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Retrospec Weekender Nano 8′ Kids’ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board In-depth Review

Paddleboarding has grown in popularity over the last few years. It is a great way to get some cardio and enjoy nature at the same time. Thus, you might be looking for a suitable board to introduce your little ones to the joys of paddleboarding.
With that in mind, Retrospec has designed the Weekender Nano Kids’ iSUP, which is perfect for the job!
Let’s take a closer look so we can figure out why it’s so special.

Retrospec - Weekender Nano Kids iSUP green package

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Retrospec Weekender Nano Kids’ iSUP Features

The Retrospec Weekender Nano Kids’ iSUP sports bright colors and a small frame. It’s 8 feet long, 30 inches wide, and 4 inches thick. Due to these dimensions, children will be able to handle the board without much difficulty. Despite being a compact SUP, Retrospec’s ArmorStrength PVC construction makes it durable enough to withstand impacts and accidental paddle strokes. Plus, a soft foam deck pad with textures makes the board’s surface comfortable and provides an anti-slip grip. For better tracking and maneuverability, the board applies a tri-fin setup. All three fins in this setup are removable, so you can customize your SUP however you like! However, it does have a glaring flaw. The SUP has a ring near the tail but does not include a safety leash that is vital for young paddleboarders. Fortunately, you can easily buy a coiled leash to fix the issue or use a sturdy bungee cord with foam paddings as an alternative. All in all, It’s an excellent quality compact board for smaller kids that offers surprising versatility and durability.

Main Advantages

  • Compact
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to paddle

Main Drawbacks

  • Does not include a safety leash
  • Low carrying capacity

What is the Retrospec Weekender Nano SUP Best Suited For?

This iSUP is ideal for smaller and lightweight kids. It will offer excellent performance as long as the rider weighs less than 110 lbs or 50 kg.
Furthermore, it has a wide surface area and a short length, making it suitable for kids to learn paddleboarding in a safe environment.
This board also has a rounded nose that makes it an all-rounder. With it, the young paddleboarder can enjoy the majority of Sup activities without much hassle.Retrospec nano child SUP
Besides, it’s sturdy enough to survive rock-infested waters and whatever your kid may decide to throw at it.
There is a front bungee storage area on the board with four D-rings. Here, your kids will be able to store simple supplies and drinking water.
In contrast, it only offers an average safety with a non-slip traction pad and does not come with a SUP leash.
Before you let your children go out in the water with this board, ensure they wear a Coast Guard certified PFD. It would be even better if you add a safety leash.


This iSUP is compact, durable, and versatile enough for young SUPers to enjoy paddleboarding for a long time.

The Specifications

  • Brand/Model: Retrospec Weekender Nano
  • Length: 8′
  • Width: 30”
  • Thickness: 4″
  • Type: PVC (Inflatable)
  • Color Option: Red, Orange, and Aquamarine
  • Suitable For: All-around, Flat Water

Retrospec Weekender Nano Paddle Board Peer Reviews

An overwhelming 89% of buyers who chose the Retrospec Weekender Nano have commended its stellar performance and ease of use. In many cases, they mention how enjoyable it has been for the kids to paddleboard with this iSUP.

Due to its compact size, this board inflates rather quickly and paddles efficiently. Therefore, children will be less likely to get annoyed or tired.

Aside from that, the board is easy to maneuver with simple paddle strokes and takes little skill so that children can learn with it quickly and easily.

In addition, parents and children alike appreciate the attachable tri-fin setup. It allows the rider to switch between speed and stability. 

The kids can also remove the sizeable central fin when they practice paddling in shallow waters to avoid damaging the SUP. 

Although it seems to be a good board, there are some concerns because it becomes unstable when a heavier paddler rides it, and it lacks a safety leash.

Even so, the Retrospec Weekender Nano is still a top choice for junior paddleboarders!


The feedbacks are primarily favorable. Therefore, this SUP is hard to beat!

Answers to 6 FAQ’s About The Retrospec Weekender Nano Paddle Board 

#1 What does the SUP Package Include?

The SUP package includes,Retrospec - Weekender Nano Kids SUP pack

  • The Weekender Nano Paddle Board
  • An adjustable aluminum paddle
  • High-pressure manual pump with a PSI gauge
  • Repair kit with wrench and PVC patch
  • Three attachable fins
  • Waterproof pouch
  • Backpack

It may seem that the SUP package has everything you need to start SUPing, but you should still get a safety leash before calling it a complete package.

#2 What is the Maximum Weight Limit for this iSUP?

It can carry up to 140 lbs or 63.5 kg. However, for optimum performance, it should carry less than 110 lbs or 50 kg.

Unfortunately, the paddle is not carbon or fiberglass but aluminum. This paddle weighs a bit more than the ideal kid’s paddles. As a result, the board is only capable of supporting small children.

#3 What is the Recommended PSI Level for it?

You can inflate this board up to 15 PSI. But, getting it to 12-13 PSI is enough to make it rigid and stable in the water.

The board has high durability, so it’s ok to try out a higher pressure such as 14 or 15 PSI. It’s unlikely this higher pressure will significantly improve performance.

Moreover, be careful not to overinflate your board as it will reduce the Sup’s lifespan.

Retrospec - Weekender Nano Kids SUP paddle and pump

#4 Is the Nano SUP safe for kids?

It is relatively safe for the kids. The board has a wide surface and a grippy traction pad for the kids to stand comfortably and not fall off the SUP.

However, it is not full proof as there is no safety leash. Still, it has a rear D-ring where you can connect a leash if you have it.

Therefore, the kids must wear a PFD and bring an emergency whistle before SUPing with this board.

#5 Is The Nano Paddle Board Durable?

This paddleboard is pretty durable. It boasts high-quality construction materials that offer armor-like strength.

It will withstand most impact-based damage and the occasional paddle strokes, but it won’t survive against too many encounters with sharp rocks.

#6 How does the fin setup work?

It has a large central fin and two smaller side bite fins. All of these are attachable and allows for versatile setups.

For tracking straight, you can remove the two side fins and only keep the central fin. This setup is helpful if you are going for long-distance paddling trips.

On the other hand, using all three fins will help you manoeuver better. Or, you can go with only the side fins if you want to paddleboard in shallow waters.


Comparable Boards to the Retrospec Weekender Nano SUP

The Retrospec Weekender Nano is pretty similar to the Aqua Marina VIBRANT 8′ SUP when it comes to performance and carrying capacity.

Both of the iSUPs are compact and suitable for kids. In addition, they are relatively lightweight and easy to paddle.

However, the Vibrant is more affordable than the Nano, but it offers less stability.

In contrast, Thursosurf PRODIGY Junior SUP is another excellent choice for kids, but it does not include a pump, whereas Retrospec Weekender Nano SUP has a pump but no leash. Lastly, the  Bluefin Cruise Junior 8′ is more expensive than all of these, but it has the whole package and outperforms all of the above.

Our Verdict on the Retrospec Weekender Nano Kids’ iSUP!

The Retrospec Weekender Nano Kids’ iSUP is a compact watercraft. With its versatile design and high efficiency, kids are sure to enjoy paddleboarding.

However, there is still room for improvement on this board when it comes to safety. But, you can rest easy as long as you ensure that your child is wearing a PFD and a safety leash.

In a nutshell, the Retrospec Weekender Nano Kids’ iSUP is an excellent choice for young paddleboarders.

Guru Rating: 8.6/10

Retrospec - Weekender Nano Kids iSUP green package