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Imagine Surf V2 Wizard Angler Stand Up Fishing Paddle Board Review

The Imagine Surf V2 Wizard Angler SUP Hybrid is a mouthful to say. But, just as the name is loaded, so is the deck. Think of it as the Swiss Army knife of all Swiss Army knives – it has a little bit of everything!


Let’s go from tail to nose in scrupulous detail to examine what we’ve got in store today. At the very tail, you have a carrying strap, but it’s not the only one, there’s three more – another on the nose and two on each side of the SUP. All four carrying straps make it super easy to lug to shore.

Next up is a 7-point bungee system that serves two purposes: holds up storage and keeps the kayak seat strapped down when not in use. When you do want a seat for sit-down paddling, release the bungee to allow the back of the seat to flip up. Voila! Your hidden kayak seat is now up and functional.

Into the middle of the the SUP, you have a great deck pad. You can see the foot wells a little further up when you’ve got your kayak seat in place. Underneath your feet while stand up paddle boarding, you have your dry hatch with your necessities kept safe and dry.

Next up are on-board mechanisms that anglers will find priceless. You have another bungee storage system and another dry hatch. You’ll then meet the strap on the nose with a displacement hull shape underneath.

If all of this is still not enough for you, we’re not done. Stay tuned! Alternatively you can check out reviews of the best paddle paddle boards here.

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Main Advantages

  • On-board storage and deck space
  • Fishing mounting mechanisms
  • Displacement hull

Main Drawbacks

  • No paddle included
  • Heavy

Who is the Imagine Surf V2 Best Suited For?

If it isn’t obvious by now, then you’ve been under a rock this entire time. The Wizard Angler is perfectly crafted for fishing. Anglers shouldn’t put their nose up to this SUP hybrid when it can do everything a boat can do, but it won’t scare the fish away with a motor!

You can also pack up for the day for touring, adventure, and exploring. Or, just have fun cruising around on the lake. If it’s not fishing you’re doing, it’s paddling for hours on end with untold snacks on board.


Wizard Angler Paddle Board Reviews

Underneath Imagine Surv V2 Angler SUP Fishing BoardBuyers absolutely love the paddle-kayak hybrid. What’s not to love about it? It has so much storage space that you could literally paddle for an entire day and go camp it out wherever the current takes you.

But, it’s no surprise that buyers are definitely unhappy about the heft of the SUP kayak. It weighs 68 pounds! Imagine loading this thing up and dragging it to shore for take off, it would take some buff guns to help out a few kids or an adult that hasn’t seen the gym since before the kids were born.

However, exaggeration aside, the extra features add a nice touch for anglers. With fishing mounts, rod holders, and drag anchor cleats to boot, there’s really nothing to complain about here. Besides, you only spend a few minutes pulling ashore and pulling out anyway. Consider it a warm-up to prep for being out on the water all day long.

Wizard Angler SUP FAQ’s

How to Use the Kayak Seat on the Wizard Angler SUP Kayak?

Lift up the back rest from under the bungee cords. Snap it into place by clipping the straps on either side of the seat to the rings on the SUP, and boom! You’ve got your sit-down setup all ready to go.


Is getting up to a Standing Position Inconvenient or Difficult?

Imagine Surf thought of the balance issue paddlers experience when going from sitting to standing. The balancing act isn’t quite mastered by all users. So, they installed a handle to eliminate the struggling of balancing while getting up. How convenient!


What does the Mounting System on the V2 Wizard Angler SUP consist of?

It has mechanisms for a mounting system that caters to four fishing rod mounts, two rod holders, and two drag anchor cleats.


Why does the Storage Space on the tail have a cutout?

This particular storage space is ideally designed to hold down a cooler. Keep the cooler for your drinks if you’re just stand up paddle boarding recreationally or load it with your catch! If you really wanted to, the SUP kayak is also stable enough to load your cooler in the center of the board and sit on it while fishing with the flip-up seat down of course.


How many Cargo Hatches does the Imagine Surf Paddle Board Kayak have?

It has a small/dry hatch in the middle of the board. It also has a large hatch found under the bungee system on the nose of the board. This larger hatch is awesome. Because of its blow-molded construction, the larger cargo hatch actually recesses into the entire SUP towards the tail end of the board to pack enough gear for your water and outdoor excursion.


What are the two circles on the traction pad of the deck?

They are what Imagine Surf calls sweet spots. They mark where you should put your feet while stand up paddle boarding. With proper foot placement, you can stay balanced, true to form, and comfortable while you give your core a workout.


Does this SUP Kayak Hybrid have a Fin?

It does have a single fin snap-in system. It’s also removable and doesn’t require tools for installation. While detached, the fin insert system can also work for a wheel insert to help drag the SUP while transporting. Weight issues solved!


Can this Wizard Angler be used on Choppy Water?

While it’s not your surf and speedy-Gonzales SUP, it does have a displacement hull which helps with speed, buoyancy, and tracking. You can take this thing out on choppy water just fine without the expected slap that comes with other SUPs.


Board Specifications

Brand/Model: Imagine Surf V2 Wizard AnglerImagine Surf V2 Wizard Angler SUP Fishing Board

Length: 11′ 0″

Thickness: 8″

Type: Solid (blow molded polyethylene)

Color Options: Green, Yellow, Orange, Sand

Suitable For: All-round, Fishing, Touring

Guru Rating: 7.8/10


Comparable Boards to the Wizard Angler Paddle Board

It’s hard to compare the Swiss Army knife of all Swiss Army knives with something outside of its scope. But, the Ocean Kayak Nalu Hybrid is an alternative consideration if you don’t need all the extra perks. On sale, the Nalu is quite cheaper than the Wizard. It could be a possible buy if you want the kayak with stand up paddle board capabilities!

But, if these boards are still out of your budget, you might want to check out the Scott Burke Paddle-Kayak Board Package. It comes with the needed accessories, including a conversion kit for the paddle. It’s more SUP than it is a YAK, but it will still float your boat!


Noteworthy Features

  • Incredible storage space
  • Super strong and durable
  • 305 lb load capacity


Our Verdict on the Imagine Surf V2 Wizard Angler Sup!

To sum it up, we love the Imagine Surf V2 Wizard Angler SUP. It’s not just for fishing, it’s excellent for all stand up paddle boarders. It’s definitely full of value, and we think it should cost more. Maybe you ought to think about buying it today before we convince Imagine Surf to sell it for more. The V2 Wizard Angler definitely deserves a higher price tag!