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ISLE Airtech 12’6″ Touring Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Review

If you’re here, then you just might take “recreational” to a whole new level! Thinking of cruising the open ocean at fast speeds or cruising miles of calm rivers for the entire day? The ISLE Airtech Touring iSUP can get you there and further!


The race-inspired board has a square tail, 8 inch center fin, and rockered nose to slice through water like a touring SUP should! It’s no racing SUP, but its 30 inches of width is still slim enough to breeze through water while providing ample stability.

Quick turns, easy maneuverability, and increased glide speed is what the Airtech Touring is all about!

paddling isle airtech touring sup on lake

The generous length of the board can cater to riders up to 275 pounds, and taller riders will appreciate the added sense of stability the long length provides. But, don’t be deceived into thinking its length contributes to weight. ISLE has promised to keep weights 30 percent lighter versus other boards.

It’s true, it only weighs 20.5 pounds!

Adding to stability, rigidity, and stiffness is the 6 inch thickness that keeps you afloat and out of the shark’s domain when touring the open ocean. Just be sure to keep some shark repellent on you!

If you do happen to come across some choppy water, you’ll be fine! The slightly rockered and wide nose of the Touring iSUP helps to maintain stability and cuts through water better than other boards tested!

What’s the best thing about it? It’s perfect for every enthusiastic SUP boarder!

Our full list of the best paddle boards we have reviewed is worth looking at if this isn’t your style.


Main Advantages

  • Price
  • Touring iSUP
  • Airtech Construction

Main Drawbacks

  • Lacks straps on nose and tail
  • No quick release fin system


Who is the Isle Airtech Touring iSUP Best Suited For?

This is absolutely an ideal iSUP to have when you’re out for the day to simply cruise. Whether it’s from a lake to a bay or the open ocean, it’s perfect to do what its namesake suggests – tour! It’s generous dimensions makes it stable for any beginner and comfortable for all stand up paddle boarding veterans!


Isle Touring 12′ 6″ SUP Reviews

You want to know if you’re getting a good deal? If it’s too good to be true? Trust us, we’ve done the research, the test driving, and we’ve dealt with the enthusiastic crowd! This is what they have to say!

Users rank the ISLE Airtech 12’6 Touring iSUP as the best board when it comes to stability, straight tracking, and durability. There’s countless ecstatic stand up paddle boarders who won’t shut up about the Touring iSUP!

However, it’s not the easiest to inflate. There are other iSUPs that far outdo the Airtech in this regard. Also, it lacks straps on the nose and tail which would be a major convenience if it did have it. It also lacks a quick release system for the fins.

While that might not be a big deal for you, this Airtech would be a blast to feature it since there are comparable boards with this nifty feature!

man carrying isle airtech 12'6 isup


Isle Touring SUP FAQ’s

Do you have to be Tall to Use this iSUP?

No! While longer boards are associated with taller and heavier riders, touring SUPs are designed to be longer to provide ultimate glide. The generous width and thickness will help to keep shorter and smaller persons stable while on board.


Are all Three Fins Removable?

Only the larger, center fin is removable. The two side fins are permanently attached to the iSUP.


Are there Other Colors of the ISLE Touring Available?

Since ISLE Surf & SUP upgraded and released their 2016 models, this is the only color available at the moment – red. Older models are no longer being manufactured.


What is the Maximum Length of the Adjustable Paddle?

The paddle can be lengthened to 87 inches long. This is more than sufficient for many riders who are up to 6 feet 5 inches tall.


Can a Portable Air Compressor Work to Inflate the ISLE Airtech iSUP?

It can! The trick is to ensure the bit on the end of the compressor hose fits the valve on the iSUP. If you’re unsure what kind of adapter or end piece you’ll need, ISLE has excellent customer service and can definitely help you with that.


What is the Maximum PSI for the iSUP?

Maximum PSI is at 15. However, you might find it water-ready at anywhere between 12-15 PSI.


Does the ISLE Airtech Package include All Accessories?

Yes! As of 2016, the entire package includes the carry bag, pump, fin, paddle, bungee, and repair kit.


What is the ISLE Touring iSUP made with?

It’s akin to its Airtech cousins that have been manufactured with military-grade PVC and industrial drop-stitch construction. They’ve been made to be 30 percent lighter without compromising on quality.


Board Specifications

isle airtech 12'6 isupBrand/Model: ISLE Airtech Touring

Length: 12’6″

Thickness: 6″

Type: Inflatable (PVC)

Color Options: Red

Suitable For: Flat Water, Long Distance Cruising, SUP Yoga

Guru Rating: 8.8/10


Comparable Boards to the Airtech 12’6″ Touring iSUP

A worthy comparison to the ISLE that sports a much friendlier price tag is the Vilano 12′ Inflatable Touring/Race SUP. It barely hit the market in the Fall of 2016 and there’s nothing but good being said about it! It’s almost identical in dimensions, accessories, and build quality.

However, it’s twice the weight of the Touring, but it can hold up to 350 pounds! That’s enough to have your own party out on the water! Again, it’s in the right price range, so it might be worth a peek!


isle airtech pump, paddle and rolled up isupNoteworthy Features

  • Excellent gliding
  • Extremely straight tracking
  • Square tail/Rocker nose


Our Verdict on the Isle Touring SUP!

To sum it up, the ISLE Airtech 12’6″ Touring iSUP is a stunner of a board, and it’s priced just right for everything you want to do!

Take it from the experts and the amateurs alike, it’s a worthy buy that will have you back to shore when the sun sets! You won’t be able to resist being out all day!