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Child iSUP Review

Starboard SUPkids 9′ iSUP – Factual Information Review For 2022

Paddleboarding is a fantastic way to explore the water and enjoy the summer with your kids. But young paddlers who have limited muscle strength could find a full-sized SUP challenging to paddle.
With this in mind, Starboard has designed the smaller SUPkids iSUP, which is perfect for junior paddleboarders.
Let’s take a look to figure out what makes this board so exceptional!

Starboard stand up paddle kids

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Starboard SUPkids 9′ iSUP Features

The Starboard SUPkids 9′ paddleboard blends smooth gliding with impressive tracking. It’s 9 feet long, 28 inches wide, and 4.75 inches thick. This length and width of the board make paddleboarding fun and easy for young paddlers.

Even though it’s an inflatable SUP for kids, Starboard constructs it with cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials.

With a linear drop stitch core and galvanized rails, it offers excellent performance in the water. Plus, due to the single lean layer, the board itself remains pretty lightweight.

Unlike most iSUPs, it has a full EVA deck pad for comfort and extra grip. Even if the rider falls on the board, the cover will absorb most of the impact.

Satrboard child stand up paddle board

Additionally, this board has a tri-fin system. All the fins are permanent in their place. This way, kids will have an easier time setting up the board.

However, these fixed fins also reduce the versatility of this SUP. That aside, the do fins have a thruster set up, which ensures better gliding and tracking.

The sup comes with a complete quality package, which includes the Tufskin three-piece paddle, which is very suitable for the small hands of a child paddleboarder.

This board is not only stylish, but it’s also pretty fast in the water. Essentially, it’s a great board for your little ones who love to paddle

Main Advantages

  • Smooth gliding
  • Excellent tracking
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to paddle
  • Comfortable

Main Drawbacks

  • Lacks Versatility
  • Relatively less portable

What is the Starboard SUPkids iSUP Best Suited For?

This iSUP is suitable for smaller paddlers. Furthermore, it performs best when the rider weighs less than 154 lbs or 70 kg.

It’s an exciting board for kids who enjoy gliding on water. Additionally, it has three fixed fins, so children are less likely to make mistakes when preparing the SUP.

Its narrow design makes paddling in a straight line more convenient for junior paddlers.

Moreover, the board is sturdy enough to withstand most impact-based damage. Therefore, it will endure whatever your kid can dish out.

Starboard also pays attention to the safety of your little ones. They equipped this board with a SUP leash and a diamond grooved deck pad for extra grip.

Plus, the SUP package includes a Tufskin paddle. With it, the paddler can catch more water on the concaved blade. The side rail design allows the paddleboarder to pull the paddle comfortably, making each stroke more efficient.


This SUP sports child-friendly features and sturdy construction, making it the ideal choice for younger paddleboarders.

The Specifications

  • Brand/Model: Starboard SUPkids
  • Length: 9′
  • Width: 28″
  • Thickness: 4.75″
  • Type: PVC (Inflatable)
  • Color Option: Deep blue, light blue, red
  • Suitable For: All-around, Flat Water

What Do Users Say About The Starboard SUPkids Paddle Board?

Approximately 85% of buyers who chose the Starboard SUPkids iSUP praised its fantastic performance in the water. Most of them are surprised at how well it glides and tracks, even in the tiny hands of the child SUP rider.

Due to its lightweight build and easy handling nature, junior paddlers generally enjoy paddling this board.

Buyers mentioned how quickly their children became adept at SUPing on their own with this board!

The permanent fins, on the other hand, do attract some criticism. The number of complaints is small, however. After all, with a bit of patience and practice, you should be able to roll up and carry the deflated board just fine.

Starboard best sup fin for stability

As a whole, buyers need a board they can count on while paddling. This SUP accomplishes precisely that!


The majority of reviews are positive. Thus, this SUP won’t let you down!

Here Are 6 Answers To Common Questions People Have About The SUPkids Paddle Board

#1 What does the SUP Package Include?

The SUP package includes,

  • The Starboard SUPkids Paddle Board
  • A Tufskin three-piece paddle
  • Single chamber easy to use manual TIKI pump
  • Watertight pouch
  • Safety leash
  • Backpack

This package has everything your kids need to get in the water. Plus, all three fins are permanently placed on the board to make it even more convenient.

#2 What is the Maximum Weight Limit for this iSUP?

It can safely support up to 176 lbs or 80 kg of rider weight. However, it would perform better if the paddler weighs less than 154 lbs or 70 kg.

Fortunately, the board itself weighs only about 16 lbs or 7.3 kg. Moreover, it comes with a lightweight paddle. This way, you can load some more cargo on the board without suffering too much performance loss.

#3 What is the Recommended PSI Level for it?

With Starboards Zen construction, you only need 10 PSI to get this board ready for paddling. After reaching this pressure, it will offer a stiff surface to stand on while being stable in the water. 

However, try not to overinflate it. The extra pressure will slowly but certainly wear the board out and reduce its overall lifespan.

#4 Is this SUP Durable?

It’s sturdy enough to survive rough weather and impact damages. The heat-welded rails further enhance the SUP board’s durability.

Aside from making the board stiff and sturdy, the welded rails also protect the drop-stitch core from the elements. This way, there is even less risk of the glues weakening with time.

#5 Is this SUP safe for kids?

Kids will be relatively safe on this SUP. It comes with a deck pad that covers nearly the entire surface of the board. Plus, its package includes a lightweight safety leash.

The deck pad has diamond grooves that make it comfortable to stand upon and increase its grip. As a bonus, the safety leash comes with a padded ankle cuff so the child won’t suffer chafing on their leg.

#6 How does the fin system work? 

This board has a tri-fin system. These fins are hard fixed for ease of use. However, this somewhat limits the versatility of the board.

Satrboard SUP fin set up

Luckily, the fins are in a strategic position to ensure optimum tracking and paddling efficiency. Furthermore, these hard-fixed thrusters will improve the board’s glide speed.

Comparable Boards to the Starboard SUPkids iSUP

The Starboard SUPkids is pretty similar to the Aqua Marina VIBRANT when it comes to performance. Both boards are lightweight and are easy to paddle.

However, the Aqua Marina board has a lower carrying capacity, but it’s also more affordable than the Starboard SUPkids.

In contrast, if you are looking for a more versatile child SUP, you can check out the Bluefin Cruise Junior. It’s just as sturdy as the Starboard SUPkids paddleboard, if not more so.

Furthermore, you can quickly transform the Bluefin board into a kayak.

The Starboard SUPkids, on the other hand, has all the essentials but no kayak conversion kit.

Our Verdict on the Starboard SUPkids 9′ iSUP!

The Starboard SUPkids 9′ iSUP is innovative, exciting, and efficient. Thus, with it, your child is going to have a lot of fun paddleboarding.

It’s also pretty safe for your little ones. This way, your child will gain more self-confidence while you get to paddle in peace.

In a nutshell, the Starboard SUPkids is a superb choice for junior paddleboarders!

Guru Rating: 8.8/10

Starboard stand up paddle kids