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BOTE Flood 12 SUP is Ideal for flat water touring

BOTE Flood 10’6″ And 12′ Solid Paddle Board – 2023 Review

As the weather gets warmer, paddleboards start appearing on the water. If you’re into water sports or beaches, chances are this hasn’t escaped your attention. A perfect paddle board may be in the eye of the beholder and their individual requirements. But when it comes to hardshell SUPs, the price point gets higher, and making an informed decision is all the more important. 

In this article, you’ll find out if the BOTE Flood solid paddle board fits your individual requirements. 

We think it’s a good starter rigid board with great qualities, but the end decision is yours, so we’ve detailed everything from features, performance, and build to help you make that choice.

Bote Flood 12 foot hard paddleboard package

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BOTE Flood Paddle Board Features

The BOTE Flood hard shell SUP is deemed an all-rounder board by some of their regular and loyal consumers.

BOTE Flood 12 feet hardshell paddleboard side view

The board comes in two sizes the bigger version is 12 feet long, 32 inches wide, with a thickness of 5 inches.

The smaller version of this board, the Flood 10’6, with almost identical features. It has a lower carrying capacity and is slightly narrower at 30 inches and is slightly thinner at 4.5 inches; however, the price is a bit cheaper.

BOTE uses Gatorshell technology in the construction of the Flood solid paddle board. This material is readily used in the production of several SUPs, due to its durability, sturdiness, and longevity, given the excess water and sun exposure. 

To store your valuables or drinks, the board has a magnetic pod or MAGNEPOD™. The board comes with a stash pod lid that can be replaced with a magnet. This pod can be used to hold and store beverage cans and other metallic handles or equipment.

BOTE Flood Solid SUP Range is ideal for a family beach SUP Session

Another feature here is the center grab handle recessed into the board. The center handle comes in handy when the board has to be carried, especially when wet and slippery after use. A handle really makes it easy to move from place to place. Just tuck it under one arm and hold the handle with your hand. The handle is designed for easy leverage and firm grip. 

The Flood 12′ and 10’6″ have a set of bungee rope storage areasone at the front, the other at the back

Bungee storage areas aren’t an innovative addition, but they are a must on all paddle boards. Having two storage areas allows you to store a bunch of equipment for longer paddling sessions. A side bungee strap for paddle storage is also included. This is super handy when carrying the board out of the water and in the water when you need a safe place to put the paddle out of the way.

The board has attachment points for a carry strap. This is a handy feature if you need to carry it for long periods while keeping your hands free. However, no strap is included, but you can purchase it as an added accessory.

Cooler tie-down points are another great addition to the features of the BOTE Flood Range. These points allow you to tie down any equipment or the cooler. These points really come in handy during long SUP or fishing sessions. 

The front edge of the board has a planning hull. The slight lift at the front makes this board perfect for a small wave surfing session. The tilt means that strenuous sessions will be even more exciting. 

BOTE Flood 10 feet 6 inches hard SUP front hull area

BVA foam padding helps avoid excess slippage. The padding has engravings that aid with friction to keep you firmly on the board while also providing foot comfort so that you don’t get tired standing on it the whole day.   

Fins compatibility is another oldie but goodie feature here. Like most boards, the Flood 12 foot comes with one detachable center fin

The smaller Flood 10’6″, has space for side bite fins. Though the side fins are not included with the board.

Main Advantages

  • Plenty of storage space 
  • Cooler tie-down points 
  • Paddle strap
  • 5 diffrent graphic design choices 
  • Beginner-friendly

Main Drawbacks

  • Only comes with a 1-year warranty
  • May scratch easily

Specifications For The Flood 12′ And 10’6″

  • Brand: BOTE
  • Length: 12 ft / 10 ft 6 inches
  • Width: 32 inches / 30 inches
  • Thickness: 5 inches / 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 38 lbs / 35 lbs
  • Carrying capacity300 lbs / 230 lbs
  • Construction: ABS Plastic combined with ballistics grade composites.
  • Color: 5 different graphic design options
  • Suitable For:  SUP yoga, flat water, light surf, SUP Fishing

Who Is The BOTE Flood Solid SUP Range Best Suited For? 

The Flood paddle board is well suited for anyone just starting out or looking to build new skills. According to BOTE, the paddleboard is designed to keep those levels of expertise in mind. The shape, construction, and hull have been designed for anything from a SUP yoga outing to a fishing session. 

The Flood board range comes with several handles and holders that allow you to use it. These additional gadget holders come in handy for those who enjoy longer paddling sessions

For fishing sessions, you need a bunch of fishing tools with you. The bungee ropes, cooler attachment points, and multiple handles will help you keep your board space organized and secured.

