time on the water without having to worry about upkeep and storage, renting is a great option.

But don’t just take our word for it. Give it a try and rent a SUP board today!