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BOTE Traveller 14 foot Classic Cypress Paddle Board a good hard board for big lakes

BOTE Traveller 14′ Hardshell Paddle Board | 2023 Review

If you’re a paddler and searching for a new board, you’ve no doubt heard of BOTE. They’ve been around since 2009 and have a long list of paddleboards. Some are for specific purposes, while others are multipurpose. One of the main selling points of BOTE is its multi-featured boards. Almost all BOTE boards have various features that widen the circle of potential customers. 

The Traveller 14-foot hardshell paddleboards are designed for your expeditionist nature. BOTE describes the board as tough, stable, and efficient while also visually stunning with 2 diffrent color options. The build and the construction make it perfect for the long-distance paddling experience.

The sleek and slim design is perfect for anyone with a higher paddling skill level. While not for beginners, experts can find all that they need in this one perfect, “has-it-all” paddleboard.

BOTE Traveller 14′ Native Sandstone Paddle Board with included SUP paddle

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BOTE Traveller SUP Range Fetures

The Traveller comes in two different size options 12 feet 6 inches and 14 feet. This review will concentrate on the bigger model. For reference, the 12’6″ is a little lighter at 34lbs and has a carrying capacity of 275lbs.

While the 14′ weighs 42lbs and has a carrying capacity of 315lbs.

Apart from the weight and dimensions, the rest of the features are exactly the same.

BOTE Traveller 14′ Native Sandstone Hardshell Paddle Board front and back angle view

Both Traveller SUP sizes are constructed from Epoxy, a well-known paddleboard material due to its sturdiness and durability. Epoxy boards are less likely to chip and crack with time. 

If you’re going on a long paddling session, you’ll need somewhere to stash your valuables and supplies. The storage area is no issue on this SUP. Font and back bungee cord storage locations for bags, life jackets, and other equipment, and a stashpod for valuables. The pod is located at the front of the board. You can interchange the lid with a MAGNEPOD™. This will keep metal objects on top of the pod secure and in place using a magnetic force.

BOTE Traveller 14′ Native Sandstone Paddle Board with Magnapod option

Like most BOTE solid boards, the Traveller SUP range has compatibility points. If you’re going on long trips, you may want to consider purchasing the accessories that fit those slots

Such as: Cooler and tie-downs, wheel rac for easy transportation, or an inflatable seat to convert the Traveller SUP into a SUP-YAK. 

Grab handles are another useful feature. The Traveller 14′ comes with a central cut-out that can be used to lift the paddleboard. Let’s be honest. Solid paddleboards are pretty heavy. The central cut-out or grab handles allow for easy under-the-arm tuck transportation. The cut-out is padded, so your fingers don’t go numb while providing stronger leverage.

BOTE Traveller 14′ Classic Cypress Paddle Board Grab Handle use

Another aid for transportation is a Travelink™ carry SUP system. Travelink™ is a removable strap that can be used to carry the board on your shoulder. The Travelink™ strap is padded and made of comfortable material, so it won’t dig into your skin. However, this luxury doesn’t come as standard and is an additional accessory. 

BOTE Traveller with Travelink Carry Sling to make transportation easy

Fins are an essential feature seen on many paddleboards. Fins are needed for easy gliding and easy maneuverability. The Traveller 14 feet SUP comes with a screwed-on central fin that can be removed and replaced in case of any damage. 

The board is designed for advanced-level paddlers and their needs. It’s narrower than most other paddleboards, with a width of 29.5″. 

The Traveller has a displacement hull at the front, meaning it’s pointy and lifted. This helps with speed. 

Traveller 14′ Classic Cypress Paddle Board has a displacement hull at the front

To aid in Balance and overall distribution in weight, the travellers deck is recessed

For comfort and grip, the deck area is covered with BVA padding foam which is grooved. This aid in keeping the deck area dry. 

