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LIFETIME 110 hardshell SUP is great for lakes

Lifetime Amped 110 Stand-Up Paddleboard |11′ Solid SUP Review

One of the first and most essential things for paddleboarding is the board itself and your budget. Though there are multiple staple companies out there with amazing boards when it comes to solid SUPs, the price can be an issue, but if your heart is set on a solid paddleboard, Lifetime has a budget-friendly answer with its 11 feet long hardshell SUP.

Lifetime has been making various products and play equipment since 1986, and there’s a good chance you or your family members have had the joy of playing with that equipment in your own backyard or that of a friend. So let’s find out if their 11′ Amped Hardshell Paddleboard will live up to the task and provide as much joy for a budget-friendly price. 

LIFETIME 11 foot hardshell paddle board and included paddle

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Amped Hardshell SUP Features 

The board’s width is 32 inches (81 cm) with a length of 11 feet (3.35 meters). The Amped SUP comes with EVA deck pads to assist with traction while standing during your paddling session and cushion your knees when kneeling down. 

A retractable fin allows multipurpose use in deep and shallow water. The feature helps protect the fin during transport without the need for removal.

LIFETIME Amped Hardshell Paddleboard Glacier Blue color is 5.8 inches thick

The board comes with a front bungee cord storage area and carry handles at the front and middle for ease of transportation and to help you get back on if you fall. 

The board includes a universal media mount so you can share your day’s adventure with friends.

Sun damage on Polyethylene boards is a real issue. Luckily Lifetime uses UV protection in the High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) construction process of this SUP.

With an included paddle in the package, the Amped Hardshell has everything an intermediate or beginner paddler needs to get on the water at a very reasonable price point.

Main Advantages

  • UV protection aids with longevity
  • Solid construction 
  • A retractable fin and slick bottom

Main Drawbacks

  • Heavier than most solid boards 
  • Limited storage area

The Specifications

    • Brand: LIFETIME
    • Length: 11′
    • Width: 32″
    • Thickness: 5.8″
    • Color options: Blue
    • Construction: High-Density Polyethylene 
    • Suitable For: Recreational paddleboarding, flat water, light surf

Who Is The Amped 110 Hardshell Paddleboard Suited For?

Although the manufacturer recommends this board for intermediate paddlers, there are many examples of beginners using it and having plenty of fun too.

LIFETIME 11 foot hardshell paddle board

The ideal uses would be for paddlers who normally frequent lakes and calmer rivers, with calm ocean paddling also an option

Keeping in mind that being a solid paddleboard, you’ll need to factor in the transport to and from your house if you don’t live on the water or have somewhere to store it.

If winter paddling takes your interest, the extra thickness will give better clearance from the water. Its weight and sturdiness will ensure you are less likely to fall off.

Feedback From Customers Who Purchased The Amped 110 SUP

LIFETIME 110 hard paddle board is also great for kidsThe overwhelming majority of people who purchased the Amped 110 Hardshell board are delighted with the product. Although Lifetime labels it as a board for those with intermediate paddleboarding skills, there are many examples of beginners and even kids using it and having plenty of fun.

Construction –  Nearly everyone who left a review praised the boards’ solid construction, and the one or two who had an issue were offered support by the manufacturer.

Transportation – A common complaint is the board’s weight, which appears to only be an issue when transporting out of the water.

Stability –  Many who complained about the weight contributed its sturdiness and stability in the water to that very fact. 

Package accessories –  Another minor complaint was the quality of the fin, but most were very happy with the included paddle and its sturdiness.

Overall verdict from users – On the whole durable, sturdy, and a great all-rounder are basically the main comments of most buyers.

Amped 110 Hardshell Paddleboard FAQ

What is the weight and carrying capacity of the Lifteime Amped 110 board?

The weight of the board is 47 lbs (21.3 kg), and the recommended carrying capacity is 230 lbs (104 kg). 

LIFETIME 11 foot solid shell paddle board with carry handle

What accessories are included in the Amped 110 package?

The board comes with a 1 piece paddle made from Fiberglass and Nylon construction. The paddle is adjustable with a length range of 74″ – 82″ (188 cm – 208 cm)

A removable fin is also included in the package. The fin can be retracted rather than removed once installed.

No other accessories come included in the purchase.

What optional accessories are recommended for the Amped paddleboard?

Carry Cart – Being a heavy board, a recommended accessory is a Universal Kayak and Canoe Cart. This is a compact cart placed on the back of the board. The front handle of the board is used for pulling.

Leash – The package does not include a leash, and for safety in the water, it is highly recommended you buy a leash if you don’t already have one. The board does have a ring at the front where a leash cord can be attached. Most boards have this at the back.

Can the Amped Hardshell paddleboard be stored outside?

Although the board’s construction includes a UV protection layer, it’s always recommended to rinse your board off after use and store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight and where it’s shielded from the elements. This will increase its longevity and provide years of use.

Does Lifetime provide a product warranty for the 110 hard shell board?

When bought from a proper online retailer such as Amazon, an authorized local reseller store, or the official Lifteime website, the Amped Hardshell Paddleboard comes with a 5-year warranty. For your convenience, we’ve included a link here to the Amped paddleboard owner’s manual the warranty section is towards the end. 

Our Verdict On The Lifetime Amped 110 Stand-Up Paddleboard

The Lifetime Amped 110 Hardshell paddleboard offers a lot for the price range compared to other solid boards. It’s heavier than others, as most solid boards come in around 25-30 lbs. But it’s also sturdier due to its construction. It offers the flexibility of a retractable fin and comes ready for a water outing. Although you may need a few extra accessories to ensure safety and ease of transport.
For a person who lives near the water or has no transportation issues and is searching for a solid board that won’t break the bank, the Amped 110 is genuinely a great option.

Guru Rating: 8.0/10

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