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ISLE Glider Rigid Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Board – A 2023 Expert Review

Paddleboarding has become a favorite pastime for watersport enthusiasts all around the world. After all, this sport is easy to learn but takes time and practice to master. However, it becomes one of the best ways to stay fit and explore the great outdoors once you master the basics.

With that in mind, a well-balanced epoxy wood paddleboard can make paddling far more efficient and enjoyable. 

As you’ll be able to improve your skill much faster. 

No wonder this type of SUP board is trendy among seasoned paddlers. 

But, with an increase in demand for these types of boards, it’s essential to choose one that suits your needs best.

Will the ISLE Glider meet those needs?

A rigid epoxy board with a beautiful wood finish boasting excellent balance between speed, stability, and maneuverability!

So, in this post, we’ll take an in-depth look to figure out what makes this watercraft so extraordinary!

ISLE Glider Rigid Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Board Wood Grain blue color

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ISLE Glider Epoxy SUP Board Features

With a unique blend of wood veneer and epoxy, the ISLE Glider paddle board sports an eloquent design and offers balanced performance on the water.

ISLE Glider Rigid Epoxy Wood Grain SUP Is excelent for flat water lakes

The Glider’s dimensions are  10 feet and 10 inches long, 31 inches wide, and 4.5 inches thick. Its length and shape make the board ideal for a wide range of paddleboarding activities, and it’s surprisingly lightweight despite being an epoxy SUP.

In addition, it has a hybrid nose and a cutaway tail to perform well in flat water. It’ll withstand the small waves, but it may not be the best SUP board to battle the rough waters.

Furthermore, the board features a removable single fin setup. This central fin is strategically placed to provide better tracking in the hands of an expert paddler.

ISLE Glider Rigid Epoxy SUP US Fin Box System

Nevertheless, it lacks the sharp-pointed nose of traveling or a racing paddleboard. As such, it may not reach the higher speed levels needed for competitive paddling sessions, but it’ll still be fast enough for recreational paddling.

On top of that, this SUP comes with a convenient adjustable carbon hybrid paddle that makes maneuvering it much more manageable.

In addition, the board has a brushed soft EVA deck pad that offers maximum comfort for the rider with a diamond grooved tail pad. Offering better grip to maneuver the SUP more efficiently.

ISLE Glider Rigid Epoxy LiftSUP Handle and deck pad

So, in a nutshell, if you are a seasoned paddler that wishes to enjoy several different flat water, small surf paddling activities, this board will meet your needs.

Main Advantages

  • Well-balanced
  • Versatile
  • Rigid
  • Efficient
  • Expert-friendly
  • Graceful design

Main Drawbacks

  • Prone to getting scratched 
  • Low carrying capacity

The Specifications

Brand/Model: ISLE Glider

Length: 10’10”

Width: 31″

Thickness: 4.5″

Type: Epoxy (Rigid)

Color Option: Blue, Green, Coral

Suitable For: Recreational paddling, Small-surf

What is the ISLE Glider Paddleboard Best Suited For?

A well-balanced design and quality construction materials make the ISLE Glider SUP ideal for recreational paddling in the hands of an expert-level paddleboarder. Plus, it’s sturdy and efficient enough for small-scale surfing too.

ISLE Glider Rigid Epoxy Wood Grain SUP in light surf

Furthermore, the board offers decent stability and speed in the water. Thus, it’s also excellent for short-distance paddling trips.

On the other hand, it has only one bungee cargo storage area, and the board itself has an average buoyance. As such, it’s primarily suitable for a single paddler and carrying the essential SUPing gears, supplies.

Nonetheless, it has a Gortex vent plug with a two-way membrane that’ll allow you to paddle in peace while facing rapid temperature changes.

Moreover, the board is pretty lightweight, and it has a liftsup handle that conveniently pops out when you need it. Therefore, this board is easier to carry than the average rigid paddleboard.

The Glider SUP is nowhere near as stable as a wide all-around inflatable SUP. Neither is it long enough for extended paddleboarding trips or races. 

So, in essence, it’s not very suitable for beginners learning the ropes of paddleboarding.

This SUP board is ideal for intermediate or expert level paddlers who enjoy flat water, recreational paddling activities.

ISLE Glider Customer Feedback

An overwhelming 86% of buyers who chose the ISLE Glider praised its balanced and versatile nature. Also, they were amazed at how lightweight the board is despite having an eloquent wood finish and an epoxy core.

Additionally, paddlers often mention how well the board performed in most flatwater paddling sessions.