For the occasions where you may need to store your paddle away safely in a hurry, the Traveller SUP comes with a paddle sheath for quick and easy paddle storage. A paddle sheath is basically a slot indentation where you can place your paddle for a hand-free experience. This comes in handy in the case of SUP yoga or fishing.  

BOTE Traveller 14 feet solid SUP paddle sheath

Main Advantages

  • Central grab handle 
  • Plenty of storage area
  • Paddle sheath 
  • Recessed deck area
  • Great speed

Main Drawbacks

  • Not suitable for beginners 
  • Heavy to carry without optional accessories
  • only 1-year warranty

The Specifications

  • Brand: BOTE 
  • Length: 14 ft
  • Width: 29.5 inches 
  • Thickness: 7 inches
  • Weight: 42 pounds 
  • Weight capacity: 315 pounds
  • Size options: 14 ft and 12’6 ft
  • Construction: Epoxy 
  • Color Options: Cypress / Sandstone
  • Suitable For: Touring, flat water, light surf

Who Is The BOTE Traveller 14 feet SUP Best Suited For

As discussed earlier in the article, this board is designed for expert and intermediate paddlers due to its shorter width and greater length.

Although it has optional accessories for fishing, not being so wide may make it less suitable for the task. However, it will get you to your favorite fishing spot faster, even if you aren’t fishing from the board itself. 

Its main use is for long-distance paddling in large lakes, rivers with little outcrops, small surf, and even windy conditions.  

BOTE Traveller SUP Range Customer Reviews and Feedback

Board Construction – One of the main things that customers really love about this paddle board is the construction. The board was designed to be thin and sturdy, which comes through in the feedback. Some did complain that the paint chipped easily this seems to be a common complaint among customers of other hardshell SUPs in the BOTE range

Stability –  The paddleboard is thin and long for maximizing speed and proper maneuverability. Customer feedback suggested that it did feel a little unstable initially, but once they got used to it, it was pretty easy to remain stable, although they did get a good leg workout in doing so.  

Speed – Most customers raved about the speed and the board’s ability to cut through small surf in windy conditions.

Transportation –  Like most solid SUPs, transportation and weight will always be a point of complaint. Therefore there’s no surprise that customer feedback did indicate that as a pain point, and some would have liked the carry strap and wheels to come as standard accessories.

Overall Customer Verdict – Most customers were happy with their purchase. They were satisfied that the board met all their intended requirements. It was evident from the feedback that there were no beginners in the customer cohort for this board. This is not to say you can’t use it as a beginner, but it’s not recommended.

BOTE Traveller Paddle Board Range FAQ

What’s included in the Traveller SUP package?

Not much to be honest. 

You get a two-piece paddle and a removable center fin plus the board, of course.

To make this board truly shine, you’ll need to buy some additional accessories depending on your needs, but as mentioned earlier, a carry strap is going to make your life a whole lot simpler and cooler with the straps will allow you to stay on the water for longer periods.

Is Epoxy a better material?

Epoxy is one of the traditional materials it’s better than most of the new materials. While gatorshell is a stronger material, Epoxy still remains a more durable option. 

Does the paddleboard come with a warranty?

All of the BOTE paddle boards come with a 1-year warranty.

This is disappointing as most other paddleboard companies offer at least a 2-year warranty, and some even offer 5. 

Our greatest tip here, is to get out on the water and test the board heaps. You only have a year to find out if it has any flaws and if you’re not into winter paddling and only like the warm weather, that may mean only 3 months of viable testing time in the northern states.

Our Verdict On The BOTE Traveller 14′ Hard SUP 

BOTE boards don’t require much introduction. They are one of the best in the market. A good paddle board can make or break your experience, especially when you’re an advanced paddler. The Traveller 14′ board has all the optional features you need. 

This board will be right up your ally if you’re a speed demon.

The top-class maneuverability and speed make this board one of the best for long-distance paddling, even in windy conditions. 

If you’re ready to step up to the next level, the Traveller hard SUP range may indeed be the right choice for your individual needs.

Guru Rating: 8.9/10

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