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Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews 2023

Inflatable stand-up paddleboards have come along way with different technological advances. These SUPs are becoming commonplace in all types of conditions and environments. Inflatable paddleboards are also commonly referred to as iSUPs. 

If you’re comparing the performance of a hard board to an inflatable, you’re looking at things with a narrow mind. iSUPs are excellent paddleboards, but they truly shine when it comes to cost, storage convenience, and transportation benefits.

Because they’re inflatable, they can be inconspicuously stored and shoved in the trunk of your car – all within a backpack too! iSUPs are also typically sold as an entire package with all the fixings to get you on the water without having to dish out for extra accessories.

We’ve paddled hard and sifted through a lot of information to give you the best possible reviews, so you can find the ideal iSUP to suit your individual needs.

Every review considers the following:

  • SUP Features
  • Advantages and drawbacks
  • Who the SUP is suited For
  • FAQ
  • Specifications
  • And of course, our verdict

Read on, and hopefully, we’ll see you on the water soon. 

ImageSUPTypeLengthSuitable ForGuru Rating
GLIDE Paddle Sports O2 RetroGLIDE O2 Retro
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Inflatable (PVC)10'6"All-round, flat water, surf, SUP yoga.9.2/10
iROCKER ULTRA ALL ROUND 11 Feet blow up paddle board with paddle in white coloriROCKER ULTRA Range
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Inflatable (PVC)10'0"/10'6/11'0"All-round, flat water, light surf, touring, SUP yoga.9.1/10
atoll 11 foot isup 100pxAtoll 11'0" SUP
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Inflatable (PVC)11'0"All-round, flat water, surf, SUP yoga.9.0/10
Supzoom 10'6 allround shark design iSUP and included itemsSUP ZOOM 10’6″ iSUP
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Inflatable (PVC)10'6"All-round, flat water, light surf. SUP Fishing8.9/10
GLIDE Paddle Sports O2 Angler Inflatable Fishing Board PackageGLIDE O2 Angler
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Inflatable (PVC)11'0"All-round, flat water, light surf. SUP Fishing8.8/10
GLIDE O2 Lochsa Whitewater iSUP PackageGLIDE O2 Lochsa
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Inflatable (PVC)10'0" Rough Water Paddle boarding, River Running8.8/10
ISLE meglodon multi person 12ft inflatable sup with two paddlesISLE Megalodon
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Inflatable (PVC)12'0"/15'0"Multi person, flat water, SUP yoga8.5/10
aqua marina spk-1 100pxAqua Marina SPK-1
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Inflatable (PVC)9'9"Flat water.7.6/10
bestway hydroforce 100pxBestway HydroForce
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Inflatable (PVC)10'1"Flat water, light surf, recreational.7.2/10