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BIC ACE-TEC Performer Stand Up Paddle Board Review

If it’s about time you graduated to a solid SUP board, then you might want to think about turning to BIC. Not the pens, razors, and paper supplier, but BIC for sailors, surfers, kayakers, and paddle boarders!

The ACE-TEC Performer is an all-round board that conveniently comes in three sizes to fit every person in the family, large or small!

But, no matter what size you choose, it’s an excellent SUP board for the beginner, intermediate, and even the pro SUP boarder. How can it be that practical?

BIC ACE-TEC Performer SUP Features

Firstly, the Performer has been designed with a rocker profile that accommodates for various conditions. If you’re coasting on flat water, heading down light river rapids, or even medium surf at the beach, you’ll be able to SUP it all!

Next, the board has a rounded tail that aids in swift turning, maybe not as fast for race paddle boarding and Touring, but more than good-enough for all-round fun. Additionally, the thruster fin setup allows for two detachable FCS M5 side riding wave on bic sport ace tec paddle board

You have the large 10″ center fin for excellent tracking but the optional fins for improved stability.

The EVA diamond deck pad is super grippy and allows for comfortable paddle boarding for hours at a time, and the ACE-TEC construction is something different altogether. While it’s basically thermoform plastic, BIC kills it with their pressure-sealed technology to provide ultimate waterproofness and more flex.

If quality and cost-effectiveness is on your mind, then stay tuned.


Main Advantages

  • ACE-TEC Technology
  • Various colors
  • Various sizes

Main Drawbacks

  • Price
  • Light on accessories


Who is the Bic ACE-TEC Performer SUP Best Suited For?

Really, the ACE-TEC Performer SUP board is great for all members of the family. It truly is the all-rounder board for the lake, rivers, or the beach! Anyone can learn to SUP with the Performer or strut their stuff if they’re a pro!

There’s no limitations with this board – everyone can be a performer without looking like an amateur! If inflatable boards are what you are leaning towards head back here to see the full paddle board reviews & comparison.


Bic ACE-TEC Performer Paddle Board Reviews

bic sport ace tec performer supBuyers and users of the BIC Performer love that it’s a SUP that can cater to any and every level of paddle boarding skill. Once you’ve mastered the beginner lessons of stand up paddle boarding, you won’t have to upgrade to get a “better” board because everything you need to be a pro is in the Performer.

It’s also an excellent cross-over SUP for flat water to ocean surf. It’s your one-time purchase.

Each size board is also perfectly designed to be easily maneuverable with its light weight and portability benefits with the center carry handle. Even the longer 11’6″ Performer only weighs 30 lbs!

However, you get zilch but the SUP in this purchase. For what you’re spending, you’d think maybe you’d get a paddle or at least an ankle leash or something, but no. We figure all the cost is in the quality!


Bic ACE-TEC Performer FAQ’s

What is ACE-TEC Technology?

BIC uses a thermoforming technology around a polystyrene core that involves being covered with fiberglass layers and resin before being pressure-molded with plastic ASA finishing sheets. What you end up with is incredible durability and lightweight performance!


Is this SUP Constructed from Polyurethane (PU)?

Technically yes, but since 2005 most SUP boards like this one are constructed from expanded polyurethane (EPS). It’s 60 percent lighter, and it’s combined with non-toxic epoxy resin. It reduces water absorption and is much more durable than PU.


What are the Maximum Weight Capacities for each SUP Size?

The 9’2″ Performer SUP is best suited for riders between 150-180 pounds. The 10’6″ Performer SUP is best suited for riders between 200-220 pounds. The long 11’6″ Performer is best suited for riders between 240-300 pounds.


What do the BIC Performer Boards Weigh?

The compact 9’2″ SUP is very lightweight at 23 pounds – that’s comparable to and even lighter than some inflatable SUPs! The 10’6″ SUP also only weighs a mere 26 pounds, and the 11’6″ Performer is 30 pounds.


Are the Two Side Fins Included in the BIC SUP Board Purchase?

Unfortunately, no. When we said this board comes with zilch, we meant it. You have to purchase the detachable fins separately if you want them for added support and balance.


Is this a Good Touring SUP Board?

It rates below average for a touring or race SUP because of its wider dimensions. If you’ve got a need for long distance journeys, racing, and speed, this isn’t your slimline board.


Can the BIC Performer Handle Abuse?

While its construction process might leave you confused in all sorts of places, the Performer is one rugged bugger! It’s been built to withstand harsh punishment if you think you can handle the surf. Dings, dinks, and bumps into coral and rocky shores won’t leave your SUP worse for wear.


Can this SUP be Used for Instructional SUP Lessons?

It’s an excellent board for beginners to get familiar with in SUP lessons! Instructors will appreciate the benefits of its solid build and construction that lends to support and balance in varying water conditions. Instructors can help beginner paddle boarders to learn various techniques without them going over-board all the time.


Board Specifications

Bic Sport ACE-Tec PerformerBrand/Model: BIC Sport ACE-TEC Performer

Length: 9’2″, 10’6″, 11’6″

Thickness: 4.5″

Type: Thermoform (Solid)

Color Options: Gloss Red/White, White/Blue, White/Red, Gloss White/Wahine, Matte White/Blue

Suitable For: All-Round, Flat Water, Surf, SUP Yoga

Guru Rating: 8.2/10


Comparable Boards to the ACE-Tec Performer

If you aren’t quite sold on the price of the Performer that lacks additional accessories, then the ISLE Versa SUP board might interest you a little more. It comes with an adjustable, high carbon paddle. While this SUP doesn’t come in multiple sizes, it has the same specs as the 10’6″ Performer.

It’s made with EPS epoxy technology that makes it durable as ever but lightweight as can be! However, it doesn’t have a 2 year warranty like the BIC Performer does.

Past BIC buyers are pretty pleased with their SUP board purchases, so if you’re choosing to stay within the family but you want a more wallet-friendly price, then the BIC Sport DURA-TEC might just be for you.

As you’ve probably already guessed, it comes in many colors and sizes but still lacks the extra accessories. However, the DURA-TEC technology means it has excellent durability and build, and it kicks down the price quite a bit.


Noteworthy Features

  • Built for durability
  • Handles various water conditions
  • Lightweight


Our Verdict on the Bic ACE-TEC Performer SUP!

To sum it up, the BIC ACE-TEC Performer is your one-stop, one-buy SUP board! It will take you where the currents flow if you’re ready to explore. With ruggedness and expert-designed curves under your belt, you’ll be surfin’ any surface you can paddle to. Just don’t forget to buy a paddle!