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California Board Company 10’6″ Hydra Foam SUP Review

 Have you ever wondered why SUP boards were so expensive? We don’t know that we can give you a definite answer in one sentence. But, thanks to Keeper Sports, you can get high-quality SUPs at wholesale prices!

Now that’s more like it!


Keeper Sports brings us the California Board Company (CBC) SUP that can put other top paddle boards twice its price to shame! It’s 10’6″ long, 30″ wide, and 5″ thick – perfect for cruising and riding those light water surfs.

It’s also perfect for beginners and even intermediates that can get past the foam construction. Not that there’s anything wrong with foam construction, but stand up paddle boarding snubs might think it feels too “noobish”.woman on california co paddle board

However, the CBC SUP has 3 multi-layered, laminated wood stringers that have been coated with waterproof resin.

The EPS core lends to its super lightweight benefits while the heat-laminated polyethylene underside provides sleek motion under the water.

The top deck hasn’t been forgotten either. It’s been layered with a high density, durable, heat-laminated IXPE/XPE top that still provides a “pore-like” grippiness to it. How’s that for quality you “nooby” snobs?

Since it’s not inflatable, transporting the board might be a concern of yours. Well, unlike other brands, this SUP comes with an instant padded roof rack so that you can get your SUP from home to the lake! Primo! CHECK LATEST PRICE HERE


Main Advantages

  • High density EPS foam
  • 100% waterproof core
  • Complete package

Main Drawbacks

  • Soft top

Who is the CBC 10’6″ Paddle Board Best Suited For?

Hands down, this is the best SUP board for a beginner or those on a budget who are wanting to get some recreational stand up paddle boarding in for half the price. As a soft top SUP, it’s ideal for those who are just starting out with balance and beginner techniques on flat water or light surf.


CBC 10’6″ Sports SUP Reviews

california board co sup packageThe CBC SUP is exactly as described, and those who do their research into it first before buying get exactly what they expected.

They love the affordable price, of course, and the fact that you get a ton of extra freebies on the side. It does handle some abuse and the soft top surface is a much appreciated feature for newbies.

However, the negative reviews on the SUP were from people who don’t like the foam that gives the paddle board its soft top design.

Also, there was some complaint about being able to see the plain board between the edges. This is because of the heat-laminate layers and the angles of the tail that makes it near impossible to marry the graphics in that area.

It’s just the way it is.

Overall, the SUP is a popular hit for good reason. Just let the ratings speak for themselves!


California Board Company SUP FAQ’s

How does the Instant Roof Rack work?

The straps secure inside the door frames and then through the board. It’s made from foam that’s inserted into nylon jackets that are attached to the roof rack straps. It also comes with a female and male strap to secure to the roof with another strap to secure the board.


Can you Drive Highway Speeds with the SUP Attached to the Roof Rack?

The included stainless steel alligator straps ensure the board isn’t going to fly away during transport. However, it’s not recommended that you drive highway speeds.


Does the CBC SUP have a Tri Fin System?

There’s a lot of confusion about this aspect of the SUP board. It seems in the past it only came with a single center fin, but from 2015 on, it does come with three fins. However, depending on the vendor, they might make you purchase the additional two fins separately.


Is there a Place to Mount a Waterproof Camera or Go Pro?

Yes! On the nose there is a mounting mechanism for your camera, Go Pro, or whatever accessory you choose to mount there to record your stand up paddle boarding prowess!


Does the Keeper Sports SUP come with an Ankle Leash?

The purchase of the CBC SUP paddle board does include a surf leash and a neoprene ankle strap.


Is the Included Paddle Adjustable?

The paddle has a five hole adjustment system to suit riders of all heights! The complete package also includes a paddle shield to protect your blade when coming ashore or hitting underwater rocks and the like.


How much does the SUP Board Weigh?

Due to the foam construction, it’s only 25 pounds to carry and tote around. Super lightweight for all riders to haul it down to the beach.


Can the SUP be Stored Outside?

It’s best to store the SUP indoors for maximum protection. Exposure to the elements can cause fading of the graphics and can damage the heat-laminated layers on the board.


Board Specifications

california board co isupBrand/Model: California Board Co 10’6″ SUP

Length: 10’6″

Thickness: 5″

Type: EPS/Polyethylene (Solid)

Color Options: Blue

Suitable For: All-Round, Flat Water, Light Surf

Guru Rating: 8.8/10


Comparable Boards to the CBC 10’6″ SUP

In the same price range, it’s going to be tough to find as complete a package as the Keeper Sports CBC SUP. But, the Gold Coast Surfboards Anima Foam SUP does a pretty good job of matching the specs and the accessories.

They even include a pre-installed GoPro Mount on the nose, tie downs for deck storage, an ankle cuff, and a 10 foot, coiled surf leash. But, they don’t throw in the paddle.

One of the other closest comparisons of the CBC is the Isle Classic Soft Top SUP. It’s very popular and does have a couple color options. Buyers of this board are educated about the benefits of a soft top and there’s no complaint there!

While it’s a little bit pricier and it does have some included accessories, it lacks any on-deck storage. But, that’s also true of the CBC SUP.

We did tell you you’d be hard-pressed to find another SUP in this price range with the multiple accessories as this one!


Noteworthy Features

  • 300 lb max weight
  • Camera mount
  • Surf leash and roof rack included


Our Verdict on the California Board Company SUP!

To sum it up, the CBC SUP by Keeper Sports is made to provide high quality SUPs at reasonable prices that reasonable people can afford. This paddle board more than justifies its cost with all the included, awesome accessories. How’s that for wholesale? BUY IT NOW FROM AMAZON