If you’re an intermediate paddler and have your balance sorted out, this board is ideal for a SUP surfing session in small waves. The planning hull will allow for speed control and gliding through the waves.

BOTE Flood Hardshell SUP Customer Feedback 

We’ve gathered feedback from various sources, including reviews on the BOTE website. From those reviews, most raved about the stability of the board and its suitability for beginners.

Some did say that carrying the board out of the water was hard and defiantly recommended purchasing the carry strap.

There were some complaints that the boards scratch easily and therefore lost their new look soon after purchase, but that was only a cosmetic issue, and the general structure remained solid.

The speed and maneuverability is another praised factor. The hull provides perfect lift allowing for a speed range higher than most of its peers of the same size.

The visual beauty of the board is another charmer. Mostly, boards are usually pretty plain with not a lot of personality to them. But customers praised BOTEs Solid SUP range bold use of colors and textures. 

Finally and probably most importantly, where issues were had, most customers gave good feedback about the support they received from BOTE. Some were a bit unreasonable in their complaints. 

It’s worth noting that some complaints related to the shipping time. This always takes a little longer with solid boards. You can expect the board shipping package to weigh significantly more than the stated board weight due to the extra packaging required to keep the board safe during transport.

BOTE Flood Paddle Board FAQ 

What is the difference between the Flood 12′ and Flood 10’6″

Apart from the obvious length and width differences mentioned earlier.

The  Flood 10’6″ is slightly cheaper and has a lower carrying capacity.

The main difference in performance is that the 10’6″ can add side bite fins; however, these are not included in the standard package and need to be bought as an additional accessory.   

BOTE Flood 10 feet 6 inches solid SUP three fin set up

What accessories are included in the BOTE Flood SUP package?

The standard package comes with minimal items. other than the board the basic package includes: 

Paddle: BOTE provides a 2-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle

Fin: Both board lengths come with a 10″ removable center fin

What optional accessories are available for the BOTE Flood SUP range?

As mentioned above, the board comes with limited accessories. These are some of the accessories you can get, but not all. For the full range, you can check out the BOTE online store.

Travelink™ Carry Sling: This optional accessory is recommended for those who may need to carry their board a little further and can’t hold the weight just with their hand.

SUP Seat: If you’re planning on a SUP fishing trip or a long day out on the water, having the option of converting your paddleboard into a SUP-YAK with this seat will make the whole trip super relaxing.

Cooler Box: For the ultimate day out, having a cooler box to store your food and extra drinks will allow you to stay out longer while keeping yourself nourished. 

BOTE Flood 12 feet rigid board with SUP fishing conversion kit

Please note that getting the attachment rack and straps is a great idea if you tip over. That way, everything will stay attached.

Is BOTE a good brand?

BOTE is one of the household brands of paddleboards. The quality, the gadgets, the customer service, the performance of the boards, everything is classic and top tier. They not only make SUPs but also make a whole load of accessories such as inflatable floating docks that make the outdoor water experience a whole lot more fun. 

Does The Flood board range have an inflatable option?

BOTE has an iSUP called the Flood Aero, an 11′ long board. So be sure to choose the right version when purchasing. Apart from the length, a good clue that you have the right package when buying the solid version is the lack of SUP pump and storage bag in the package and the higher price tag.  

Comparable Boards To The BOTE Flood

One of the main competitors to BOTE is Blackfin by iRocker.

The Blackfin SX has very similar qualities and features to the Flood. However, it only comes in the 10’6″ size and has a carrying capacity of 250 lbs. You do get a few more inclusion with the SX, and 3 fins come as standard. On the other hand, The Flood comes in two size options. The larger 12′ has a higher carrying capacity than the SX. Both BOTE models have better graphic design options than the SX.

Our Verdict On the BOTE Flood Solid SUP

BOTE hasn’t been a household name for as long as some of it’s peers but they have surfaced as one of the feisty competitors. Their Flood 12′ and 10’6″ hardshell paddle board is an excellent example. This board combines 3 different board purposes into 1. For Stand-up or fishing paddlers to surfers, all can find perfection in this board due to its many features.

What it lacks in included accessories, it makes up for in quality and versatility. It’s suitable for beginners or intermediate paddlers alike who want a board that can fit many purposes and has the versatility to transform from a simple SUP to one fully decked out for an extended paddling session.

We hope we’ve given you enough information to make an informed decision so you can get out on the water in style!

Guru Rating: 9.0/10

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