After all, the board offers fantastic glide and tracking while being pretty easy to maneuver!

There are also watersport enthusiasts who appreciate the board’s beautiful graphics. Moreover, it has a sturdy construction, so it’s reliable enough. Plus, it looks graceful when gliding on the water.

Nevertheless, there are some complaints about the board getting scratched quickly from running into rocks or accidental paddle strikes, and it may also get damaged during transportation.

But, you can quickly solve this problem by picking up a SUP tailgate rack, cover, and rail tape.

The reviews are primarily favorable. So, you can safely rely on this paddleboard.

ISLE Glider Board FAQ’s

What does the SUP Package include?

The SUP package includes,ISLE Glider Rigid Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Board included Package itmes

  • An ISLE Glider Epoxy Paddleboard
  • A carbon hybrid two-piece adjustable SUP paddle
  • Coiled SUP safety leash with ankle cuff
  • A touring central fin

So, in essence, it has a complete SUP package. Moreover, since it’s a board for flatwater paddling, these accessories usually get the job done. But, you may want to pick up and wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket before heading out on the deep waters.

How Durable is the Glider SUP?

It’s not as durable as a top-quality inflatable SUP board, but it’s still sturdy enough to withstand the accidental falls, impacts with minimal damages.

Moreover, the Gortex vent plug will extend the lifespan of the craft even when the temperature changes. But still, the paulownia wood finish and its rails are quick to get scratched if you’re not careful.

Is the Glider Paddleboard Safe?

This craft offers better-than-average safety. After all, it has a sturdy leash plug near the tail, and its package includes an eight inches coiled SUP safety leash. 

The deck also has a quality EVA traction pad that’ll protect the paddler’s feet and knees.

ISLE Glider Rigid Epoxy Wood Grain SUP back pad

Furthermore, its military-grade liftsup handle has a convenient slide-out grip. So you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself by accidentally stepping on the carrying handle, and you can quickly use it to get back on the board in case of an emergency.

What is the max weight limit for the ISLE Glider?

It can safely carry about 245 lbs or 111 kg. Thus, this paddleboard is buoyant enough for the single paddler and the necessary paddling gears.

ISLE Glider Rigid Epoxy Stand Up Paddle Board Front Storage Area

However, if you plan to paddle with a kid onboard or wish to bring a pet dog, this board might suffer from performance issues since it’s not highly stable. Also, this board only has a forward bungee cargo storage area. 

Thus, you’ll have to be careful when storing supplies and gear on the board.

How does the Glider fin system work?

It features a single interchangeable US Box fin system. The provided central nylon fin has the shape of a touring fin to offer better tracking and speed with minimal effort.

ISLE Glider Rigid Epoxy SUP Single Fin setup

After all, this single fin setup generates less drag than a tri-fin system.

On the other hand, the lack of side bite fins makes the board lose some stability and maneuverability. Moreover, you will have difficulty paddling it on the wave face without the smaller side fins.

But, as long as you use it on flat water, this single fin system will offer fantastic performance.

Comparable Boards To The ISLE Glider SUP

The Adventure All Rounder is pretty similar to the ISLE Glider when it comes to versatility and glide. Plus, both boards are pretty lightweight, and they are primarily suitable for flatwater paddling activities.

But, while the Glider board has a single fin setup, the Adventure SUP boasts a tri-fin system. Thus, the adventure board is more stable and maneuverable than the ISLE board.

Still, the ISLE Glider offers better tracking on the water.

On the other hand, the Boardworks Versa sports a similar design to the Glider, and it also has a single fin setup.

However, the Boardworks Versa has greater buoyancy than the ISLE Glider paddleboard. So, it’s better for medium-distance paddleboarding, and it can even support pets.

Nevertheless, the ISLE Glider is lighter than the Boardworks SUP and has better maneuverability.

Our Verdict On The ISLE Glider Rigid Epoxy SUP!

If you are looking for a well-balanced paddleboard with a timeless design, then you can’t go wrong with the ISLE Glider SUP board.
After all, this watercraft is aesthetically pleasing and performs exceptionally well on slow-moving waters. Plus, you can even use it to enjoy the small surfs.
However, this board is not suitable for competitive paddling or long-distance traveling. Thus, you may want to pick up an extended, sharp-nosed touring or racing SUP if you wish to enjoy the adrenaline rush.
Nevertheless, as long you want to enjoy a relaxing, recreational paddling session during the weekends, this paddleboard will have you covered.
So, pick up your new ISLE Glider SUP today and enjoy your next paddleboarding adventure!

Guru Rating: 8.6/10

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