Burke 10.5 ft Stand Up Paddle-Kayak Board Review

Burke 10 5 paddle-kayak boardBrand/Model: Scott Burke SUP/YAK

Length: 10′ 5″

Thickness: 5.5″

Type: Solid (EPS)

Color Options: Natural/Blue

Suitable For: All-round, Flat Water, Fishing, Light-Med Surf

Guru Rating: 9/10

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Burke 10’5 SUP-Yak Package Review

New to 2017 is the Scott Burke 10.5 Paddle-Kayak SUP. If you haven’t yet heard of Scott Burke Surf & SUP, then you’ve been missing out. They’re a sibling brand of the well-known California Board Co. Heard of CBC? Sure you have! Well, Scott Burke is in the business of providing the highest quality entry-level SUPs for both beginners and intermediates. This is where we and you come in. We test it out and you snub it or buy it!

This particular model is a remake of the Scott Burke 10.5 ft soft top solid SUP. But, this one has been pimped out to include the best features of a YAK. The paddle-kayak board has a removable EVA foam seat to cushy your tooshie while you sit and paddle.


You’ll also spot four foot wells on board. Sorry to disappoint, but they’re not cup holders! With the two length options, it can cater to shorter and taller riders. Speaking of riders, this board can cater up to 275 pounds of weight!

The board doesn’t come alone in the purchase either. It comes with a paddle conversion kit so that you can have that double-blade configuration if you want a faster and less tiresome paddling experience.

Now to eliminate any surprises. This is a soft top board. It’s made with a heat laminated high density 100 percent waterproof EPS core. It also has multi-layered laminate wood stringers that have been waterproofed with resin. What this gets you is a solid board with ultimate comfort.

Main Advantages

  • Price
  • Solid board
  • Full accessories package

Main Drawbacks

  • Poor fin fastening system

Best Suited For

This SUP is definitely suited for beginners to intermediate riders. The specs aren’t designed for racing or for speed. But, this SUP is absolutely capable of providing an enjoyable time for fishing, paddling, and all-round use. If you wanted to test your skills out on the surf, you could have a good ol’ time if you know what you’re doing.

Customer Reviews

extra equipment that comes with the Burke 10 5 paddle-kayak packageThe Burke hybrid SUP is just an infant in the market. There’s still time to see what the mass says about it. But, with some persistent digging, we discovered that buyers who made the leap of faith in buying the Burke love it!

It’s definitely lighter than a kayak and that was the main benefit that buyers looked for. While many hybrids tend to be heavy on the kayak side of features, this one is more like a conventional SUP with a few extra kayak perks. It allows for sit-down paddling, fishing, and on-board storage without giving up the traditional aspects of owning a SUP.

However, the tri-fin system does require tools to install. The removable fin is fastened with a screw. According to complaints, the single screw to fasten the fin is too short, comes loose, and gets lost.

But, all in all, it’s an affordable SUP that adds some nice kayak touches to make paddling even more enjoyable than it already is!

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Comparable Boards

If you’ve got your eye on this paddle board, you might have come across it while shopping for conventional SUPs. In all fairness, the CBC Ten Six Classic SUP Package would be a very suitable alternative if you scratched the kayak perks. The CBC board practically has identical specs to the Burke. The CBC 10’6″ Classic Foam Paddle Board SUP Package is the older version of the aforementioned CBC board that we reviewed here, and it maintains a higher popularity rate. It even has a camera mount to boot, but in the end, they both lack the kayak perks of the Scott Burke SUP that has the power to attract many in the market.

If you’ve been seduced by the hybridizing of the YAK features on a SUP, then you might be intrigued by a YAK with SUP features. The Ocean Kayak Nalu Hybrid is an excellent ride to match every paddler’s pride. If you wanted even more perks, especially if you’re an angler, then the Imagine Surf V2 Wizard Angler SUP will be the catch of the year! You can’t go wrong with these two YAK babes as they’ve been hybridized with SUP features to land you the catch of a lifetime.

Noteworthy FeaturesBurke 10 5 stand up paddle kayak board

  • Soft top
  • Lightweight 26 lbs
  • Includes paddle kit

SUP it Up!

To SUP (sum) it up, the Burke 10.5 ft Stand up Paddle-Kayak Board is as unobtrusive as you can get when it comes to merging the two crafts into one. If you want to keep it as SUP as possible with the extra perks, the Burke makes it work! What do you say? Are you on board?