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Best Solid Stand Up Paddle Board Review 2023

Solid stand-up paddleboards are made of various materials, including wood, carbon fiber, polyethylene, foam. If you can make it float, you can probably make a a solid board out of any material. But obviously, that’s not the point unless you are stranded on an island somewhere in the middle of nowhere and your itching to get out. In that case, anything will do.

Now that we have finished digressing, let’s look at the most common types of  core materials that solid SUPs are made from these days. As a side note, these paddleboards can be referred to as hard or soft tops (see explanation below).

  • Polyurethane Foam (PU): This is the original core material used for paddle boards until EPS came around. But, some people still prefer the soft foam because of the little bit of flex it provides in a solid board. It’s usually seen on entry-level boards or what you would call “soft top” boards.
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS): Since 2005, this has been the most commonly used material for solid tops. They’re always combined with some sort of resin or epoxy coating for strength and durability. They’ll last longer than PU boards and are 60 percent lighter.
  • Hollow Core: Some solid boards will feature a hollow core to maximize performance and reduce weight. The construction is unique as it’s a process of blow-molded polyethylene. These types of solid tops might be popular among whitewater stand up paddle boards for its toughness.

So now that you have a little bit of insight let’s get to the best part of finding the best SUP to suit your desired needs.
The product reviews below will explain the features, pros and cons, and conditions the SUP is suited for, including comparable boards. Enjoy the insights, and see you on the water soon.

ImageSUPTypeLengthSuitable ForGuru Rating
iROCKER solid SUP The BLACKFIN Model SX with included itemsBLACKFIN – Model SX
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Foam, fiberglass, Poly Carbonate (Solid)10'6"Recreational paddleboarding, SUP yoga, flat water, light surf9.3/10
ISLE Versa Rigid Stand Up Paddle Board and SUP Bundle Accessory Pack — Hard Board Lightweight Epoxy SUP — 215 Pound CapacityISLE Versa Rigid
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Epoxy (Solid)10'5"All-round, flat water, light-medium surf, SUP yoga9.2/10
Boardworks Kraken All-Water Hard Stand-Up PaddleboardBoardworks Kraken
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Fiberglass (Solid)9'9"/10'3"/11'0"All-round, flat water, light-medium surf, SUP yoga9.1/10
Boardworks Versa Recreational Stand Up Paddleboard Bombshell Epoxy Hardboard 10 6 Bamboo BlueBoardworks Versa
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Fiberglass (Solid)10'6"All-round, flat water, light-medium surf, SUP yoga9.0/10
Bote Flood 12 foot hard paddleboard packageBOTE Flood
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ABS composite (Solid)10'6"/12'0"SUP yoga, flat water, light surf, SUP Fishing9.0/10
Traveller 14 Classic Cypress hard shell Paddle Board with paddle includedBOTE Traveller
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Epoxy (Solid)12'6"/14'0"Touring, flat water, light surf8.9/10
Isle CRUISER Hard SUP packageISLE Cruiser Soft Top
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Epoxy, Foam (Solid)10'5"All-round, flat water, light surf, SUP yoga8.8/10
ISLE Voyager Rigid Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Board Blue color designISLE Voyager
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Wood, Epoxy (Solid)11'6"Touring, fishing, light surf,8.8/10
california board co sup 100pxCalifornia Board Co Hydra
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EPS/ Polyethylene (Solid)10'6"All-round, flat water, light surf8.8/10
ISLE Glider Rigid Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Board Wood Grain blue colorISLE Glider
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Wood, Epoxy (Solid)10'10"All-round, flat water, light surf8.6/10
LIFETIME 11 foot hardshell paddle board and included paddleLifetime Amped 110
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High-Density Polyethylene (Solid)11'0"All-round, flat water, light surf8.0/10