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Glide Paddle Sports O2 Lochsa river iSUP review

Tackling The River Rapids? Check Out The GLIDE O2 Lochsa SUP

Paddleboarding has become highly popular among water enthusiasts of all ages and heights.
Who can blame them? It’s an exciting sport that lets you enjoy the adrenaline rush or have a relaxing weekend with minimal hassle.
Having said that, not all paddleboards are equal. In certain circumstances, you’ll need a specialized SUP.
With that in mind, GLIDE has designed the O2 Lochsa, which is perfect for river running and adrenaline-filled paddleboarding activities!
At a glance, this watercraft is primarily stable, sturdy, and highly maneuverable. The SUP is named after the river Lochsa which in the Nez Perce language translates to rough water.
So let’s delve in and see if it lives up to its name.

GLIDE O2 Lochsa Inflatable Whitewater paddle board

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GLIDE O2 Lochsa SUP Features

The GLIDE O2 Lochsa blends stability with durability to offer a near-perfect balance. It’s approximately 10 feet long, 36 inches wide, and 6 inches thick. These widths and thickness make the board perfect for battling the rapids and rough waters.

It’s manufactured with advanced technology and top-notch construction materials.

The O2 Lochsas hybrid nose makes it pretty maneuverable. Thus, you should have an easier time evading rocks, vegetation, and any other obstacles you usually encounter in the river rapids.

It comes with a US-style fin box and a tri-fin setup. The central fin is removable to increase versatility.

The two smaller side-bite fins make the board highly stable and maneuverable!

The package contains an adjustable SUP paddle. 

Like most GLIDE SUPs this board supports 25 PSI, but luckily you won’t have to pump it up to that level to make it rigid, as that would be pretty hard work with the included single chamber manual pump. 

Hot Tip: You can solve any pumping issues by picking up a double chamber triple action pump or an electric SUP pump.

Main Advantages

  • Stable
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Maneuverable
  • High-carrying capacity
  • Rigid

Main Drawbacks

  • Weak pump
  • Lack of additional D-rings
  • No action mount

The Specifications

  • Brand/Model: GLIDE O2 Lochsa
  • Length: 10′
  • Width: 36”
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Type: PVC (Inflatable)
  • Color: Blue, Yellow
  • Suitable For: Rough Water Paddleboarding, River Running

What Is The GLIDE O2 Lochsa Best Suited For?

The board’s design is more suitable for whitewater paddling and river running. It’s an excellent watercraft for beginner, intermediate, and expert-level paddleboarding enthusiasts. 

best inflatable sup for rivers

With its sturdy construction, it’ll survive most accidental impacts, falls, and anything you may throw at it. Additionally, it has a whitewater rocker and a flat bottom that’ll let you paddle aggressively!

The ability to remove the center fin will allow you to tackle the shallower river areas with ease. 

In contrast, the lack of additional D-rings and side paddle holder makes customizing the board difficult for longer trips.

As it has no action mount, you’ll have to find another way to share your adventures on your socials. But hay, if no one saw you fall, then it didn’t happen right!!!

Basically, this board is ideal for intermediate and expert-level paddleboarders who wish to enjoy whitewater SUPing and classic runs.

GLIDE O2 Lochsa Paddle Board User Reviews

An overwhelming 86% of buyers who purchased the GLIDE O2 Lochsa praised its stable, durable nature. In addition, the majority of the paddlers were amazed at how smoothly this board performed on rough waters.

Furthermore, the full-length EVA deck pad and soft neoprene handles kept the riders comfortable even during extended SUP expeditions.

GLIDE O2 Lochsa River iSUP in action

Also, buyers often mention how easy this board was to maneuver. Plus, the board supports a high level of PSI, and its surface boasts outstanding rigidity. Thus, evading the rocks, obstacles become far easier for the experienced paddler.

Buyers were delighted with its incredible carrying capacity. Larger paddlers had little trouble riding it while bringing all the necessary paddling gear and supplies!

There are some complaints about its weak single chamber pump since it may take a while and quite a bit of effort to inflate the board with it. 

All in all, the feedback is primarily positive, and customer support seems pretty good.

GLIDE O2 Lochsa River SUP FAQ’s

What does the SUP Package include?

The SUP Package includes,GLIDE O2 Lochsa Inflatable Whitewater SUP Package items

  • A GLIDE O2 Lochsa Paddle Board
  • An adjustable fiberglass paddle
  • Coiled SUP leash with ankle cuff
  • Single chamber dual-action pump
  • Attachable central fin
  • Repair kit
  • Backpack

In essence, this SUP comes with a near-complete package. You can just get a PFD, and you’ll be ready to head out in the water. Nevertheless, if you plan to paddle often, you may want to get a better SUP pump for the sake of efficiency.

What is the ideal PSI level for the O2 Lochsa?

This iSUP will be ridged and suitable for use when inflated to 13-15 PSI. While it can support 25 PSI, it’s pretty challenging to reach that mark. Plus, overinflating your paddleboard will most likely shorten its lifespan.

You can purchase an electric SUP pump as an add on accessory from GLIDE to make the process simpler.

What is the maximum weight limit for the Lochsa board?

It can safely support up to 400 lbs or 181 kg.

Furthermore, the board itself weighs only 26 lbs or 11.8 kg. 

How Durable is Lochsa SUP?

This SUP boasts fantastic durability. It can perform well in rough waters and survive against most impacts without suffering too much wear and tear. After all, its primary purpose is to conquer the whitewater runs.

The Lochsa board combines potent reinforced rails with durable fusion construction technology. As such, it’s hard to beat when it comes to durability. 

How does the fin system work?

This craft features a tri-fin system. It comes with a removable central fin and two side bite fins.

The central fin is attached to a US fin box compartment. Making it easy to install and remove as required. As a result, you can find replacement fins for this board pretty quickly.

Comparable Boards to the GLIDE O2 Lochsa

The Hala Rado iSUP is pretty similar to the GLIDE O2 Lochsa when it comes to stability and performance. Both boards have an almost identical shape, and they have tri-fin setups.

As such, these boards perform well on the whitewater.

But, the Rado board is a bit more versatile since it has advanced fin technology, and all the fins are removable. On the other hand, the Lochsa can carry more cargo with less hassle.

Also, the NRS Quiver is another board that is ideal for river running. It has a similar build to the Lochsa.

Nevertheless, unlike the Lochsa, the Quiver board doesn’t come with cargo bungee storage. Yet, NRS includes two different sets of top-quality fins in the SUP package, making the watercraft highly versatile.

Still, the NRS Quiver is pretty expensive compared to the GLIDE O2 Lochsa. 

Our Verdict On The GLIDE O2 Lochsa SUP

The GLIDE O2 Lochsa is an excellent paddleboard for beginners and experts alike. After all, it offers an incredibly smooth ride and holds up well in rough water conditions.

It’s more affordable compared to other comparable river paddleboards but doesn’t compromise quality or durability.

For an adrenaline-filled weekend on the rapids, this board will have you covered with its sturdy build, durable safety leash, and large traction pad. 

Guru Rating: 8.8