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Boardworks Kraken All-Water Stand-Up Paddleboard the best female SUP

Boardworks Kraken Review – A Great All Round Hard Shell SUP

Paddle boarding is becoming one of the most exciting and fun water sports globally. With stiff competition, manufacturers want to produce high-quality stand-up paddleboards. The Boardworks Kraken is one such example.
As the name suggests, Kraken has inspirational images of gigantic sea monsters. It also has a large and broad base that provides you a steady ride and a substantial level of surf and chopping capability for new, intermediate, and experienced boarders.

Boardworks Kraken All-Water Hard Stand-Up Paddleboard

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Notable Features of Boardworks Kraken Solid SUP

If you are looking for a steady, non-inflatable, all-around paddle, then Boardworks Kraken is worth a try. This board comes with various incredible features such as:

Carrying Handle: The handles affect the ease of carrying the board directly. The central retractable handles make it easier to carry than hoisting this so-called sea monster by the sides. Moreover, the external grip handles, such as the EZgrab and lifts, offer you the necessary comfort.

Boardworks Kraken All-Water Stand-Up Paddleboard carry handle

3 Fin Setup: Boardworks Kraken comes with a three fin setup that is easy to install and uninstall. One large fin is centrally located, and the two other small fins flank it by the sides. If you need to make any changes on the board, ensure that you have a flat-head screwdriver. 

Double Density Core: The Boardworks Kraken is made with superior quality EPS foam surrounded by solid fiberglass. This makes the board lightweight and durable. Apart from a dual-density core, it also features sturdy deck plugs. 

Given that it doesn’t come with a tie-down cord, you can use the deck plugs to attach it to any place. 

Boardworks Kraken All-Water Fiberglass Stand-Up Paddleboard

Top Deck Pad: The EVA deck pad is integrated into the Boardworks Kraken to offer proper traction and comfort to all riders while out in the ocean. It’s soft on your feet, thus providing you with the paddling and grip you need for a steady ride by minimizing water retention.

Boardworks Kraken All-Water Hard SUP easy to carry

2 Anchor Point: The board has two forward anchor points for properly attaching a bungee system to store essential personal items and other dry bags. 

Main Advantages

  • Kraken’s key highlights are a steady board: Lightweight, robust, and highly stable. It maintains its balance while surfing or riding on the sea. 
  • Lightweight construction materials: The amalgamation of fiberglass and EPS ensures the board is light enough for riders to handle. The central carrying handle makes it easy for you to carry.
  • Durable: The board is durable because of its high-quality construction materials, such as PVC and comfortable additional layers. The materials also add to its lightweight. In addition, the shape also enhances its durability.
  • High weight capacity: The Boardworks Kraken handle approximately 260 pounds, meaning it’s excellent for heavy and tall frames.

Main Drawbacks

  • Difficult to transport: Although carrying this board is easy, trying to fix it into your car can be pretty challenging unless you have some mounts on top of your vehicle or you have a truck.
  • Limited included accessories: The Boardworks Kraken does not have a paddle or other vital accessories. You only get the Kraken board and a few additions when you purchase it. 


Boardworks Kraken comes in three different sizes:

11 ft / 10’3 ft / 9’9 ft

Length: 11′ / 10’3″ / 9’9″

Width: 32 in / 34 in / 34 in

Thickness: 4.75 in / 4.75 in / 4.5 in

Volume: 199 L / 200 L / 180 L

Fins : 3 / 5 / 5

Weight Limit

  • Beginner: 220 lbs all lengths
  • Intermediate: 240 lbs all lengths
  • Advanced: 260 lbs all lengths

Construction: Fiberglass, EPS, and Bamboo Veneer

Warranty Description: the 2-year product warranty

Activities The Kraken Solid Board Is Best Suited For 

Boardworks Kraken is best suited for recreational cruising and other water activities. The board is big enough, making it an excellent choice for big, slow, and fun water outings. It can comfortably handle the sea waves. 

Boardworks Kraken All-Water Stand-Up Paddleboard the best female SUP

However, it does extraordinary work when you use it for cruising around the ocean or even open lakes. The Kraken paddleboard is also suitable for:

  • Yoga
  • Ocean touring
  • Fishing expedition

Summary Of The Boardwoks Kraken Customer Reviews

This product has received a lot of positive reviews from its customers and averages 4.0 out of 5 stars. Customers acknowledge that the board is fantastic to use, light, and easy to maneuver, and they prefer the Kraken over their inflatable boards.

Customers also comment on how effortless it is for one person to carry because of its lightweight, especially for teenagers. 

Others say it comfortably fits in the back of their truck and are more than happy with their purchase decision.

SUP Package Included Items

  • Kraken board
  • Deck plugs
  • Removable fin
  • SUP manual

As mentioned above, the Boardsworks Kraken is a perfectly built SUP that provides a thrilling paddling experience. However, it does lack accessories in the standard package. 

Comparable Boards To The Boardworks Kraken

As a rider, you need not depend on one board only for paddling. Apart from the Kraken, there are other stand up paddling boards with incredible features, such as:

The Isle Versa which we reviewed here, is another hard shell SUP with similar dimensions, which comes with more added accessories in its package.

If you can’t transport a hard shell SUP, why not consider the inflatable version of the Kraken the Boardworks SHUBU Kraken iSUP Board

The SHUBU Kraken inflatable paddle board has the following features and comes with a complete package of accessories:

Boardworks SHUBU Kraken - Surf and Fun Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

  • 8 tie downs: The front and rear have 4-tie down each with bungee cargo cordage to hold your gear for the continuous paddling expedition.
  •  Neoprene handles: These handles make it easy to transport them.
  • Skill-based capacity: 230 pounds for a novice, 250 pounds for intermediate, and 280 pounds for advanced riders.
  • Dimensions: It has a volume of 252 liters, a weight of approximately 25 pounds, width: 34-inches, thickness: 6-inches and length: 10ft or 11ft

Our Verdict 

The Kraken is a great board that is reliable and can fulfill your big paddling aspirations. It’s an excellent board for beginners because it’s light to handle and very steady while in the water. Even as an advanced rider, the board works perfectly well because it’s easy to maneuver.
This board is worth considering. It also caters to all beginners, intermediate or advanced paddlers for recreational purposes.
So check it out today and see if this modern hardboard meets your paddleboarding needs.

Guru Rating: 9.1/10

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