Journey 10’6″ EPS/Epoxy SUP with LiftSUP Easy Carry Handle

journey epoxy supBrand/Model: Journey 10’6″

Length: 10’6″

Thickness: 4.75″

Type: Epoxy (Solid), Soft Top

Color Options: Lime/Blue

Suitable For: All-Round, Flat Water, Touring, Racing, Crossover, Surf

Guru Rating: 9.8/10

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Journey 10’6″ Paddle Board Review

You’d think for the price of the Journey SUP that you’re paying for an inflatable, but you’d be wrong. Journey SUP offers an affordable epoxy board for entry level SUPpers and experts alike. Now, that’s what we’re looking for when we want value!

The 10’6″ SUP might seem to be on the short end of the stick for a tall guy or gal looking for speed or even a relaxing day on the lake, but you’d be underestimating it.

The rockered nose, low-rounded tail, and race-styled SUP offers increasing speed and glide with every paddle out in the water. It can hold up to 235 pounds comfortably, but being a solid board, you could likely get away with pushing those limits.

A man carrying a blue Journey SUP through a tree-lined path. If you’re after the shiny polish of a brand new car, you best look elsewhere. The Journey is finished with a skin that’s weather resistant and will hold up against abusive use. We’d trade the gloss of a scratchy surface for durability any day!

The traction pad is made out of EVA memory foam and is super comfortable for your feet, knees, or full body. If you’re looking to paddle all day long, there’ll be no foot fatigue here! As a soft top SUP, you know you’re getting durability and comfort in one!

The single thruster fin allows you to track extremely straight, and the plentiful 32 inches of width gives you the versatility to do a lot more on deck. Yes, this is definitely a solid board, not an inflatable! Happy SUPping!

Main Advantages

  • Price
  • Solid board
  • EVA memory foam deck

Main Drawbacks

  • Short traction pad

Best Suited For

Despite what you’re thinking about the length, the Journey 10’6″ SUP is great for everything! From flat water to ocean surf, you’ll be set to get paddling in crossover terrain today. The dimensions are great for novice SUPpers as well as experienced pros that want a versatile SUP. If you think an inflatable board would be more your thing you should check these out.

Customer Reviews

The affordable price point has attracted a lot of newbie SUPpers, but despite their learning curves, they love the ease of use of the Journey SUP. They appreciate the high quality construction that will allow them to go from tenderfoot to pro all on one board.

Buyers also can’t rave enough about the specially designed carry handle – we’ll get more into that in the FAQ! But, to throw you a bone, the feature is awesome for a design that might seem so small in the SUPping world.

But, no matter how comfortable the traction pad is, it would be nice if it were a little longer. If it went all the way to the nose, there could be a lot more use for on-board activities, hint hint. Then again, SUPping really only requires room for your feet, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Comparable Boards

The 11’4″ JimmyStyks Surge SUP is a great comparison. Yes, it’s longer, but it will also do great for riders up to 260 pounds. It even offers the same feature to mount accessories and on-board deck storage. Granted, it doesn’t have the EZ lift carry handle, but it does include a paddle, fin, hardware, leash, and board bag for in the price! It’s definitely worth checking out!

Other soft top SUPs in this price range also offer some cushion-y benefits for your bod and your feet. The Rave Chevron 11′ Soft Top has an EPS foam core with wooden stringer and even comes with a paddle!

The Isle Classic Soft Top has an excellent price for the board, paddle, and fin. It might lack the extra-cool features like the ability to mount accessories, but its dimensions are almost identical to the Journey. If you want more info on this awesome SUP, surf by and check it out here!

Noteworthy Features

  • Soft top
  • Family friendly
  • Connex SUP plug

SUP it Up!

To SUP (sum) it up, the Journey 10’6″ SUP is a great buy! Don’t be prissy and turn your nose up to a soft top SUP, you might find you’re missing out on some awesome benefits that not even a hard top can match!