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Prodigy Junior Kids Inflatable SUP

Thurso Surf – Prodigy Junior SUP 2022 Review

With each passing day, paddle boarding is growing in popularity. With that in mind, it’s highly likely that your child would want their own board.

Picking a suitable SUP can be challenging. Fortunately, Thurso Surf has brought us the Prodigy Junior SUP, which is ideal for young paddleboarders.

So let’s take an in-depth look to understand what makes it so exceptional.

Thurso Surf Prodigy Junior
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Thurso Surf Prodigy Junior SUP Features

The Thurso Surf Prodigy Junior SUP sports the ideal blend of stability, maneuverability. It’s 7 feet and 6 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 4 inches thick. This length means that the SUP is lightweight and simple enough for kids to handle. 

Even though it’s a kid’s SUP, its construction boasts top-quality materials and technology. With woven drop-stitch and ultra-durable double layer, the board offers excellent performance.

In addition, it has a tri-fin setup. Every fin is similar in size, so the paddleboarder can easily install and organize them.

This setup also makes the board versatile, as the smaller fins won’t get caught even in shallow waters. Moreover, you can quickly alternate between a single or two fin setups for speed or maneuverability.

Plus, the packaging contains almost everything to get you in the water. For instance, it has a lightweight adjustable carbon shaft paddle that is fantastic for kids.

Unfortunately, the package does not include a pump. But, it supports most of the adult iSUP pumps.

This board is not only efficient but also pretty stylish and colorful. In a nutshell, this is one of the best iSUP that your kids will love to paddle. 

Main Advantages

  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Versatile
  • High-maneuverability
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to paddle

Main Drawbacks

  • SUP kit does not include a pump
  • Slow in the water

What is the Thusro Surf Prodigy Junior SUP Best Suited For?

This iSUP is suitable for kids of all ages and heights. However, it performs best if the paddler is smaller and weighs less than 121 lbs or 55 kg.

Thurso Surf Kids SUP
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It is also the perfect board for the beginner paddleboarder to learn the ropes. The short and wide board has three small fins making it pretty stable in the water.

Moreover, the military-grade materials make the board durable enough to take whatever your kid may throw at it.

For safety, the SUP kit comes with a coiled leash with a padded ankle cuff. You can rest easy knowing your child is comfortable and safe on the board.

As a bonus, this SUP package also has a lightweight adjustable carbon fiber paddle. It weighs only 2 lbs or 0.9 kg, and the adjustable height means that your child will have an easier time paddling with it.


This SUP boasts superior engineering and sturdy construction materials, making it the ideal iSUP for the young paddleboarder.

Thurso Surf Prodigy Junior Paddle Board Customer Reviews

A staggering 89% percent of buyers who purchased the Thurso Surf Prodigy Junior praised its outstanding performance in the water. After all, If the kids love it, it probably has something fantastic to offer!

Most kid paddleboarders have fun while paddling this SUP as it’s pretty lightweight and is colorful. 

The buyers often mention how their kid was paddle boarding like a seasoned SUPer on the second day out in the water!

However, there are some dissatisfaction when it comes to the glide speed of the board. It’s a bit slow, and the SUP kit doesn’t include a pump.

Nevertheless, buyers want a board that delivers. This SUP does just that!


The reviews are usually positive. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with this SUP!

Prodigy Junior Paddle Board Top 6 FAQ’s

#1 What does the SUP Package Include?

Thurso Surf Prodigy Junior
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The SUP package includes,

  • The Prodigy Junior Paddle Board
  • A short, lightweight, and adjustable kid SUP paddle
  • Prodigy duffle bag
  • Coiled leash with padded cuff
  • Quick-lock tri-fin set

As most adult SUPs already come with a pump, this junior SUP makes the pump an optional accessory. After all, if one pump is enough, you wouldn’t want to carry the extra weight of another one.

#2 What is the maximum weight limit for this Junior iSUP?

This board can support up to 165 lbs or 74.8kg. However, to ensure better performance, the ideal paddler’s weight should be less than 121 lbs or 55 kg.

Fortunately, the carbon paddle is pretty lightweight. Therefore, the SUP can perform reasonably well even with a heavier paddler on board.

#3 Is the Prodigy Junior SUP Durable?

It is sturdy enough to survive accidental paddle strikes and the occasional impacts. With a tight drop-stitch core and layers of PVC coating, this board can take some punishment before it breaks down.

Nevertheless, this is still a junior SUP, so if you want a board that will remain intact even after you drive a car over it, this board may fail.

#4 What is the Recommended PSI Level for Prodigy Junior SUP?

The best range for this SUP is 12-15 PSI. With 12 PSI, the board will be rigid and stable enough for recreational paddling. In the 15 PSI range, it will perform like a solid SUP.

If you have a double action pump, you can quickly get the board up to 10 PSI. Afterward, it’s best to use the single-action mode to get the board to 12-15 PSI.

In contrast, if you want to enjoy SUPing to the fullest, consider investing in an electric pump. It can save you a lot of hassle.

#5 How Long will the Prodigy Junior Board Hold Air for?

If you leave the board inflated, it may lose PSI over time. In general, the loss should not be more than 4 PSI over seven days.

Be sure to check pressure before you let your kid take the SUP in the water.

#6 How to install the fins on the Prodigy Junior SUP?

These are quick-lock fins. You won’t need tools to install them. 

If you want maximum stability and maneuverability, then you can go with the tri-fin setup. But, if you want the board to track straight and have more speed, you can remove the two side fins and go with a single central fin setup.

The fins are all the same size, so your kid won’t mess up the placement no matter which setup they want to go with.

The Specifications

Thurso Surf Prodigy Junior
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Brand/Model: Thursosurf Prodigy Junior

Length: 7’6″

Width: 30”

Thickness: 4″

Type: PVC (Inflatable)

Color Option: Azure, Magenta, and Emerald

Suitable For: All-around, Flat Water

Rating: 8.9/10

Comparable Boards To The Thurso Prodigy Junior SUP

The Prodigy Junior is pretty similar to the Bluefin Cruise Junior when it comes to efficiency and performance.

The Bluefin board is a bit more expensive than the Thuso Surf one, but it also provides better durability and comes with a complete package, including a pump.

In contrast, the Prodigy Junior costs less and is more stable in the water.

If you want a more budget-friendly board, you can consider the Retrospec Weekender Nano. It’s also similar to the Thurso Surf Prodigy.

However, the nano board is longer than the prodigy, and thus it’s more challenging to paddle!

Our Verdict On The Thurso Surf Prodigy Junior SUP!

The Thurso Surf Prodigy Junior is simple to use, transport, and less likely to injure kids. It’s lightweight and colorful enough to hold the kid’s attention for a long time.

In addition, it has enough safety measures in place to ensure your child’s safety in the water. Therefore, you can rest easy and have fun while paddling with the family.

In a nutshell, the Thurso Surf SUP is a fantastic choice for young paddleboarders!

Thurso Surf Prodigy Junior
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