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As you already know, paddleboarding is one of the best hobbies around. It offers both a refreshing and serenading experience. A good board that suits your needs and hobbies can make or break your whole experience. Finding and investing in a good solid paddleboard is an important decision. The other one is finding a great location to use it.

As part of the iROCKER brand, BLACKFIN released the model SX, a solid SUP to the already well-loved Blackfin iSUP lineup. Blackfin paddle boards have already had their fair share of fans. The SX model brings with it all the full experience and the accessories.  

iROCKER hard paddle board with dual cargo area

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BLACKFIN SX Hard Board Features

The board comes in two versions, with the main difference being that the second version has a dual cargo area with a bungee.

The dual cargo area would be useful for those into camping and fishing. Both versions have multiple mounts for fishing rods holders or your Go-Pro camera. A cup holder can also be used as a storage area for valuables. This SUP also has 6 Drings, some of which are used to attach the optional Kayak conversion kit

The width (32″), length (10’6″), and size of this board make it perfect for beginners who want to use a solid paddle board. 

The grooves and EVA foam on the board offer a proper grip as well as padding for your feet. This aids with longer sessions while being easy on the feet and acting as padding for a SUP yoga session.

iROCKER BLACKFIN brand Model SX SUP yoga deck pad and drink holder

Made with a high-density foam core wrapped with an inner layer of fiberglass provided with Kevlar reinforcement in the Nose and Tail areas. Finally, finished with a PolyCarbonate ABS outer shell, the SX is sturdy yet relatively light.

The Blackfin SX has been seen to withstand the tremors of time. It is durable, sturdy, multifunctional, and beautiful. Overall, this board will be a perfect investment for a fantastic paddling session.

Main Advantages

  • Easy maneuvering. Allowing for quick and easy turns
  • Great design and color options
  • A variety of attachment points and storage areas.
  • Fins can be easily removed and attached 

Main Drawbacks

  • Being a solid SUP it’s harder to transport.
  • Like most solid SUPs shipping time are longer. So buy early!

The Specifications

  • Length: 10’6″
  • Width: 32″
  • Thickness: 4.5″
  • Tail width: 11″
  • Color options: Green / Blue / Gray
  • Construction: foam / fiberglass / Poly Carbonate
  • Suitable For: Recreational paddleboarding, SUP yoga, flat water, light surf

Who Is Blackfin SX Solid SUP Suited For?

This board is suitable for all levels of expertise. According to the manufacturer, the board is ideal for anyone needing stability and easy gliding. 

Beginnersthe board is perfect for folks who are just dipping their toes in the world of paddleboarding. Stability and balance whilst standing on the board are one of the first and most difficult things to learn. The build of the board allows for easy balance on the water.

Changing from inflatable to hardboard paddling: paddlers who are shifting from inflatable to hardboards would find this board the best Segway. The dimensions of this board are quite similar to the inflatable ones and maneuverability is also quite easy with both boards. 

Since this board is designed for calmer waters, the ideal place to use it would be lakes, calm rivers, and on days when the sea is calm. For those with a bit more experience, light surfing can also be done using this board.  

Customer Feedback For The SX Hard SUP

Of the customer reviews available for the Blackfin model SX SUPs, almost all are positive.

ROCKER BLACKFIN brand soild Paddle board side view

Stability – is one of the key features that a lot of customers seem to be pleased with. Beginners, as well as experienced riders, shared their positive and encouraging experiences with this board. 

Board Construction –The reviews also deeply praised the sturdy construction. 

Transportation – While some stated the obvious fact relating to a solid board, nearly everyone was impressed by how easy it was to take in and out of the water 

Overall Customer verdict: From the reviews available, people who have bought the board would recommend it to others. They are very happy with their purchase, considering the intended use and customer service.


What is the weight and carrying capacity of the BLACKFIN SX

The weight of the board is 32 pounds (14.5kg). Its carrying capacity is 250 pounds (113kg)

What accessories are included in the BLACKFIN SX package?

BLACKFIN Model SX included itemsLeash: The board comes with a 10-inch-long leash for easy traveling and carrying.

Paddle: The boards come with a 3 piece disassembled paddle made from carbon fiber construction. The length of the paddle can be adjusted depending upon the paddler’s height. The length range of this paddle is from 72 inches to 86 inches long.

Fins3 fins come with the paddleboard, 2 sides fins, and 1 center fin

These fins are removable and can be attached and removed depending on your activity. The center fin is a US box style fin, while the side fins have flip locks for easy and sturdy attachment. 

What optional accessories are available for the Blackfin SX

iROCKER SUP addon items to Make the SX Model as SUP-YAK

Kayak conversion seat : This includes a seat and an extra paddle blade which are both compatible with other current iROCKER SUPs

SUP Carry Bag: This is specific for this model size.

Deck Cooler Bag: This is compatible with other iROCKER SUPs

Other than those, you can purchase many other accessories depending on your requirements and intended use.

You can check all accessories and information about them here at the iROCKER store. 

Comparable Paddleboards

The Isle Cruiser paddleboard is another one of our top rigid paddleboards. Thanks to padding, the board has a sturdy build and the sole comfort of a classic inflatable. 

The Isle cruiser has a slightly lower carrying capacity at 235lbs. It may not be the best choice for everyone as it does require a bit of expertise and practice to get used to. 

Contrary to the Blackfin SX, which is designed for newbies and has a carrying capacity of 250lbs and more attachment and storage areas.

Our Verdict For The BLACKFIN Model SX Hard Board

The Blackfin inflatable SUP lineup is loved by many. But their hardboards are rather underappreciated. The SX solid board’s build, design, performance, and durability remain elite. The stability and easy maneuverability make it perfect for beginners as well experts.
The board comes with a complete set to get on the water straight away. If you purchase some of the addons, such as the kayak kit, cooler, and mounts, you’ll be set up for many different adventures that will allow you to be outdoors all day.
With proper care and storage, this paddleboard can last a long time. With the included 3-year warranty, you can buy this solid SUP with confidence.

Guru Rating: 9.3/10

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